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Home Remedy for Whitlow

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About Fingernails

Our hands and fingernails are precious parts of the body.The HOLY BIBLE emphasize on the importance of divine health,proper diet and cleanliness. If through carelessness a part of our body suffer a debilitating injury, the whole members or organs of the human system suffer with it.

So, as we grow older all kinds of ailment attack our entire human framework.

I want to talk about our fingernails. Why? Because you can tell the age of a person by looking at their hands and if a person is suffering an underlying health problem.

In reality, it is the least part most people care less about.

When I'd a severe, painful fungal infection on my right thumb, a doctor advised I take some capsules but I said no because drugs usually come with its side effects. After doing my personal try and error method to cure the nasty pain, I discovered my own home remedy for attacking bacterial infection on fingernails.

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Why do fungi attack our nails?

I have seen all kinds of nail infections such as bumpy ridged fingernails, whitlow, furrows, yellow nail syndrome, paronychia koilonychia, leucoilcychia etc. You can avoid these nail diseases by eating natural organic foods and most importantly have a sound knowledge on the causes of these infections so you can prevent it than spending money on its cure.

Causes of nail fungal infections

As I mentioned earlier, over the years I have suffered from damaged nail beds such as whitlow. It is usually oozes out a foul smell and pause which is disgusting.The infected part becomes swollen,black if your skin is black and red if you are white.It itches, makes the nail brittle and usually changes the colour of the nail. All the skin around the infected part becomes rough and wrinkled.

Washing your clothes and kitchen utensils with contaminated or untreated water. I like washing my clothes with my hands. I never think of the consequence. In the long-run a fingernail especially the thumb develop nail infection called whitlow. A friend told me it is caused by a virus inside the body but I rejected and never believed it. In my case this nail infection is usually prominent on the thumb.

Research studies, dematologists and specialists have linked the fungal infection to the following:

  • malnutrition - nutrition deficiency such as lack of vitamin B groups,
  • iron deficiency
  • insufficient oils in the diet
  • diabetes
  • the side effects from taking a medication
  • environmental factors and
  • stress.

Some believe that old age is the dominant cause of nail fungal infection because the nail beds weaken as you get older.

This isn't really true! I discovered from experience that when you pull off the cuticle at the base of the nail bed you will definitely have whitlow. I started having whitlow when I was sixteen so I do not believe the young are exempted from it. When you pull off the dead cuticles with your finger you're exposing your nail to fungal attack.

Suggested medical treatment

Recommended home treatment for nail disease.

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Medical doctors claim to have the cure for this problem and some individuals have adopted their own personal home remedy.The following are the suggested cure:

  • Taking zinc and folic acid supplement
  • Using buffer and rubbing it back and forth over the surface of the nail.
  • Eating more protein and onions
  • Drinking eight glasses of water a day and applying moisturizer on the infected part.
  • Eat more of good oils such as avocado and nuts.
  • Take vitamin E tablets, very good for skin improvement
  • You can rub the oil on your nail bed before going to sleep at night.

My new home remedy for nail fungal infection

I use my own personal home remedy idea to treat and cure nail infections such as whitlow.The following suggested treatment have worked for me. You can try the one that is suitable for you.

African shea butter. Mix a small quantity of this with mentol and apply this on the surface of the nail before going to bed.

Heat an iron, rub a wet hand towel on the surface and place it on the swollen thumb.This treatment will reduce the itching,suppress the pain and kill the harmful bacteria.You can also dip the infected nail in hot water for three minutes.

You can choose any of these chemicals but be careful it does not touch your eyes. Menthylated spirit, nail removers or liquid bleach can be applied on it. Make sure you use a cotton bud or cotton wool to apply it. It is best to do this before going to bed.

Nail polish.Spread the nail polish on the surface of the nail, the brittle nail will progressively fall off or change its colour back to a new one.

Someone suggested that a small amount of car battery oil be poured on the infected area. I haven't tried this method.

You can also get Vitamin E oil pens or buy nail dryers. it helps and is suitable for professionals.

On a spiritual note, you can pray on the infection to dry by quoting Isaiah 53:11.By JESUS stripes we are healed. It worked for me.


Garbage in,garbage out. Do you want to be free from these infections? Then start eating the right natural and organic food. Paying more attention to your inside and work to feed it with the right nutrients than the outside. This will definitely lead to a great looking nails.

What will you recommend for a fungal nail treatment?

nicey (author) on October 31, 2013:

@mel-kav: Thanks for the comment. Keep bubbling.

mel-kav on October 30, 2013:

Nail fungus is so difficult to cure - I like your praying for a cure. Prayer always works best.

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