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How to Remove Sadness from your Life?

Happy is the person who think that 'I am Happy'

Happy is the person who think that 'I am Happy'

"How can I spend my Life with these stupid set of opportunities? This life has no use, why God has given me this? That man is better from me as his salary is better!"

These questions looks simple not because they are simple but because everyone speaks this and make us familiar with it. As far as these questions increased in their frequency, the depressed and confused state of mentality become strengthened.

What is happiness and how we can find that? The idea of real happiness comes to existence when we have a real 'concept of Happiness', without knowing what the happiness is, we can't get it. Happiness is not that, what it is defined by others, it is the one, which makes you happier. Anything, indeed, everything that makes your soul contended is the source of real happiness. Different people have different types of psyche and they found themselves happier in their circle of mentality, but God wants you to be happy on what He gave to you. Never be upset of what you don't have. Be happy, cheerful and thankful of what you have. You would find yourself light and easy. There are some basic principles of success that can be easily accessible. They are indeed very cheap to attain and very difficult to sustain, but once it incorporates in life, everything seems so cheerful and interesting that you may ask God to continue this contented life.

Accept the Reality!

When we deviate from reality, our soul would be nauseated and disturbed. Our expectations should be limited and must overlap our present situations. Although when we expect high, we feel amused for a short time but if it's incompatible to meet with our standards, the idea of happiness mourned. Assess and accept what you have and get satisfaction in reward. I have seen those people who have less income but they live happier life than riches. Everyone has a unique set of qualities and to appreciate that is just a natural phenomena. Whenever we gets closer to nature, we become happier progressively.

Don't Argue Useless!

If you know that you would get reward of arguing, go on and do it. But, if in your least sense, you think that it has no value, then stop it. There are more than 75% problems created just by a small piece of flesh, the tongue. If we use it as a tool for gluing hearts, then there would be nothing better than that. By involving in impracticable dialogues would lead to mental aberrations. Learn to pass smile with the surroundings of cheap people. Happiness usually arises from silent hearts.

It starts with quarrels... It ends with Sadness!

It starts with quarrels... It ends with Sadness!

Think Very Positive!

Even in those conditions in which you know that it's progressive worsening can't reverse back, we have to think positive because positive minds are always happier. To think positive, one must have a positive approach. Even though some matters of life should be taken seriously but positive thoughts are the roots of happier, healthier and bulkier tree.

It doesn't matter what you see, it matters how you see!

It doesn't matter what you see, it matters how you see!

When it's impossible to smile, then force yourself to smile!

When it's impossible to smile, then force yourself to smile!

Try to Smile on your Past!

Past incidences are sometimes itching the normal feelings of life. To hasten those incidence, it doesn't require to remember the past, it comes randomly. The more you avoid, the more it burns. The only thing that can prevent this situation is to pass the smile on those events. It requires courage and power, but once you got happiness from this technique, you would love to repeat it. While reading this, you are also thinking of your past. My advice is to just shift your thoughts to your cheeks and let the lips stretched by it's strength. Initially, it looks odd but it's relaxing output is much more than that.

Your Help converts into Happiness!

When you burn to enlighten others, at least you are being enlightened. When someone becomes happy on your behalf, you would definitely be happy. Our helping hands are the direct source of happiness. If you are trying to find out solutions for others, your life would surely reach the level of salvation. You would not require to find needy individuals, they are present everywhere around your premises Don't think that the helping hours are being wasted, their fate is the conversion into happiness.

The smiling hand is the one who helps!

The smiling hand is the one who helps!

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If you surf on internet, there are more than a hundred techniques that can lead yourself to happiness. The purpose of my hub is not listing the quantity of remedies, but to share the quality of happiness. Again, it does not really matters that how many times you become happy, it matters how much you are happy at a time. If these 5 points are applied faithfully, you would not need any other tip besides that. Happiness is the identity of healthy souls. If you are happy, it means that you are giving thanks to God, who gives you life and death and so many gifts in between this period on Earth.

Do you find these points easily applicable? Kindly give your comments!

S.Aarthi on May 25, 2015:

Thank You Sir..

anonyums on May 02, 2015:

Yaa ... but not so much useful and solid

Junaid Ghani Durrani (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on January 07, 2014:

Gratitude Alise.

Alise- Evon on December 05, 2013:

Interesting hub, and I love the photos you included- they really help emphasize the points you are making.

Junaid Ghani Durrani (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on October 17, 2013:

Thanks cbarbar. Happiness is all our personal thing. Agreed

cbarbar on August 30, 2013:

Great hub! People can determine whether they want to be happy or not. I like the points you mentioned on smiling on the past, help others, and thinking positive. If we focus on being positive within ourselves and towards others, true happiness will be achieved.

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