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Top 5 Pregnancy Music Belts Compared & Reviewed


Beautiful Music - 5 Stunning Pregnancy Music Belts

Playing music to the unborn baby has taken off big time in the last few decades and with this revolution comes the advent of the dedicated pregnancy music belt. There are several excellent models on the market and below you'll find reviews of the five best music belts available today.

Each one is specifically designed to use prenatally so you can play music or voice recordings, (which is particularly good for families where the Father is away for long periods of time), safely and comfortably.

Music is Good for Baby....and Mom

Music has been known to soothe the soul for millennia and in pregnancy, listening to music definitely benefits the mother by keeping her calm and relaxed. This, in turn, also relaxes the baby and keeps him or her safe from stress. There are undoubtedly quite a number of benefits in exposing your unborn baby to music.

Studies claim an improved breathing pattern on the baby in utero, good development of the brain structure, strengthened learning ability, even the fetus’ position just before the date of expectancy becomes ideal for normal delivery. That’s why music belts are very popular among expectant mothers. Especially designed to transmit a safe level of sound through the womb, music belts are the best accessory to effortless care and nurture for your baby in utero.

#1 Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones

I didn't even know about pregnancy music belts until my 5th month of pregnancy but as soon as I did I bought one. I went for the BellyBuds Pregnancy Baby Bump Headphones because Daddy was working away and I wanted the opportunity to play messages from Daddy to baby. It may sound a bit crazy but I think this really helped with their bonding!

While music applied in utero is beneficial to the unborn baby, hearing the parents’ voice is just as good. Bellybuds’ Pregnancy Bellyphones is a pregnancy music belt that not only helps you transmit music through your womb but your voice as well. Noticeably beltless, it is made out of specialized, wearable speakers of form-fitting hydrogel that adheres to your growing belly while allowing good transmission of music and voices to your baby in utero.

Attach the two modular bellyphones on your lower belly then plug into any digital music player where you’ve recorded your music and voices and you’re good to go. No need for you to worry about skin irritation as the bellyphones are skin-safe. And since it isn’t a belt, it is a lighter than other alternatives. Pack away in its neoprene pouch and you can carry it anywhere or stuff it conveniently in your purse. The package includes one pair of sound-dampening covers and an audio splitter for simultaneous listening for mother and baby.


2# Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System

The Nuvo Ritmo is probably the ultimate pregnancy music belt, having been designed to not only deliver sound to your developing baby but to support your growing belly as you do so. While it is larger than the ordinary music belt, this doughnut-shaped, woven spandex belt is superior in comfort and quality and also acts as support for Moms pregnant tummy. It's a lightweight sound system that is supremely comfortable to wear.

It doesn’t press on your belly, rather it gives space for your baby to express its enjoyment of the music while delivering the sound at an optimal but safe level for a developing fetus. Side pockets that hold the Ritmo audio controller and your mp3 player provide the mother with a hands-free sound experience. So you can do yoga, walk around, even work while you enrich your developing child’s mind with your choice of music. Nuvo Ritmo is definitely a good partner for prenatal development.

#3 Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System

The winner of 5 parenting and mothers’ group awards including Disney’s iParenting Award, the Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery system is the perfect music belt for expecting mothers out there. There are no difficult assemblies needed in using this belt. Just apply the nylon and lycra belt band around your waist, plug in the MP3 player and have your baby enjoy some well-chosen music.

A headphone splitter is also included so you can listen and relax along with your baby. The high quality speakers with low power output ensure the safe and right sound output through your womb. Comfortable for all-day wear and use, even underneath clothing, it is machine-washable and comes in three neutral colors—black, white and nude. This music belt seems like it was made for the stylish and on-the-go mother of today.

4# Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

Lullabelly is both pretty and a pretty darn good music belt. Its ultra-soft, minky fabric comes in an assortment of fun colours—apple green, chocolate brown, princess pink, sky blue, sunshine yellow— that fits snugly around the belly without chafing. It is compatible with any portable music player you’re comfortable using like iPods, MP3 players and CD players.

The speakers use safe sound level technology, transmitting music and other recordings in the same volume as that of the mother or father singing aloud to their baby still in the womb. A sound splitter with a separate volume control allows the mother to listen as well and relax to ensure a full-on comforting experience for her baby. This music belt is a tasteful, quality brain development tool that is affordable for nurturing parents on a budget.

5# Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

The Baby Plus pregnancy music belt operates with the concept of prenatal education. It is a mind-enriching textbook in the form of a belt that is conveniently operated. Its curriculum consists of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother’s heartbeat. These are played in increasing increments throughout the pregnancy to introduce the fetus to a sequential learning process that will help strengthen their learning ability.

It is advised that you use the music belt for an hour twice a day and begin at around 18-32 weeks of pregnancy to get results. This is highly recommended by health professionals and proud mothers out there that have seen infants subjected to this programme emerge alert, responsive and most importantly, healthy.

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Motherhood entails more than attending to your baby’s physical needs. While there are benefits to a well-nourished body, a good mother knows that the brain needs to be supported as well. Stimulation of his brain can begin in the womb via music therapy, and the pregnancy music belt is a good way of inciting this development. But with the convenience music belts offer, it may be easy to go on with other activities and forget the true purpose of music: enjoyment. Remember that playing music should be a pleasurable activity—relaxing and de-stressing. And as long as the mother is relaxed, the baby is too and that is proven to be equally valuable in growth and development.


Autumn Lynn from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on December 26, 2010:

I did not have one of these during any of my prenencies but my oldest made me read Good Night Moon mutiple times each night during her sister's last trimester. My younger daugher would shoot her head around from day one when she heard Good Night Moon. I know she recognized it! I did listen to the Mozart for Mother's To Be-very nice. Great Hub-too late for me- but great idea!

Hello, hello, from London, UK on December 22, 2010:

Gosh,I never knew about it. Great hub. I better put my 27 year old, 2m tall, back in there and put a music belt around hahaha

Sophia Angelique on December 22, 2010:

I don't have a baby, but this is a great hub!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 21, 2010:

I didn't know about these and they are really neat. I think music and talking is wonderful for the baby and they have proven classical music is healthy for babies. They didn't have anything like this when I had my children. Wonderful hub to make people aware. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

richtwf on December 21, 2010:

Yes I have previously read about the playing of music and talking to baby while he/she is still in the womb and its benefits; and these music belts seem like a great idea, so cheers for bringing it to our attention. This bit of information will come in handy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God bless!

Chinemere onuekwusi on December 21, 2010:

This is very new and cool.

Its not just good news for the women, but also for we the men, as we know what good music does to the soul.

Thanks Sussy for sharing, I'll recommend this hub to a pregnant friend.

Voted up!

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