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What Yoga Has Taught Me

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Alyssa has a passion for fitness and sharing her favorite tips and tricks with the world. Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast.


Yoga has been a part of my life, off and on, for almost twenty years. As I sit and reflect on that sentence, it seems unbelievable. Twenty years? I still remember the curiosity and joy I felt during my first yoga class, moving and grooving in downward facing dog to the sweet sounds of Motown in my parents' living room. It was a similar feeling years later when I found myself back on a yoga mat, trying to heal my lower back.

For the past seven years, my yoga practice has been a daily ritual. I just don't feel right without a little time on my mat. It's only been within the past five years or so that I've shared my yoga practice on Instagram. I love hosting and participating in yoga challenges, but one special challenge each year holds my heart: 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene.

This is a challenge that is beloved throughout the world. It's completely free and available on Adriene's YouTube channel. For me, it's about returning to my roots and reminding myself of why I practice in the first place. It's become a little tradition for me to jot down the things I learned while on the mat and share them here with all of you.

Below are the lessons that resonated with me this year.

Move - A 30 Day Yoga Journey | Yoga With Adriene

1. Every end is a new beginning.

2. Be present in the current situation.

3. The breath is your anchor.

4. Land in the moment exactly as you are, with what you have right now.

5. Allow yourself to be present.

Cobra pose.

Cobra pose.

6. Flow is breath.

7. Find the grace in every moment.

8. There's time for everything, no need to rush.

9. The breath always comes first.

10. While it feels good to nail a pose, to do it right, be curious about the falls, the tumbles.

Crow pose.

Crow pose.

11. Where attention goes, energy flows.

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12. How you move matters.

13. Each day meet yourself exactly where you are.

14. Stay open to shifts, large and small.

15. My breath is my anchor, my anchor is my breath.

A forearm side plank using a prop.

A forearm side plank using a prop.

16. Allow one present moment to be a window into the next.

17. Allow the interior to be a mirror of the exterior.

18. Choose to savor the moment.

19. Out with the old, in with the new.

20. A little consistency goes a long way.

A variation of bow pose with a twist.

A variation of bow pose with a twist.

21. When things get tough, find your breath.

22. Sometimes you just need to sigh it out.

23. Be gentle with yourself, even as you try to reconnect with your center.

24. Fancy clothes are not needed to practice yoga.

25. Come as you are.

A delightfully cozy hip opening stretch.

A delightfully cozy hip opening stretch.

26. Allow the breath to move you.

27. Find ways to move better.

28. Strength comes from within.

29. Don't hate, feel great.

30. Ask yourself, how do you want to feel; what do you want to move toward?

Reverse plank.

Reverse plank.

31. How you move affects how you feel.

32. You have everything you need.

33. Sensation over shape.

Anytime a twist is involved, it's a good day.

Anytime a twist is involved, it's a good day.

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