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menstruation a taboo?

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My bio wont interest you all but surely my article will !!! I am mariya.


what's the big deal?

Is menstruation a "shame" that everyone has to whisper about the word "period". Why are the blood stain on our white jeans or pants. Why are people still scared to call period as period, why is the word period replaced by "it".

For all these question the only answer is Fear of what the society thinks and in this century every action and pre-actions are judged by the society because the society is prior to us than our happiness. Why do we believe in the myths which has been passed from our ancestors to us. The reason we believe it's because the never accepted the facts, even if they wanted to the elderly people always made them belive that those facts were impure, thier thoughts were impure. Till now around the world every year around sixty-thousand girls pass away and the reason is lack of menstrual aid, lack of sanitary napkins, lack of panties and lack of menstrual knowledge. Menstrual hygiene plays the Most important part in menstrual knowledge. It's request to all the men, women, girls or the elders whoever are reading this please its request to stop the myths and accept the "FACTS" due to those myths Thousand's of girls are passing away. PLEASE allow your daughters any female person around to be proud about her body and let her speak out the word "period" with proud. In fact in the whole history "no organism can bleed but still stay alive"


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