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MAMMOGRAMS Can Cause Cancer



Are you among the women who avoid mammograms or you belong to the group that have routine mammograms? Are you doing regular self-exam of the breasts?

On November 16, the US Preventive Services Task Force announced their recommendation that women under 50 not get routine screening mammograms. They also recommend women over 50 have mammograms only once every 2 years instead of every year. They also recommended that women not do self exams....



Mammograms causing more harm than good


Many women disagree with these recommendations, because today breast cancer became second most common type of cancer through the world.

But what is the truth?

Mammograms are X-ray pictures of breast tissues. Frequent exposure of sensitive breast tissue to the X-ray radiation is very risky. Radiation itself might cause cancer.

The highest risks of mammograms testing are these:

  • False positive results ( when mammogram shows a potential problem, but biopsy reveals that the problem is not cancer). False positive results result in unnecessary biopsies which also harm tissue and highly increased level anxiety and stress after getting "mammogram positive result" what creates new traumatic experience.
  • Cumulative exposure to radiation is one of the known causes of cancer. All radiation exposures accumulate in the body, which our bodies do not eliminate so easily.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancers that are not life threatening at the time of diagnosis and will never become life threatening if untreated. Many tumors and cancers just calcify over the time, if left untreated, if treated on aggressive ways they become really dangerous.





Self exam


Are you checking regularly your breasts for lumps and other unusual changes?

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There are two problems about breast self-exam which can occur:

1. Negative expectations while doing self-exam

2. Too frequent pressing and strong squeezing of very sensitive breast tissue can also do the harm and create tissue changes

Many women perform self-exam while EXPECTING to find some tumor or cancer, with fearful mind. By doing that they are actually creating problem in their breasts. They also do not know that lumps sometimes normally occur in the breasts and also normally can go away, so if they find something, they get paralyzed from fear, so again their mind produces scary visions which might materialize in breast tissue over the time. Fear is bigger killer then anything else.

So if you perform self - exam, do it very, very tenderly, with positive intentions and send energy of love to your breasts. Let your self-exam becomes energy treatment, not fearful act.

Educate yourself. Your glands in the breasts are sometimes naturally swollen, so be very positive. Not every lump or tissue change is immediately sign of "the worst". Your body responds on your thoughts and feelings.

Whatever medicine community says, there is nothing wrong in tender, loving self-exam UNLESS you are full of negative expectations.

Personally, I do not do self-exam at all: instead of it, I give myself healing treatments. And I never did mammography and not intent to.





What is important to know:


There are two types of carcinoma in breasts:

  • Ductal Carcinoma: starts in the cells which line the breast's ducts, beneath the nipple and areola. The ducts supply milk to the nipple. Between 85% and 90% of all breast cancers are ductal, and usually this is not invasive cancer, which can be removed surgically.
  • Lobular Carcinoma: begins in the lobes, or glands which produce milk in the breast. The lobes are located deeper inside the breast, under the ducts. About 8% of breast cancers are lobular. This type can be non-invasieve or invasive (which spreads into nearby breast tissue. )

According to statistics, majority of breast cancers are non-invasive, low-risks tumors. At least they are such before starting with medical treatmants.

Majority of breast tumors are hormonal (cancer cells are fed with estrogene and progesterone), what is very often caused by hormonal therapy - as birth control pills, infertility treatments, hormonal replacement therapy: all these drugs use estradiol which helps tumor cells to grow. (Estradiol is one of 3 types of estrogene hormones which women have - if you take only one, that one which causes tumors, you actually kill yourselves with medications). As soon as hormones get balanced, tumor ceases to grow.




RISKS factors to avoid

Common risks factors are:

  • BELIEF that all women should be afraid of breast cancer and that each women can get it in certain age and due to that
  • FEAR which killed more people then any disease itself
  • unsolved traumas usually related to love relationships, parenting, relationship with parents, self-denial, sacrificing, guilt, infertility....
  • birth control therapy
  • overweight
  • exposal to various types of radiation (X-rays in mammograms also degenerate cells)
  • medications for surpression lactation (Dostinex, Carbergoline, Bromocriptine...)
  • various sintetic hormonal therapies
  • infertility treatments (drugs)
  • food (meat, milk, diary products, eggs - full of various hormones)
  • varius medications

It is very important to avoid all risks factors, as well as calm down the fears


Psychological factor is the most important for healing


Breast cancer is always sign of psychological trauma, what occurred in the past, usually connected with unfulfilling family or partner relationships or losing the home, job or anything what makes us feel secure.

Women who develop it usually lost a lot of vital energy while taking care for others and not giving enough joy and care to themselves. They think that the others deserve more love and are full of self-denial. They sacrifice for others. Often do not know how to say "no", do not know how to stand up for themselves, do not know how to set boundaries, defend their own space and satisfy their own needs. Often they expect perfectionism from themselves (and even from others).They usually have low self esteem and fundamental lack of self confidence in combination with weak ability to defend themselves. Here are involved feelings of guilt, fears, anger, sadness, sometimes hate.

  • Sometimes tumor/cancer is just warning that person is misusing her vital energy and that needs to slow down and learn how to relax and start loving and accepting herself.
  • Sometimes tumor/cancer occurs after person starts to heal her psychological trauma: then cancer cells are just temporary ones, and tumor naturally disappears or get calcified if left untouched.
  • But, if person chooses invasive medical treatment in any of two mentioned cases, because of fear for life, (especially when the tumor is hormonal, or after is surgically removed) she causes further damage to all her body cells.

Well, some women also do not see solution of their life-problems, so subconsciously choose to be victims of the disease, and die in that process, what is very sad. Traditional female role of submissive member of family has to do a lot with it, we have these programs still in our genes, and is not easy to change them.

We start to live our lives and create our new love-relationships and families without sufficient knowledge about effects of our life decisions. Hormonal urges drug so many women into very complicated life-circumstances on which they were never prepared and they do not have energy or time to cope with. Very often, disease like breast cancer is just product of "not having time and energy for oneself".


In healing breast cancer, healing traumas are the most important part, the remedies and other natural treatments are here just to assist this aim and help person to calm down and regain healthy vital energy. But psychological self-healing is the main key...and BEST PREVENTION.


Cure is already within us.

Cure is already within us.

Cancer protocol

Present cancer protocol is pure cruelty, and due to that, it is not difficult to understand, WHY WOMEN ARE SO AFRAID of cancer:

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation.

Chemotherapy and radiation are actually dangerous chemical and radioactive weapons which kill all cells in the body, not only cancerous.

Chemotherapy is full of highly toxic chemicals that degenerate DNA and harm all body tissues. They destroy immune system as well, and harm nerves and brain. They degenerate stem cells deponed in bone marrow which are responsible for regeneration of blood and all body tissues in human bodies, and are able to do it during all human life. If they get damaged, they cannot perform their duty any more.

"Over 75% of the oncologists polled said that if they had cancer they would never use the same chemotherapy they prescribe for their patients on themselves because of the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity." Los Angeles Times report

Lack of effectiveness of chemoterapy:

Exposure to radiation is cause of cancer because radiation stays accumulated in the body, and destructs all cells and DNA, by causing "radioactive disease". All negative effects of it do not come immediately, radiation works on long term basis.


Many cancer survivors (after radiation and chemotherapy) develop cancer again in the following years. This is very good reason why statistic do not give optimistic prognoses to the cancer survivors after passing aggressive oncology treatments.


People who benefit, survive and get healed in this cruel medicine protocol succeed only because their vital energy and desire for living is much stronger then chemo and radiation itself, what is not often the case. People who die in that process expose themselves to many suffering in the process of dying.




Of course we talk here also about personal beliefs and decisions. People who deeply believe in necessity of suffering and self-punishment through the illness are more willing to accept chemo and radiation. As well as people who think that we need to be "in war" with out illness, so every weapon against it can be useful. If somebody strongly believes that only methods of traditional medicine are highly effective, this person should choose them, because only with them she/he has some chances for improvement.

Very often people turn themselves to natural methods of healing when radiation and chemotherapy completely fail, and when body is already full of metastasis and when steam cells, brain and nerves are completely damaged, expecting the last miracle. But it is hardly possible that natural treatments can save person who already destroyed the body and DNA with warlike medical methods, so when is too late to help, is really too late. The best what can natural treatments do in such cases is to easy the suffering. So it is better to start with natural methods before, not after damage is already done.

Thermography instead of Mammogramms


Natural cures and prevention


There are many natural remedies and energy healing which can support person in healing the cancer, many of them can be permanently successful if - healing the psychological trauma is adequately understood and accepted as the most important.

It is also important that cancer is not something what can attack us, we actually attack ourselves with lack of love and fears.

Building unconditional love for yourself is the highest level of protection against any chronic health condition, as well as not be afraid of any health condition.


Tatjana-Mihaela Pribic

Homeopath and Reiki teacher



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conradofontanilla from Philippines on June 07, 2012:

Free radicals and reactive oxygen species cause cancer. BRCA1 link of breast cancer is mutated by them; fails to bind with Rap80 resulting in failure to repair damage on DNA. Radiation changes atoms thus mutate DNA. Free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidants, built-in ones like superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase; supplements like vitamin A, C, E and vitamin B complex, melatonin and coenzyme Q10. Avoid radiation. Tobacco contains radioactive materials like lead 210 and polonium 210 that decay to lead 206 that emit x-rays and generate free radicals. I have Hubs on free radicals and cancer. Voted up and useful.

Gina on November 09, 2011:


I have been reading about teh radiation harm from Mamograms and I just had a standard follow up mamogram on one breast (after 6months of first mamogram).. What suggestions can you offer to protect from the radiation effect? Thanks in anticipation

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 13, 2011:

You are welcome Gmkonok. Thank you for the comment.

gmkonok on May 13, 2011:

Really great article, thanks a lot.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 18, 2010:

Hi Anna, from your comment it seems that your problems can be easily caused by stress, but low immunity can have some other roots as well (hormonal, lack of certain nutritiensts...). Whatever is the reason for your health problems, they can be healed on some natural way.

I would be glad to help you. You can contact me for e-mail consultations, on e-mail

Fee for consultations is 50 $US.

I wish you all the best.

anna on December 18, 2010:

hi, thanks for the essay. since i got married , i was and am going into too much suffereing. i started getting sick with strange things when i was only 37. i am feeling i have no resistance within me. please help.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 17, 2010:

BTW, Angellite, you really think that I would ask doctor am I allowed to take vitamin E or C? It is like I would ask him am I allowed to go to the toillete or am I allowed to eat or breathe. I am owner of my body, nobody else, especially doctors are not owning me, neither my body. Vitamins E and C are completely harmless in their recommended usage.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on August 29, 2010:

Thank you for the comment Angellite.

Angelllite from United States on August 29, 2010:

It was determined earlier this year, that all radiation causes cancer. In fact, it sparked controversy on whether or not to ban the use of tanning beds. One way to protect yourself from some of the harmful effects of radiation (free radical formation) is to take vitamin E a few hours prior to getting x-rays, etc. or to take vitamin C after. This is an important factor in preventing the return of cancer also, but, of course, only with your doctor's approval.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 25, 2010:

Thank you, Pinkylee.

pinkylee on March 25, 2010:

i have placed a link on my hub to yours thanks

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 25, 2010:

Thank you so much, Pinkylee, feel free to link with it, and live link to your Hub here in comments.

Many nice regards.

pinkylee on March 25, 2010:

andrea suggested that i read this hub and i think you did a wonderful job on it and would like to link it to mine if that is ok with you ... again wonderful job

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 24, 2010:

Thank you very much, Andrea.

AndreaGerak from Stockholm/Budapest on March 24, 2010:

GREAT one!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on January 05, 2010:

Thanks, cjcs.

cjcsimmons from Lakewood Wa on January 04, 2010:


Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 28, 2009:

Thank you very much, Debby, for the comment and visit and all the best in NY. Love and hugs.

Debby Bruck on December 22, 2009:

Excellent Tatjana ~ Always thorough and on-point. Breast Cancer is due to trauma - whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. We must reprogram our selves, our thoughts, our lives, our relationships and our spirit. There are tools at our disposal that can cure without harm. That I truly believe. We must find those solutions. Loving our selves, others, our earth and G-d. Love and Hugs, Debby

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 05, 2009:

I completely agree with you, Ksantosh, if you had read my article completely, you would notice the following sentence:

"If somebody strongly belives that only methods of traditional medicine are highly effective, this person should choose them, because only with them she/he has chances for improvement.

Early diagnostic can be done with Thermography.Infrared rays are completely harmless, X rays are dangerous.

If you think that people will immediately change all their belives and run to natural methods and stop paying doctors, just after reading one article, do not worry - things do not go so easy in human mind.

If you were woman you would have completely different opinion about the topic.

Many nice regards

ksantosh23 on December 04, 2009:

A good topic and very much needed to the society especially to the teens. I am sorry to say, I do not totally agree to your views. The modern medicinal science do believe in natural healings, but due to its business relationship they have to show the scientific proof and here the natural system cheats. Nature does not offer everyone the same care and so the natural therapies also.

I am not sure how much survey you have done regarding prevalence and incidence of breast cancer and the aggravation of cancer incidence following x-ray examination and breast self examination, but the bottom line is this that these diagnostic methods are very much helpful in early diagnosis. As far as radiation dose is concerned, it is always taken care off and the cumulative exposure to the technincian is more than the patient receives in two or three exams. Of course, mammograms should not be the routine test.

Summarily, my view is follow all of your suggestions regarding natural healing and follow a healthy life style, but do not hesitate to get modern medical help if it is required.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 04, 2009:

I am very sorry Mortgagestar because of loss of your mother please receive my deep compassion.

But, if the treatmant worked for your sister, does it work for the rest of women? Mammograms should be personal decision. If something is free, people will go as often as they can, does not matter if this is killing them or not. Frequent exposure to X rays is dangerous and very often is cause of cancer.

I deeply agree with you that the reason they did it is to cut expences for medical service - they did not care about people. But - they told the truth for this time - X rays are very dangerous.

There is another way of screening the tissue - THERMOSCAN - that way is completely harmless.

This world is full of various chemicals and radiation. That are also causing the cancer. Modern industry and toxical and radioactive weapons used in wars - certainly do polute whole this world...this pollution does nost stay politely on certain places, so we should not be surprised with the results of our human activities. Consequences come like diseases.

Thank you very much for your comment, give my best regards to your sister.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 04, 2009:

Wow, RMCrayne. Thank you for sharing the truth with all of us.

Thank you very much for visit and comment.

rmcrayne from San Antonio Texas on December 04, 2009:

I would have dismissed this information as "nuts" 6 years ago. I have spent my entire adult life working in the world of Western Medicine. I have come to see how many clients are failed by this illogical approach. I started seeing a Naturopath a year ago, and don't see myself ever relying on MDs again.

Mortgagestar1 from Weirton,West Virginia on December 03, 2009:

Well, we are getting a taste of government healthcare rationing. Now, the Feds are saying we need to have mamographies AFTER age 50 and PAP Smears after age 21 and NOT before. The main reason? Healthcare cost! I personally know of women who were saved by early detection prior to age 20. The number one REAL cause of healthcare costs is Tort. Doctors must have several tests and consultations to protect themselves from greedy lawyers. This HealthCare Bill has NO tort reform what soever. Why? Look at the Congressmen...lawyers. Congress have even excluded themselves from the very laws they pass. I hope every woman across America would organize and consolidate to push for REAL Healthcare for all. Fairly and responsibly. Like the Tobacco Law Suits, the money went to the lawfims, billions of dollars and barely any to what the attorneys claimed it would. Ladies, we are talking about you lives, your children and their children. Wonder why (NOW) National Organization Of Women is silent on this? Its politics and not for women's safety. NOW is a left wing ideologue organization. They will put politics before saving women's lives.The rationing will be worse and like Canada and Europe, women die from socialist neglect!

No, I'm not a doctor, just a military guy who lost my mother to breast cancer and my sister-in-law was saved through a pap smear during her highschool years. Her ovarian cancer was caught in time. Best regards, Mark

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 03, 2009:

Thank you very much Sucessfulblooger.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 03, 2009:

Thank you very much, BkCreative for your comment and visit: exposure to Xrays is never healthy. I am glad you found the Hub useful, it was my pleasure to write it.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 03, 2009:

Thank you very much, Green Lotus, I agree with every your word. Reiki is so helpful - it literally saved my life!

Love and Light

successfulblogger from Los Angeles,Ca on December 02, 2009:

Very informative.

BkCreative from Brooklyn, New York City on December 02, 2009:

Those mammograms are just horrible and painful - who creates these torture chambers? Good grief! and now we find what we knew all along - that they are probably harmful.

Thanks so much for the information and letting us all know that there are always alternatives and options. I know way too many women who have been devastated by cancer treatments which are supposed to help them - instead they spend years going through the treatment and recovery and on and on. Suffering all the while.

I know so many too who have opted for alternative treatments and are doing quite well.

Thanks again for this hub!

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on December 02, 2009:

Fear and "modern" methods is what stops us from going the "alternative" route. As a Reiki master and proponent of a holistic approach to medicine I agree that illness begins within your own consciousness and attitude before it manifests in the body. I'm a firm believer in preventative medicine including self-breast exams, PLUS maintaining a positive attitude and honoring yourself.

Cancer is terrifying to those who have been diagnosed positive. Unfortunately many who are ill, fear "wasting time" and jump into traditional treatments which can exacerbate the illness. The best holistic practitioner; however, will allay those fears, recommend natural treatments first, then traditional treatments, only if necessary.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on November 30, 2009:

Thank you very much Jill, for the visit and comment.

jill of alltrades from Philippines on November 30, 2009:

Thank you for this informative hub Tatjana. Like you, I also have never had mammograms. I also believe having them on a regular basis do more harm than good.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on November 30, 2009:

Thank you very much HPR!

H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on November 30, 2009:

Informative as well as useful hub.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on November 30, 2009:

Thank you very much, Jim for the visit and comment.I am always glad to see you here.

jimmurdoch on November 30, 2009:

Excellent hub, Tatjana. We all need reminded that healing is within.



Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on November 29, 2009:

Thank you so much, Dohn for the link and thumbs up for you and the author of that great article. I deeply agree with him... It is really time that people start to change belives about their diseases and this is the best prevention possible.

There will be more Hubs about healing cancer, steam cells (which are so iportant part of our body and we know nothing about them....)

Thank you as always for reading and comment.

dohn121 from Hudson Valley, New York on November 29, 2009:

Hello, Tatjana-Mihaela. Wonderful hub. I was thinking about saying something smart, but I won't as I don't want to take away from the seriousness of this hub. With your opinion on cancer, you've reinforced my belief in what cancer really is. Please read this hub, as I think it's right up your alley:

I hope you like it. Thanks as always :)

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