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Loving Yourself and Living in Peace

Loving Yourself and Living in Peace


If you’re not all over yourself and you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, it’s time to fall for you once again.

Remember the time when you’re so consumed with fascination over someone? You think of her/him often.

Familiar with these lines? “ She’s/He’s my opium I can’t live without.” He/She is inside my head from the time I wake up ‘til before I sleep; and still sometimes in my dreams...

The chills are overwhelming, and despite seeing attractive others around, they don’t turn me on. The only image I see is this one special person I’m so drawn to."

Seems like a very early romantic Valentine’s day story? Why not?

We love to hear and watch poignant love stories: Titanic, Twilight, Beauty and the Beast or your own choice of story. And we talk about it delightfully after again and again…

And what kind of love story would we tell if we talk about our own love story for ourselves?

Is it something we would love to talk about again and and again, or we’d rather not?

For countless times, I’ve heard these from people and myself in the past...

I should have exercised more when I was younger,

I should have gone out and travel more when i had more energy,

I should have sneaked out more to satisfy my adventurous appetite when I had the chance

I should have stayed longer and talked with my old folks about life matters when they’re still around..

I should have taken care of myself better when I had more time rather than overworking for fame and money.

Thank goodness! Our body is a real genius more than we know.

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It has its unique capacity to tell us when to slow down, to grind harder, to keep things down in moderation.

When our logical mind fails us, our body speaks. And when that happens we cannot do anything but to STOP.

Then we start realizing the bottom line priority...

Our need to feel well.

Our need to feel alive.

Our need to feel our beautiful presence on this planet

Our need to feel taken cared of by us not by someone else.

Because the ultimate love story we long to find, see or watch is the love story we need to do/make with ourselves first of all.

And if you are reading this right now, you are lucky to have the chance to fall all over again or to start falling for yourself.

Obsess about yourself if you must; and always remember, moderation always holds the key to your overall happiness.

Live with grace and ease

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