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Five Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Fast Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss

Help! I Need to Lose Weight!

Summer is approaching and you have noticed that instead of losing weight during your hibernation period, you have actually gained a few pounds. You want to lose the extra pounds, but you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite foods. What if I told you there are simple lifestyle changes you can make to lose weight and keep it off without dieting? Well, in fact, there are many lifestyle changes that can help you and you can start right away. I have listed below my five favorites, which I find quite simple to follow and don’t require any fancy equipment. The key is to be persistent and consistent with the changes to see long term results. You have the choice of incorporating these changes into your daily routines altogether or add them slowly as you adjust.


1. Drink More Water

You have probably heard this over and over, and over and over. The reality is that water is your best friend when it comes to weight loss. Many people find water to be tasteless, and that is the number one reason why many opt for soft drinks and juices. However, by not choosing water they end up adding extra calories to their meals that are often hidden in juices and other beverages. As you begin to make water a part of your daily weight loss regimen, you will realize that it is actually easy to drink the recommended amount. Personally, drinking the recommended amount for my weight and height helps me avoid cravings. The best way to apply this tip to your lifestyle is to drink water throughout the day. Always have a water bottle with you so that you can reach for it easily.

How much is enough?

It is necessary for you to calculate exactly how much water is recommended for you according to your weight, height, and activity level. There are many online resources that can help you figure it out.

Benefits of Drinking Water

2. Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar is the sweet way to gain weight. In general, people are clueless about the amount of sugar they should be consuming. Many calories hide in beverages and snacks that to us just seem a little bit sweet. In reality what has happened is that our taste buds have gotten accustomed to the sweet taste and we just can’t part with it. It will take a process of detoxification for your body to get rid of its sugar addition. The previous tip can help you with that as drinking water will get your body running properly.

Where does the sugar hide?

Take for example the popular can of cola; it contains 39g of sugar and 140 calories. That one drink has more than the recommended amount for a single day. Although regular servings for beverages are 8oz, a can of soda has 12oz. Now think of the average person, who chooses not to drink water for whatever crazy reason. They can consume a few of those a day without even noticing the negative side effects. When you opt for sugary drinks instead of water, you will always feel thirsty, causing you to continue to drink more sugary drinks. You want to avoid them not only to lose weight but also for your general health.

Test Your Knowledge

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is the daily recommended amount of sugar for males/females?
    • Males- 12 teaspoons, Females- 9 teaspoons
    • Males- 9 teaspoons, Females- 6 teaspoons
  2. What is the daily recommended amount of water?
    • 8 glasses
    • 3 glasses
    • Don't know

Answer Key

  1. Males- 9 teaspoons, Females- 6 teaspoons
  2. 8 glasses

3. Avoid Bad Carbs

What are “bad carbs”?

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Bad carbs are white bread, white rice, cookies, treats, refined cereals, etc.

These foods may already be a big part of your diet, and that is probably the problem with your weight. They are bad because the fiber and other good nutrients have been removed in the refining process. You want to avoid them because they serve you with little nutritional benefits, and they also cause your blood sugar to spike too quickly. That sudden rise of blood sugar causes imbalances in your body and that is the reason why many people today suffer from diabetes.

What we should do is replace the bad carbs for good ones. We should eat whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

How to do it:

Instead of white bread, use whole wheat or whole grain bread or just replace with vegetables and greens.

Instead of white rice, opt for brown or black rice.

Remove sugary snacks and replace with nuts and fruits.

4. Portion Control

Another way to help you shed pounds is to portion control your foods. Eating larger portions than you should, will make you gain weight almost unconsciously. Why? Everything with your body has to do with good or bad habits. Your body learns a bad habit and continues to repeat it. When it comes to eating large portions of food, if you always do it, chances are you will continue with that bad habit. You need to re-teach your body how to eat and how to feel satisfied with the correct portions. Eating the right portions also goes hand in hand with eating at the right time, and eating the necessary amount of food for your height and weight. If you have a long gap of time between meals, it is very likely that you will end up eating larger portions. You want to allow your body to feel hungry, but not to the point of desperation. By following this simple tip, you will see great changes in your weight.

5. Get Moving

Exercise is one of the most important tips to follow as you lose weight. Please, don't be disappointed with this tip. When people hear the word "exercise", immediately they think of hard work and get discouraged. There are ways in which you can exercise without it being a pain.

Why do people gain weight?

People gain weight because they consume more calories than they burn. Exercise helps you find the balance between the foods you eat and a number of calories you burn. Personally, I find exercise boring, but I know that there is absolutely no way I can be fit without it. So, I work on making exercise fun rather than think of it as another duty.

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