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Is Journaling a Form of Therapy?

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Is Journaling a Form of Therapy?

Is Journaling a Form of Therapy?

Have you ever...?

Have you ever written in a journal? Have you ever had a journal? Is journaling a form of therapy? So many questions, right? I find this topic so interesting because I’ve heard a lot of people talking about having a journal or writing somewhere their thoughts or different ideas.

What does the journal mean to me?

I had a period in my childhood when I was writing, but I didn’t know its benefits. I was writing just for fun and because everyone within my friends' circle was doing it. I started writing again a few months ago and you probably wonder why I am doing it right now.
I consider journaling a form of therapy that pays off. It offered me the relief I needed. Until I had a journal again, I took out my phone and wrote down in my Notes everything that was going through my mind at that moment. After a couple of minutes, I felt more organized and more focused on immediate tasks.

Organize Your Thoughts!

Organize Your Thoughts!

What do I write in this diary?

I'm writing down absolutely everything I have in my mind and sometimes it makes no sense or any coherence, there are only thoughts that come and go, but I can assure you that it works. I can think clearly after this moment and I can say that I’m feeling relieved and free again. If you don’t think you need a diary, do this exercise by taking a white sheet and a pen and start writing down all that you have on your mind. You can write everything you want and see how you feel afterward.

If you wonder what exactly you can write in a journal, I can give you one example that will help you stay organized. Let's say you are an employee that has certain tasks for a project, but also you have a family, and besides all of that, you would want to learn a new language. To be able to manage all of that you can easily take a moment and write down all that you want. At work, I have to write a very long report, I have to make one call, and deliver Project X. At home, I have to cook dinner, go to the gym, and clean the house. After that, rearrange the selected items and try to form a list of the most important 6-7 tasks. By doing this, you can easily manage your time, and if you could not, for any particular reason, finish one task, put it on top of the list for the next day, and complete the list by adding one less item.

Where and when do I write?

I am the kind of person who likes paying attention to details and I always choose an agenda that inspires me. I never wrote down a word on agendas that do not offer me any motivation to do it. I'm always trying to make a habit of writing in bed before going to sleep. In this way, I will have an exact plan of what I did, what I have missed, and how can I become a better me. During the day, if I don’t have access to my journal, I take out my phone and write everything in Notes. Be free to see where and when it is the most comfortable time for you to write. There is no specific ritual and it all depends on your perspective.

Clear Your Mind!

Clear Your Mind!

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Does something have to happen to write?

Not at all. You write when you feel. You write when you need. You write when you want, or when your mind no longer gives you peace. For example, some evenings I do not feel the need to even open the journal, or sometimes I feel the need to write a single word, and other times, I write a lot. I write anything about how I feel, what my thoughts are, what I did that day, or what I intend to do. You should know that there are different journals specially made with all kinds of questions. Maybe this type of journal will work better for you and helps you better.


In conclusion, don’t be ashamed to have a journal or admit that you write it down. You have to enjoy the whole process because it is extremely beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Since I started writing again, I am much calmer, I clean my mind every night.

You can give it a try. Maybe you will realize that it is something beneficial or maybe you will feel that it does not help you at all. It's perfectly normal. See you in my new article! ♥

Be Free!

Be Free!

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