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Poems written by a teenager with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Leave Me Alone

by Rhonda Robertson

Leave me alone,

Let me be,

I don't want to live,

Can't you see?

Let me scream,

Let me bite,

Let me give you

One heck of a fight.

Let me twist,

Let me break,

Let my fist

Come to your face.

Let me scream,

Let me shout,

Let me cry,

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Let me pout.

Let me run,

Let me tire,

Let me sprint,

'Till I expire.

Let me cut,

Let me slice,

Let me bleed,

Let me pay the price.

I want to twist,

I want to turn,

I want to experiment,

I want to learn.

I want to hear

The sound of breaking bones,

I want to hear the agony,

I want to hear the groans.





by Rhonda Robertson

Make the white walls go “away”

I sit and stare at them day by “day”

They keep you locked up in “here”

Which only increases that insane “fear”

So many rules a bad, bad “joke”

Who are these people these placement “folk”

They come from Kansas and “louiville”

They scratch they pounce they even “kill”

They bounce on your case wherever you “go”

You scream go away am i some insane freak “show”

No they say your a placement “bum

Your stupid crazy your just plain “dumb”

You guys date placement “boys”

You play around with them like hand made “toys”

Your so good they’re drooling “now”

Then you give the a fistful PoP and “Pow”

Then on the outside you see them Hot and “cute”

Then they turn and give you the “boot”

Too bad how you really “see”

How bad placement and boys can really “be”

Distant Life

Distant Life

Rhonda Robertson

I lay here on the floor

My vision getting blurry

My life is so distant

Nothing but flash and furry

My veins are gushing blood

My heart is slowly beating

My brother is in the shower

My folks are downstairs eating

The knife lays beside me

My wrists hurt so bad

What will i be labeled as

Suicide a depressed girl, sad

My systems are failing

My body gone numb

My friends will be saying

Rhonda Why be so dumb

My best friend says no

She refuses to believe

She doesn’t want to cry

She shouldn’t have to grieve

mom opens my door

Yells call 911

mom starts crying

daddy holds his Son

The paramedics get there

They Vigorously pump my heart

The counselors are questioning

How will it end when did it start

A paramedic yells she

Is breathing she won’t die

My brother lays down to hug me

My dad starts to cry

I lay there for a minute

While they wrap my wrists

I’m being stabilized

i’m being hugged and kissed

It all comes back

I realize I didn't die

I look at my family

Then I start to cry

My tears aren't for my life

They aren't even for me

They are for my loved ones

And my family



Rhonda Robertson

Look out the window what do you see

I see a lost and lonely girl kinda like me.

Sit on the window what do you feel?

The pain and agony of not knowing how to deal.

Go stand outside what is it like?

Like learning to ride my very first bike.

Go sit by the girl what will you say?

Don’t let problems rise. Today’s a new day.



Rhonda Robertson

You see me now

Now you don’t

You see me there

but here you won’t

I am here one second

In a flash i’m gone

I will not come back

So don’t carry on

You pick out my casket

My burial clothes too

But i’m not gone forever

Though i don’t live with you

I may be in the ground

With a big stone on me

Or maybe i’m lost

Just look you will see

That i may not be living

I may not be there

But i am living in your heart

Because you cared



Rhonda Robertson

Life it comes and it goes

You have friend or you have foes

There are struggles and trials

You get frowns or you get smiles

You are brushed past, you get kicked

You get angry you get ticked

You are mocked, your put down

You get twisted round and round

You get scraped you get bruised

You get help or you get used.

Depression and pain are right ahead

The more you see the more your fed.

You got nobody no where to turn

Cause in life you Just Gotta Learn

That you can get annoyed and you can get hacked

But life isn’t perfect so face the fact.


Elizabeth Jane Robertson (author) from Joplin, Missouri on April 02, 2012:

Thanks, Steve, for reading Rhonda's poems. I will convey your message to her.

Steve Head on March 30, 2012:

Rhonda, I love your poetry. I feel your pain. I share your hurt. But remember.... You are a "one-of-a-kind masterpiece" created by the very hand of God! You were created to love and to be loved! And I know He loves you more than you'll ever be able to comprehend. Learn to love in spite of the pain! That's our true purpose on this earth! Keep on writing those poems!

tory burch outlet on May 15, 2011:

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axus_auto on January 13, 2011:

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on December 28, 2010:

my best friend has attatchment disorder, and i am...or was...or will be again suicidal. i feel you. but i get the feeling rhonda isn't selfish enough to take her life away.

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