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How to Increase Your IVF Success Rate Naturally

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You can help to increase the health of your eggs!

You can help to increase the health of your eggs!

Your Guide to Increasing Your IVF Success Rate...

To increase your IVF success naturally, I have written this brief guide too help you. This guide will give you methods which have undergone study and have proven, at least in some cases, to help increase IVF success rate naturally, as well as improving egg health.

It must be noted before we get too deeply into the guide here that none of the supplements which are mentioned here in this guide should be taken once you begin IVF medications. You should complete the program of supplements described here before you begin these medications. The ideal situation here is to take these supplements for three months prior to beginning IVF medications in tandem with the fertility diet.

To increase your IVF success rate, follow this three step strategy.

Watch Video: Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse

Step One - Cleanse

To increase IVF success naturally, you need to lay the groundwork for a successful conception. To a large extent, the success of a IVF procedure depends on healthy eggs and proper implantation of the embryo. However, you need to keep this in mind – the life cycle of your eggs is about 90 days. During this time, the health of your eggs can be affected by factors including your diet, your stress level and your circulation. To ensure good egg health, you should begin preparing yourself 90 days ahead of time.

The first step is to clear out all of the toxins and hormones before adding good nutrition and supplements. The first step includes:

Fertility cleansing

A fertility cleanse will clear out excess hormones and toxins from your liver. This cleans will also remove stagnant blood and old tissue from your uterus. You should begin this cleanse the day after your period ends.

Watch Video: How to Increase Your Egg Health

Watch Video: Vitamins Good for Fertility

Step Two - Nourish

After completing the cleanse, you will focus on providing your eggs with the nourishment which they need and on preparing your uterine lining for implantation. These are two things which we can have a lot of control over. This step is done through diet in conjunction with herbs and other nutritional supplements.

The Fertility Diet

A few months before your IVF, begin eating a fertility diet. Getting nutrient dense foods is vital to producing healthy eggs and promoting implantation of the embryo

Take a Multivitamin

A prenatal multivitamin can be a great help in getting you the nutrition you need for egg health and preparing the lining of your uterus. My favorite is Mega Food’s 100% whole food Baby and Me multivitamin. A synthetic multivitamin just can’t offer you all of the benefits that this vitamin does.

Use Supporting supplements

COQ10- CoQ10 helps to keep the eggs integrity by protecting them from free radicals. Coq10 is best taken for two to three months before having IVF.

L-arginine - L-arginine is an amino acid which has shown promise in increasing ovarian response, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients who supplemented in large doses (16 grams) of L-arginine. (Published in Human Reproduction 1999). L-arginine

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Use Fertility Superfoods

These are extremely nutrient dense foods which offer great benefits to you each time they are ingested. Personally, I favor putting all of these fertility superfoods into a "fertility smoothie".

• Maca

Maca is a nutritional powerhouse which helps you to achieve proper hormonal balance by nourishing your endocrine system, although it does not contain any hormones itself. Hormonal balance is essential for a successful IVF, since this makes for healthier eggs.

• Royal jelly/propolis

These superfoods increase the quality and quantity of eggs. Royal jelly is the food produced by bees which turns an ordinary bee into a queen, capable of producing as many as 2,000 eggs per day. You should take this supplement for at least two months before beginning IVF procedures.

Royal jelly is the hormonal stimulant used by queen bees to ensure plenty of offspring. You should take this supplement daily in order to achieve the best results. However, if you are, or think that you may be allergic to bees, stay away from this and all other bee products.

• Spirulina

This nutrient dense algae contains a wealth of minerals, antioxidants and protein which feeds your eggs with the nutrients they need and alkalinizes your body. Take this supplement daily, one tsp.

Step Three - Nurture

The last part of this program to increase IVF success is to use two therapies which are proven to help the success rate of IVF. These are used right before beginning the procedure and immediately after beginning.

Acupuncture and IVF

Recent studies have show that women who undergo acupuncture within one day after embryo transfer increase the rate of a successful implantation by as much as 65% compared to those who either did not undergo acupuncture or who had a “fake acupuncture” procedure performed.

To further increase your chances of success, get in touch with your acupuncturist long before your IVF procedure to make sure that they will be available, since timing is vital for this procedure.


Hypnosis has also been shown to be useful in increasing IVF success rates. In one study, women who underwent hypnosis had twice the success rate of women who did not employ hypnosis.

Hypnosis is one of the easiest things which you can use to prepare for your IVF. Before, during and after the IVF procedure are all times when you can benefit from a hypnosis procedure and there are hypnosis CDs which are made specifically for IVF purposes. You can use these CDs on a daily basis before and after your procedure, as well as during. Hypnosis will also produce a calming effect, helpful during the stress of preparing for an IVF procedure.


What Next?

I hope you found this article helpful. If you end up having any questions I would suggest for you to join the Natural Fertility Community and post them there. Not only will you have access to natural fertility speciallists, but you can also get feedback and support from women who are going through the same experience as you.

I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to hearing about your BFP!

All the best,
Hethir Rodriguez


Hethir (author) on September 02, 2011:

Tracey - It is best to not use any herbs that have a hormonal affect while doing IVF, so Maca and Royal jelly would not be suggested while you are on your iVF medications. Talk to your doctor about this as well.

Tracey on August 26, 2011:

Is it safe to use Co Q10, Spirulina, Maca and Royal Jelly during a pill down regulation cycle in IVF?

An on July 27, 2011:

Hi, I actualy just had my IVF resulted failed bcause my egg wasn't very good condition.Doctor had taken only 2 eggs but only left 1 egg can be transfer in. But the egg is not very good. How can I keep healty egg or good egg ?

What supplement I can eat to make a healty egg?

Hethir (author) on April 13, 2011:

Hi Seyi, It would be best to find a practitioner in Nigeria you can work with. There is no guarantee with any natural or medical therapy.

seyi on April 13, 2011:

i ll be 40 by sept, this year. can u advise if this process can work for me? at what % of certainly? can u recommend any good hospital in nigeria? what are other options? can fibriod be a problem to this process? help!1

Anne on March 24, 2011:

Thank you Hethir for your reply. I appreciate 3-5 months prep. prior to TTC with/without IVF using RJ and all other natural approaches is the way to go, which is what I did and continue to do between cycles, but was not aware of how I could incorporate RJ prior to IVF, nor that I would end up having such an issue with low egg harvest number. The main reason for my enquiry was to ascertain facts about the possible/actual estrogenic effects of RJ (and propolis) and specifically in regards to endometriosis and if it's also o.k. to use BETWEEN IVF cycles? I intended to cease any RJ prior to starting the IVF cycle meds.. The thing is, because we never have any frozen embryos due to low egg numbers and therefore I have to undergo a 'fresh', stimulated cycle each cycle, I also always have to have breaks between cycles, anything from 1 month up to 3 months has been necessary between cycles, SO I am open to finding effective natural treatments which can be employed to hopefully help our success in future cycles, esp. as we are running out of time - RJ and propolis are about the only things I have not yet incorporated but if appropriate for my use, sound promising. Unfortunately, doctors in my country, even fertility specialists, are generally rather sceptical if not entirely closed to natural therapies (other than CoQ10 and then acup around ET)and although our Dr is fairly respectful, he won't discuss anything he does not know much about or without it being 'backed' by extensive or quality scientific research. If you can clarify further anything for me in regards to the possible estrogenic effects of RJ and/or propolis, in your capacity as a naturopath, I would much appreciate any info you have? Thanks very much and kind regards.

princess on March 17, 2011:

pls what can i use to improve implantation?

Hethir (author) on March 15, 2011:

Royal jelly should be used as the label states as everyone makes different concentrations. You would want to use it in preparation for IVf instead of during. It has not been tested in combination so we do not know how they will react to each other. Ask your doctor and see what they say. Best wishes! Hethir

Anne on March 13, 2011:

Hi Hethir,

I have read much positive info re Royal jelly/propolis success for improving fertility, esp. increase egg qual. and numbers.I have severe endo. only diagnosed 2 yrs ago and am now 42 y.o.. I have been using TCM and naturopathic fertility supps. for several years now and homoeopathy for IF in last 6 mo. (which I think has helped). However, we just had our 4th IVF cycle - 3 'busted', 1 miscarriage and the major issues are low egg no.s and poss. sporadic qual.(endo and age-related of course). My husbands sperm are good qual.. Can you please advise of the daily dosage for Royal jelly and propolis and whether to cease taking them once the IVF cycle meds. start? Thank you very much.

Sameena on January 29, 2011:

Brazil nut on day of transfer?. Did you eat this nuts or is this a powder or pill. I wil be starting my IVF med next week.

sue on January 14, 2011:

Please take my advise everyone. I experienced my 1st failed IVF sometime in year 2007. For my second IVF attempt, I did a lot of preparation; i.e. read and bought few books on IVF. My second IVF attempt was a success. Now i have 2 beautiful chubby 10 months twin boys and there are very healthy. My advise:

1) Eat a lot of white egg (chicken)during IVF medication -to ensure that u can produce quality eggs. This is very true based on my experience. You can check Singapore forum on fertility and IVF.

2) Please do IVF together with accupunture. It really helps. I did that 3 months before I start my 2nd IVF cycle and during the IVF medication itself but I stop right after the doctor transferred my embryos.

3) Please take brazil nut on the day of transfer and few days after that. It will help the embryos implantation.

4) No cold food. Ice, fruit from fridge, ice cream, cold vege..and this is according to accupunturist..

5) If possible, take organic food.

I made promise to myself to spread this tips and hopefully everyone will benefit from it. All the best.I've been in that state before and believe me..dont give up...

michelle on December 30, 2010:

Hi.I started my first ivf session last month prior to that i had 3 iui's.Two of my IUI were done with me taken some injections of hormones unfortunely they wer'nt succesful. after that i had my first ivf session that also wasn't successful.I had two eggs both that fertilized after 3 days they were implanted back into me.At that point i waited 10days and found out i was not heart wants to continue with another session but unfortunely my insurance does not pay for the procedures,meds and visits.I'm so heart broken,does anyone no if my chances increase by repeating another session and does anyone know if theres any finacial support I can get to continue with my dream of being a mother.thank you

daddygrl on July 31, 2010:

I've been trying to concieve years from my ferlity doctor says I have to have ivf because scare tissue is on the outer layer of my tubes not blocking my tubes are open,myeggs are find my lining is fine.Is it anything I can do to help remove this scare tissue?

mini on July 19, 2010:

hi, sounds interesting. i had my first failed ivf yesterday bcoz of the poor egg quality. i am 27. wanted to know that wont the intake of these medicines disturb the hormonal balance? n which all should be taken as there are so many prescribed in this site. kindly help. thanks.

Lamme on June 28, 2010:

Very interesting! I've never seen these issues addressed in the context of IVF. Thanks for sharing.

EU on June 07, 2010:

quite interesting and informative. do you need doctors prescription before you buy the drug?

Hethir (author) on May 05, 2010:

@Debbie - It depends so much on many different factors. Are you still ovulating? Have you seen a fertility doctor? What are your cycles like? We offer consultations through my main website which can help look at your specific situation.

Hethir (author) on May 05, 2010:

@infertileNaomi - I have not heard of those foods helping with the lining specifically.

@lisa - There is not much I can suggest while you are on fertility meds. So, I do not know. Herbs and diet take at least 3 months to have an effect on egg health, but if this cycle did not work (I hope it did) you may want to take a look at our Fertility Egg Health Guide here:

debbie on April 13, 2010:

hi i am 45 is there anything i can use to increase my chances in getting pregnant,

lisa on April 07, 2010:

HI! can you help me, am on my 10th day of IVF medication, but my eggs are not growing fast as per required size.

What can i take to help them grow!, any type of food etc?

can i also take royal jelly!

InfertileNaomi on March 19, 2010:

I've heard pineapple, red meats and Yams help increase your lining. Any truth to that?

Anita on March 14, 2010:

How advsisable is it to continue taking Ayurveda medicines pre and duting the IVF Treatment

eden on March 12, 2010:

hi, I am 39 and was told last month that we couldn't start IVF because of my high FSH (15.9). For the 2 months before I cut out alcohol and caffeine and started a prenatal vitamin. I also re-introduced raw vegetables and fruits to my diet since for 6 years I couldn't eat them because of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have always eaten organic, no red meat or dairy. Then this month after learning of my high FSH I started Royal Jelly, Maca, wheatgrass, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. After reading your article I am learning that women prepare for 3 months this way. Do you think if my FSH comes back low this month that I should go ahead and start IVF or wait another month and hope for a low FSH to start then for best results? If I start this month and it fails will my body have to recover again from the IVF treatment? I am in a bind because our insurance runs out in 3 months and I want to choose the best month to try. thank you so much for your help!

Hethir (author) on February 15, 2010:


Everything must be done in preparation. It is best to not take any herbs or supplements while on your fertility meds as their could be an interaction (we do not know for sure, but want to be careful).

Hethir (author) on February 15, 2010:

Everthing that can be done has. There is nothing you can do the day of except for try acupuncture and hypnosis.

Acupuncture and IVF


In a recent study the researchers found that women who underwent Acupuncture within 1 day after embryo transfer had their success rate increased by 65%, in comparison with those who had no acupuncture or fake acupuncture.

To increase your chances even more, make sure to seek out your acupuncturist well before your procedure so they are “on call” for after the procedure, timing is crucial for this one.


Hypnosis has also been shown to help increase IVF success rates. In a recent study, the women who used hypnosis had double the pregnancy rate then the group of women who did not use hypnosis.

Using hypnosis to prepare for your IVF, during and after, may be one of the easiest treatments you can apply. You can purchase hypnosis CD’s specific for IVF which you can listen to on a daily basis, during your procedure and afterward for best results. Hypnosis also helps to calm the mind during this stressful time.

casey on February 13, 2010:

I just had my transfer yesterday. I started acupuncture a few weeks ago and had it pre and post transfer. what else can i do to increase the chances of implantation?

Julie on February 05, 2010:


I start my IVF meds tomorrow night. I did not find your information about preparing for IVF in time to do your suggested cleanse. What can I do and take that may improve my chances of a successful IVF? Is it okay to start taking Bee Propolis and Royal jelly? Will this interfere with the meds?

Hethir (author) on September 05, 2009:

Hi J.M. There are tons of studies supporting the belief in acupuncture increasing IVF results as well as having the capability to help prevent miscarriages. Here is one:

Fertility and Sterility. Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy. Vol 77, No 4, 2002

Linn on September 05, 2009:

Hi Hethir. What an interesting and informative article! Well done! I'm planning to go for IVF in 3 mths time. How do i get the hypnosis CDs?

J.M on June 21, 2009:

Hi. Found the article very informative.I have come across a doctor,OB GYNE who advised not to have Acupuncture coz it can also cause abortion.The doctor does not also believe that Accupuncture can increase the success of IVF treatment.What do you think?I have been toying with the idea of having accupuncture from the recommendation of my friend though.

Hethir (author) on June 12, 2009:

Mrs Fm

It is best to not mix herbs and fertility medications as we do not know how they will interact. Herbs and natural therapies need to be applied well before an IVF or medical fertility treatment as natural treatments take at least 3 months to have their overall effect.


You can cleanse your body in preparation for conception with a Fertility Cleanse. You can learn more about that here:

Timi on June 07, 2009:

how do I cleanse my body from toxens

Mrs Fm on May 28, 2009:

is Maca safe to take whilst during injections for IVF? Most literature would say to avoid such things as they can meddle with the process. Anyone know?

Hethir (author) on May 07, 2009:

TM, I completely agree with you. Men have just as much responsibility and fertility problems as women can have. I have created a complete guide to natural male fertility therapies. It can be found here:

tm on May 05, 2009:

Interesting article but it seems to assume that it's only women who have fertility problems. It would be nice to have information about what men should do increase chances of success especially where there are issues with sperm quality. I know L-Arginine also has some benefit for sperm quality so maybe you can add that too. It takes two to tango you know!

any on April 30, 2009:

By chance i hv stumbled on this article and i found it really very informative .Lang .is also very simple for laymen.

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