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Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism, Most Successful is Natural Cure

Illustration of thyroid follicles and follicle cells

Illustration of thyroid follicles and follicle cells

The thyroid gland is small endocrine gland located in the front of the wind pipe in the throat.

It produces the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4)which increase cellular metabolism as well as other functions.such as our heart rate, how quickly we burn calories, digestion etc Babies and children need adequate amounts of thyroid hormones for brain development and growth.

The amount of thyroid hormones secreted is controlled by another hormone, called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which is released from the pituitary gland in your head.

Thyroid gland posterior

Thyroid gland posterior

Hormones of thyroid gland T3/T4 are regulating:

Basal Metabolism :

  • increases basal metabolic rate
  • increases body temp (calorigenesis)
  • increases appetite

Carbohydrate, lipid & protein Metabolism :

  • promotes glucose catabolism for energy
  • stimulates protein synthesis
  • increases lipolysis
  • enhances cholesterol excretion in bile


  • promotes normal cardiac function

Nervous System:

  • promotes normal neuronal development in fetus and infant
  • promotes normal neuronal function in adult
  • enhances effects of sympathetic nervous system

Musculoskeletal :

  • promotes normal body growth and maturation of skeleton
  • promotes normal function and development of muscles


  • promotes normal female reproductive ability and lactation
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As we can see, it is extremely important to have healthy thyroid gland, if not, hormonal imbalance causes real chaos in the body and in the mind.

Thyroid hormone regulation--the chain of command

The thyroid itself is regulated by another gland located in the brain, called the pituitary. In turn, the pituitary is regulated in part by thyroid hormone that is circulating in the blood (a "feedback" effect of thyroid hormone on the pituitary gland) and in part by another gland called the hypothalamus, also a part of the brain.

The hypothalamus releases a hormone called thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH), which sends a signal to the pituitary to release thyroid stimulating hormone (TS). In turn, TSH sends a signal to the thyroid to release thyroid hormones. If overactivity of any of these three glands occurs, an excessive amount of thyroid hormones can be produced, thereby resulting in hyperthyroidism.

Hypothalamus - TRHPituitary- TSHThyroid- T4 and T3

The rate of thyroid hormone production is controlled by the pituitary gland. If there is an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone circulating in the body to allow for normal functioning, the release of TSH is increased by the pituitary in an attempt to stimulate the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone. In contrast, when there is an excessive amount of circulating thyroid hormone, the release of TSH is reduced as the pituitary attempts to decrease the production of thyroid hormone.


Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which an overactive thyroid gland is producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones that circulate in the blood.

Thyroid hormones stimulate the metabolism of cells. The thyroid gland removes iodine from the blood (which comes mostly from a diet of foods such as seafood, bread, and salt) and uses it to produce thyroid hormones.

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism may include:

  • enlarged thyroid gland
  • nervousness
  • mental impairment, memory lapses, diminished attention span
  • a lot of fears
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • irritability, angryness, aggressive behaviour
  • trembling hands
  • fatigue
  • insomnia or need for extremely lot of sleep
  • diarrhea
  • itchy skin
  • unexplained weight loss despite increased appetite
  • heart palpitations
  • heat intolerance
  • increased sweating
  • muscle weakness
  • hair loss
  • increase in bowel movements
  • decrease in menstrual periods
  • eye irritation


 Thyroid gland

Thyroid gland

Treatments of classical medicine for hyperthyroidism-

There are 3 ways of treatments classical medicine uses for hyperactive thyroid:

1.Anththyroid drugs

There are two main antithyroid drugs available for use in the United States, methimazole (Tapazole) (in my country is Athyrazol) and propylthiouracil ( PTU). These drugs accumulate in the thyroid tissue and block production of thyroid hormones. PTU also blocks the conversion of T4 hormone to the more metabolically active T3 hormone. The major risk of these medications is occasional suppression of production of white blood cells by the bone marrow (agranulocytosis). (White cells are needed to fight infection.)

Side effects of the antithyroid drugs are:

Major adverse reactions (which occur with much less frequency than the minor adverse reactions) include inhibition of myelopoieses (agranulocytosis, granulocy-topenia, and thrombocytopenia), aplastic anemia, drug fever, a lupuslike syndrome, insulin autoimmune syndrome (which can result in hypoglycemic coma), hepatitis ,etc...Minor adverse reactions include skin rash, urticaria, nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, arthralgia, paresthesia, loss of taste, abnormal loss of hair, myalgia, headache, pruritus, drowsiness, neuritis, edema, vertigo, skin pigmentation, jaundice, sialadenopathy, and lymphadenopathy.

If someone is taking drugs in healing the hyperthyroidism, it is not recommended to gett pregnant, while being on drugs. Drugs are affecting baby`s body system as well,through the placenta, and is high possibility of many disorders in fetus. It is recommended to heal thyroid gland at first, then to plan to have the baby.

2.Treatment with radioactive iodine

Unfortunately, radioactive iodine (Radioiodine)is the most widely recommended permanent treatment of hyperthyroidism. This treatment was first time used 50 years ago and takes advantage of the fact that thyroid cells are the only cells in the body which have the ability to absorb iodine. In fact, thyroid hormones are experts at doing just that. By giving a radioactive form of iodine (131Iodine) gives off a poisonous type of radiation, the thyroid cells which absorb it, will be damaged or killed. Because iodine is not concentrated by any other cells in the body, there is very little radiation exposure (or side effects!) for the rest of the body. Actually the aim of this treatment is to cause permanent hypothyiroidism. Which needs to be "healed" -with artificial hormones again. The vicious circle goes again. No actual healing, just suffering. Radioiodine treatment kellse healthy cells of thyroid gland, killed thyroid as such. And as any radioactive element - can cause development of tumors and cancer, anywhere in the body.The primary risk from exposure to high levels of 131I is the chance occurrence of radiogenicc thyroid cancer in later life. Other risks include the possibility of non-cancerous growths and thyroiditis (Hashimoto`s).

Medicine says that only thyroid absorbs radioactive iodine, so someone who goes on the treatment is protected from radioactivity, and that is not truth: radioactivity is an energy, when you apply it to iodine, this radioactive energy will not be obedient and politely stay only on iodine, just because some doctors say so, it will do what is in its nature: it will spread its negative influence on every cell in the body. This type of treatment is based on the fact, that thyroid gland and thyroid cells are absorbing huge amount of any kind of radioactivity, actually they are just more capable of absorbing radioactivity then any other cells in the body. After nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, there is much more cancer of thyroid gland developed in former Soviet Union, especially in Ukraine, and very often that affects young people.

The scientific fact is also that whole Europe and the rest of the world suffered a lot because of that disaster, and in last 20 years is much more problems with thyroid gland developed then ever before, in my country as well. It is very rare that someone has thyroid gland in permanently healthy condition. That is because thyroid gland has high capability to store radioactivity, it is not only connected with iodine only , then with radioactivity as such.

Within the USA, the highest 131Iodine fallout doses occurred during the 1950s and early 1960s to children who consumed fresh sources of milk contaminated as the result of above ground testing of nuclear weapons. The National Cancer Institute provides additional information on the health effects from exposure to 131Iodine in fallout,[2] as well as individualized estimates, for those born before 1971, for each of the 3070 counties in the USA from the nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site.


Surgery to partially remove the thyroid gland (partial thyroidectomy) was once a common form of treatment for hyperthyroidism. The goal is to remove the thyroid tissue that was producing the excessive thyroid hormone. However, if too much tissue is removed, an inadequate production of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) may result. In this case, thyroid replacement therapy is begun. The major complication of surgery is disruption of four tiny glands in the neck that regulate calcium levels in the body (the parathyroid glands). Accidental removal of these glands may result in low calcium levels and require calcium replacement therapy.

Usually, whoever goes on thyroidectomy, has to use thyroid replacement therapy afterwards, because surgery causes hypothyroidism. If thyroid gland is to swollen and full of polyps, it hay to be completely removed, with all cause effects afterwards.

Removing thyroid gland is horrible experience for most of people, because it affects all above mentioned functions of body systems and organs. Artificial hormones cannot solve the problem (it is very difficult to prescribe right dosage,because glands are using body intelligence in producing the hormones and they are checking real needs of the body, drugs cannot do the same) pituitary gland also gets confused, send confused and wrong signals to the other endocrine glands as well, and most often result is complete hormonal imbalance again, which is killing the health of the body.


Hyperthyroidism and pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is produced. HCG is the hormone that "pregnancy tests" detect. HCG increases to a peak at around 12 weeks. It has mild thyroid stimulating effects and, as a result, can cause some symptoms of hyperthyroidism. HCG is in part responsible for the nausea during the first trimester. In situations of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets) HCG levels are even higher, and symptoms can be more pronounced. Temporary hyperthyroidism occurs in 10-20% of normal pregnant women during this period, and these women typically do not require treatment.

But whe someone already has hyperthyroidism, HCG can produce much bigger problems to mother and the child.

Pregnancies complicated by uncontrolled hyperthyroidism may result in higher incidences of:

  • Spontaneous abortion
  • Preterm labor
  • Low birth-weight babies
  • Complications of pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia (a condition associated with hypertension, low blood platelet count, protein in the urine and mental changes) and heart failure.

In the beginning of having hyperthyroidism, it can happen that body heales itself and attain complete hormonal balance (I know one case), but if hyperthyroidism persist for longer period, pregnancy is very big risk, especially for heart of the mother wich is excausted of often tachycardia symptomes. Using the drugs for tachycardia, can make many problems to fetus. There is no drug wich is completely harmless for baby.

During the pregnancy, it is forbidden to use radioactive iodine. Surgery is causing hypothyroidism, wich has to be healed with Euthyrox /hormonal supplement for thyroid hormones), wich is problematic for fetus/baby again, as well as for mother, because of many side effects, which are very alike to hyperthyroidism.

Official medicine do not recommend pregnancy, while having overactive thyroid gland.

Alternative medicine recommends to heal thyroid gland, causes of thyroid hyperactivity as well as hearth and immune and nervous system at first and then to get pregnant. In case pregnancy already occurred, we would heal the mother and the child on natural ways.

Passiflora, beautiful flower for healing nerves

Passiflora, beautiful flower for healing nerves


Alternative healing - Homeopathic Remedies & my experience

Usually, it is very easy to heal endocrine glands by using natural ways of healing. They respond very quickly on natural healing methods (Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, menopause and lack of estrogen and progesterone hormones, problems with periods, adrenal glands...etc). Classical medicine cannot heal them with its aggressive methods of healing, and endocrine glands need gentle and natural ways, which support their natural activities. They produce hormones - (hormones = feelings) that is the reason we have to be extremely tender with endocrine glands, not to force them in any way with drugs, radioactivity or remove them with surgery. Usually, aggressive methods are creating even higher level of hormonal imbalance, uncontrolled chaos in organism, which is resulting with much bigger illnesses of physical body, as well as psychological ones !

Average cause of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism is stressful life.

Hyperthyroidism is autoimmune disease, a misdirected immune response that occurs when the immune system attacks the body itself, instead of defending the healthy state.

I have had hyperactive thyroid gland for many (more then 10) years with following symptoms:

chronic fatigue syndrome, nervousness, fears, tachycardia - very often painful (I healed that at first with auto-Reiki treatments), quick changing the moods (negativity, big anger even the hate "out of the blue sky"), sometimes increased sweating. I usually needed nor less then 10-12 hours of sleep per day. Whenever I had opportunity, I was able to stay in deep sleep for over 20 hours.

When I found out that causes of these symptoms is overactive thyroid gland, I prepared to myself homeopathic remedies which I was regularly taking (almost every day) for approx. 1 year:

1. Anti stress remedy

(Kali Phosphate, Passiflora, Sumbul, Valeriana, Avena Sat, Coffea, Ignatia) This was calming and healing my nervous system, so I did not react on non-existing or real stressful conditions with panic or anger, I was able to react peacefully, with patience, love and understanding. I started to vibrate different towards people, so they did not want to attack me or argue with me any more, nor I with them (what was occurring before, because of overactive hormones of thyroid).

2. Anti hyperthyroid remedy - for soothing its over-activity

Combination of remedies that calms overactive thyroid gland and helps attaining normal production of thyroid hormones. (first results are shown in few days on laboratory tests, but one can feel completely different in just few hours after first taken dose .Later on, people can feel difference few seconds after taking the remedy.)

3.Against heart palpation and for regeneration the heart

4. For immune system


Part of homeopathic therapy is based on the fact that all our organs and body systems have their own vibration, if that one is disrupted, we must to "remind" them on healthy vibration, and they will naturally accept it. Actually every our organ or body system prefers to be in healthy vibrational state. After reminding it on that healthy state, self-healing process begins, and healthy state completely returns after some time.

Usually it takes 3-12 months for complete healing overactive thyroid gland with  homeopathic remedies.

After some time, when hormonal balance is permanently attained, there is no need for taking remedies any more (only sometimes, in cases of big stress).

Please order counseling for homeopathic healing (as well as you can order the remedies) on my e-mail Fee for e-mail consultations is 50 US$.



Healing Hyperactive Thyroid with Herbal Remedies

Thyroid gland reacts extremely well and quickly on natural ways of healing.

Many people successfully healed hyperactive thyroid gland with herbs and herbal remedies.

  • Bugleweed (Lycopus virginica) , lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) are herbs known to be able to help to normalize an overactive thyroid.

You can find this wining herbal combination for the health of your thyroid in great remedy from Native Remedies, ThyroSoothe.


ThyroSoothe benefits

  • Soothes and calms the thyroid gland very effectively
  • Supports balanced production of the thyroid hormone within normal limits of the pituitary gland
  • Supports balance in the endocrine system
  • Promotes healthy metabolism, fertility and growth
  • Also helpful for Grave`s disease, prevents from thyroid storm

You can order it on my website through the following link: Natural Healing - Thyroid Gland .

I also strongly recommend that you combine ThyroSoothe with one of 4 suggested remedies for emotiones and nerves (AgoraFear, PureCalm etc.), according to your symptoms. Thyroid gland can cause a lot of problems - as mood swings, emotional outbursts, fears, constant tension that additionally weak the nerves, heart, immunity and overal health. In order to more quickly and successfully heal it, you most probably need additional remedy that would heal and protect your nerves and immunity. All needed info is on my website. Remedies are (drop)shipped from USA, and produced according to FDA regulations.


Melissa officinalis, for soothing thyroid

Melissa officinalis, for soothing thyroid

Hypoactive thyroid gland

Thyroid becomes hypoactive because of various reasons, f.E as lack of iodine in the food, exposure to radiation or some chemicals, it also slows down as autoimmune reaction of the body.

Very often reason for slowing down thyroid is imbalance of sexual hormones or dropping down of sexual hormones in middle age.

There are herbal remedies that successfully activate thyroid gland and also help pituarity gland to be active for sufficient TSH production.

One of such remedies is Thyroid Assist,


Thyroid Assist Benefits:

  • Supports pituitary gland production of the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Maintains T3 & T4 levels already within normal range
  • Promotes a balanced endocrine system
  • Improves energy levels
  • Maintains balanced metabolism and healthy weight
  • Supports other functions of endocrine system for healthy emotions, fertility, growth & temperature
  • Ingredients:Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis) is a sea vegetable which is a prime source of iodine – an ingredient that can greatly aid thyroid support, Green Oats (Avena sativa) that improves vital energy and also boosts sexual power, Makandi (Coleus forskohlii), ayurvedic herb that supports thyroid function.

This remedy works great in combination with remedy Fatigue Figther, which ingredients (Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Olive Leaf) help addionally boosting the thyroid, overal stamina, improve immunity and significantly increase energy levels. This combination also helps to achieve balanced weight, what is very often problem with hypoactive thyroid. Fatigue Fighter also help people with slugish thyroid to increase again brain power.

Highly recommendent to be bought in combination, you can buy them through my website: Natural Healing - Thyroid Gland . These remedies are (drop)shipped from USA and produced according to FDA rules and regulations.

On this part of website, you will also find another suggestions for your thyroid problems, so you can choose.



Diet and Thyroid Gland


Thyroid health can also be supported by a healthy diet, but do not expect to heal it with diet only..It is NOT so simple! Certain foods are high in iodine (e.g. seaweed, sushi) and would benefit those with a sluggish thyroid. Others (cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower) contain natural thyroid blockers and would benefit those whose thyroids needed some slowing down.

If you have hyperactive thyroid, strictly avoid the following herbs, as they may stimulate hyperthyroidism: ashwagandha ( Withania somnifera ) and bladderwrack ( Fucus vesiculosus ). Also avoid stimulating herbs such as gotu kola ( Centella asiatica ), ephedra, caffeinated green tea products, and Chinese or Korean ginseng ( Panax ginseng ) .



My services and pricing

I provide the following services, while on-line:

  1. E-mail healing consultations
  2. Long-distance healing
  3. Recommendation of remedies as: herbal, homeopathics, Bach flower´s remedies, essences, vitamins, minerals, other natural supplements...
  4. Prepare individual homeopathic/remedies which completely match the need of my clients and are highly efficient: I can combine much more remedies and healing vibrations then any of the companies which produce them for massive use.


1. E-mail healing consultations are great for the people who are a lot on-line, or because of various reasons have no opportunity or wish to go directly on appointment with a healer.

They include:

  • e-mail counseling - I ask various question (about overal health condition, symptoms, medications, emotional background... etc) and based on answers provide clear explanation of roots of health problem (physical and psychological) and suggest ways of healing it.
  • recommendation of the most appropriate remedies ( herbal, homeopathics, vitamins, other supplemments)
  • recommendation of the most appropriate diet and all other needed suggestion that might help you to heal

The fee of consultation is 50 US$

2. If someone is interested in long-distance healing (reiki), that IS ALSO HIGLY EFFICIENT way of healing, you can contact me through my e-mail

  • Price for 30-40 minutes healing treatment is 50 US$ Number of treatments needed vary from person to person.

4. Price of my homeopathic remedies is 30 US $ per remedy.


I wish you all the best health possible,

Tatiana-Michaela Pribic

Homeopath and Reiki teacher

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