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How to Make Exercising as Routine as Brushing Your Teeth

Erich has routinely worked out very early in the morning for years



If you can do exercises in any capacity, regardless of how good or bad you are at it, that is a blessing. There are many people out there who can't do it. So if nothing else, consider the fact that it is a blessing to be able to physically exercise. It's one you should take advantage of.

1. Pick a Time and Stick to It

Set a time with yourself and maybe a friend or two and do it. If you don't live alone let others in the house know that is your workout time and you shouldn't be disturbed if possible.

2. Do Something That Motivates You

I know, I know that is why you are here to learn how. But here's the thing: What motivates me may not necessarily motivate you. Some examples of what I am talking about can include signing up for some type of athletic competition (racing, weightlifting, etc), or buying more sports gear, whether it be shoes or clothes or maybe even a reward of some sort after every workout. Just make sure the reward motivates you and doesn't sabotage your results.

3. Lay Your Clothes Out Ahead of Time

Just seeing your clothes can make you see yourself already doing your workout and you already put that much effort into it so why not just do it right? If you choose morning time to do your workout this can also save you some time, especially if you are picky about what you wear.

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4. Think About Those Who Can't

If a certain workout gets too hard and you feel unmotivated, think about people who can't exercise. You can also do the same when you are nearing the end of a hard work out.

5. Remind Yourself Why It's Worth It

Nobody wakes up at crazy hours to exercise exclusively because they enjoy it. More often than not they have a certain goal in mind. It could be to lose weight, bulk up, get six-pack abs, be cute enough for that boy or girl, or whatever else it is that floats your boat. If you understand why you're doing it you are much more likely to get your workout done.

Bonus: Get a Friend or Accountability Group

If you are going to work out with a friend, make sure it is somebody who is reliable and, if it involves running or lifting weights, close to your fitness level. This is essential for either being able to help spot heavy weights or keeping up with each other while running.

You want someone who is reliable because if they constantly bail on you, then you're giving yourself another reason to not do your workout.

If you're an introvert, there are plenty of Facebook accountability groups out there where people snap videos of themselves working out or snap photos daily and talk about what their workout was like.

Motivation is the best way to get yourself to do something

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