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How to Get Motivated and More Consistent to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Roger is a newly writer from Bacolod City. He is currently studying at CPAC Central Philippine Adventist College. BSED – Major in English.

How to Get Motivated and More Consistent to Live a Healthy Lifestyle


What is Motivation?

Motivation is brings you towards your goal, making things possible for anyone that is impossible for them. Thinking for success and progress. Being tough in every situation. Neglecting the negative energy. Focusing on your goal. Let’s read the following tips that are useful for our success in life.



1. Goal Setting

Making goals for oneself is a sign of being motivated, it making you feel that your in towards mission that you need to fulfill it. Making goals brings you challenges for making up to it and not letting it to waste. Being motivated towards your goals is one of the reason for your success, doing the things that make you feel out of your comfort zone is the best thing happen in your human being.

Examples of a goal motivation:

• Doing workout out

• Reading regularly

• Healthy lifestyle

2. Enough Sleep

Sleeping is important it is because it helps and keeps you doing the things that you are planning. It gives you strength or energy to keep being constant on your goals, gives you peace of mind and brings you a good blood circulation so that you will be able to continue your goals. Lacking of rest is also the hindrance for your success, that’s why taking a rest is a must. Rest is life. Sleep enough.

Examples of a goal motivation:

• Get a 8 hours sleep

• Avoid gadgets while sleeping

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• Schedule your rest

• Avoid fatigue

• Pray before you sleep



3. Positivity Towards Self

Being motivated is being positive towards your goals, doing the things that make you feel good and better no matter what situation it is. Thinking the things that is useful and making it more valuable as you set your goals to success. Positive minds bring positive outcomes, having that discipline towards self is the energy of positivity and it brings you to your success.

4. Partnership Towards Your Goal

To keep on doing your goals you need also to find someone that brings you to your success, it's also a best way to stay motivated, socialization brings you more excitement to keep on what you are doing, talking to someone while planning your goals is an affective way to be more consistent to your exact goal. Find someone who is interesting enough to boost your motivation.

In Summary

When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle consistency is key. It’s the actions you take MOST of the time that creates lasting results. But you probably know this, right?

When you are motivated, you are positive in all aspects. You know what to eat well and your body tells you what is the right thing to do. Well, it is important to know that you’re struggling is your motivation.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The biggest pain point from other people is their lack of consistency. They have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle or may even have set achievable goals for themselves, but something is still missing. They still can’t seem to make their habits stick. They feel like they’re constantly falling off track, which leaves them feeling defeated, discouraged and lack the motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle again.

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