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Stop Waiting for Things to Happen Just Go and Make Them Happen...

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Some of us invest an extensive amount of our energy waiting for things to happen that we push through to arrive at the following omission that does not compensate for an inefficient day. Except, if you are waiting for your life to begin, realize that your life is waiting for you to jump aboard by assuming responsibility for it.

Most of us hope that something will make life different. But, we must learn how to account for the times spends wasting doing things not worth the effort and, we need to arrange for the day where we figure out a way to adapt.

We being a human are bad at putting time into perspective. One of my favorite quotes is “How much of human life is lost in waiting.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson. Contemplate that this is your life, you are responsible for it and your achievement.

Question: Do you realize the standard time people spend waiting to do sudden things in life? According to a Timex survey, people wait an average of 20 minutes a day on the bus, 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor, and 38 hours each year waiting in traffic.

Over the world, there are millions of people with an excellent project in mind, but some are putting no effort into putting ideas into motion. Why fantasize about a plan, and lounge around on your couch doing nothing waiting, hoping, and wandering off in fantasy land?

It is great to dream big, but if you wish to receive benefits and rewards, you have to place those objectives vigorously. Having information backed up with hard work is the ingredient that ensures an exceptional result. While you love to talk, rewards go to the individuals who get things going.

Why not begin focusing on your vision today? If you want to build the life you desire, you must make a change that well overdue. The best thing you can do is focus on your vision and the way you want your life to continue.


Something to consider: Do you control the occasions throughout your life, or are the circumstances in life control you? The result comes to you from the amount of effort you put forward, and it legitimately relates the pressure you feel is immediate to how in charge you are over your life. It is time to stop waiting and being preoccupied with binge-watching guilty-pleasure; It is time you take possession for leading your life.

You need to give an account for the time you are spending personally or on someone else's job attempting to earn a paycheck. Because when you are preoccupied with no balance or goals, time slips away, and before you know it, you are spending a lot of it waiting.

Okay, how about we make clear and listen to this: You are wasting your time waiting for a day that will never come? When you lose your way, there is a way to change the outcome. If you want to stop letting opportunities pass you by and not keep hearing the same objections over and over. In the better term, you do not have to receive helplessness today; you have a choice to make, and hopefully, it not to continue with your same old ways.

Ultimately, trust me, or even better, have faith in yourself that time is significant, and you can get nowhere procrastinating. If you would start writing and create your new reality, you would make the right choice right now.

The one thing most of us do is organize a map of our life. We create the fear that looks like this — You think about what could happen if you try to maintain your goals, but your aims do not work out. Remember, sitting around thinking, analyzing, trying to identify something big enough is the thing preventing you from making things happen.

If there is one thing in life that does not work, it is sitting around, "thinking instead of doing” stuck too long in the thinking phase. The results come to those who “act,” why not commit to getting started, put in place a plan, and taking action is the most significant gift that only you can give to yourself so, stop thinking and start doing.

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Stop sitting waiting for satisfaction and achievement — happiness arrives when you stop waiting for it and act upon an idea to find your greatest fulfillment. Finding happiness should be a goal, and we should get into the habit of aiming at achieving it.


To create a life where you’re thriving, focus on where you want to go instead of what you fear. And don’t get caught up in “personal problems” because they bring about procrastination and multi-passionate distraction and moods that are all over the place.

Have in mind one thing: To get somewhere, you need to get out of the chair and start using your legs! All of us have our flaws; it is not an excuse to be idle and watch live, and its hardships pass us by without doing something about them. It is within our reach to turn things around.

Do not allow yourself to be the slave of the surrounding things, instead take charge of them. Bear in mind that the time that you use for thinking is the same time other people used to do something productive, so it is time to act upon it and make things happen.

If you do not have enough information about anything, it just might be a good option for you to pass on the opportunity. Sometimes, you can use idle time in your favor by improving your skillset. Use this period briefly because you need to have in mind that it is only for a short while and that you need to return “to the game” as soon as possible.

Remember, the average human spends around 80 years on the earth, so, with that being said before, you know it; you headed in the direction to be near the end. Don’t be diffident or shy about what you want to do with your life. The time is now as procrastination is not just a human problem. It is an all-around issue.


Now view your time while sitting and thinking in the period of uncertainty and prepare to remove that thin line between faith and folly. We can depend on God because He will help us gain affirmation as a tool to create action. Don’t forget, while you are sitting there thinking about it, someone else is out there making things happen.

During the time you are using to prepare your next move, set free from all the doubts you have in your heart. God will always show you the way, and in your time of need, he will be your inspiration for light.

Keep in mind that the time that you use for negative thoughts is the same time another person uses to make things happen. Always remember: If you already contemplated something, do not use it against yourself. Let me rephrase it - spend every moment to its fullest, and believe me when I say that God is still pulling strings, although it may not seem so; you are still in his thoughts. If we decide, He will help us with our next one and the one afterward as long as we give him that chance.

During the time you are using to prepare your next move, set free from all the doubts you have in your heart. Remember: God will always show us the way, and in our time of need, he will be our ideal shedding light. Always have in mind that the time that you use for negative thoughts is the same time another person uses to make things happen.

Just because procrastination is not far-reaching to awareness does not mean it is a good thing. It can likewise go beyond the unknown, affecting other essential parts of your lives. In a manner like not getting that vexatious symptom checked out, which put a thread to your wellbeing.

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