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How to Study Most of Your Reiki Training Course Online, Free


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There are a number of sites on the Internet offering their own version of an online Reiki course. A few of them offer some or all of it for free. Take as much of it as you can for no cost, online. The levels of Reiki you can't find on a site you resonate with and for free, you can learn at your cost either on the Internet or in real life.

Mikao Usui. For three weeks during the 1920s he fasted and prayed at a mountaintop location. That's when the concept of Reiki came to him.

Mikao Usui. For three weeks during the 1920s he fasted and prayed at a mountaintop location. That's when the concept of Reiki came to him.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pron rei-key) is a Japanese energy healing method, originally developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. There are lineages of Reiki other than Usui, but all other lineages emerged from it.

Reiki is not considered a method of healing as such, but rather, is viewed as a way to energetically manipulate the body, mind and spirit along with the individual's energy field and etheric body, to heal themselves. A skilled practitioner can administer treatments that work quickly and significantly to alleviate pain and various other discomforting physical conditions.

Learn Reiki Online or Off?

If you wish to learn Reiki, first you must decide whether you want to study it "in the real world" or online. Both are possible. Most, for rather obvious reasons, prefer to take their Reiki training offline and local to them. But others have no local facility available to them whatsoever, or the commute to one is inconvenient to arrange, or they have a young child with them, etc. Of course in such cases, taking the course online--especially for free, is a viable and enticing option.

Taking the Reiki course without a fee can give one the chance to experience it as a career choice, and see if they are truly cut out for it. Reiki is neither difficult nor easy, but one really needs to dedicate themselves to it to get through the course. And to be frank, one should also consider that less motivated people tend to fare better in a brick and mortar setting. Whether you choose to train online or off, your choice will be suited to your needs. I am not trying to color your opinion on making that choice; this article is directed at those whom are considering studying Reiki online.

Cho ku rei :: Reiki's powerful amplification and protection symbol.

Cho ku rei :: Reiki's powerful amplification and protection symbol.

Free Online Lessons, Resources, & Attunements

There are a number of online sites that offer free training resources, and a very small amount offer free attunements. For those of you not aware of what an attunement is, well, it's like this... once you have studied the course material necessary to practice a specific level of Reiki, you will then need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit collectively, to conduct Reiki energy for that level. For this to occur, it is necessary to have what is commonly known as a Reiki attunement. An attunement is performed by a Reiki Master. All you need to do to accept a distance Reiki attunement, is prepare yourself on a level of receptiveness and awareness, to receive it at the time it is sent out.

Reiki attunements can be performed either in person or by distance transmission. They can be done by video cam, they can be done whilst engaging in other various methods of communication, or with no direct communication at all. You can even attune yourself. While some people argue against the effectiveness of distance attunements, there is no proof that they are less effective than those conducted in person. As well, keep in mind that Mikao Usui, the first man ever to practice Reiki, did not receive attunement from a master; as well it appears that he would most likely have had to attune himself--historical accounts on this are non-specific and varied.

Moving on, what I will say, is that I have seen a number of sites that offer free Reiki attunements that aren't done by appointment, and there is no follow-up provided for you to know that the offered attunement was actually conducted. These sites usually say that attunements are regularly sent out every Saturday (or whichever day), at such a time, whichever time zone. The potential problem lies in the fact that people sleep in, people have emergencies, people forget or watches break, clocks malfunction. Are you really getting your Reiki attunement if you expect to receive it through a setup as previously described? You won't know for certain, and that's just it. Just make sure that when you believe you are being attuned to a Reiki level, that you can be certain it's going to happen.

Where to Find No Fee Courses

A great place for resources by which one could literally train themselves in Reiki, is Peggy Jentoft's site. Though she has provided learning manuals for Usui Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3, you have to go outside of her site to do a search for each one, as she has no legend to find them by (not that I can find anyway). There is another site that offers the entire course--Elemental Reiki, but you must attune yourself. To be clear, they do offer an attunement service, but given that there's no interactive value to it (back to the idea of--are you really receiving it?), some may want to supplement it by having another one done as well. There are multiple free ways to get attuned, and many paid ones, so it really doesn't matter.

My Review of 'Reiki for Dummies'

This book is the key to not only simplicity in approach (it is indeed presented in a clear and concise manner), but also to accessing all one needs to know to feel truly empowered. Reiki for Dummies is a detailed book, that seems to have been designed to stand in place of a manual (the core element of a Reiki course), or to be used along with one.

Summary: for the Reiki beginner, it is the ideal place to get started.

A Message for You From My Spirit Guides

While writing this article I received a clear message from my spirit guides... they wish me to add that no online or any other kind of attunement will work, if you don't do the prescribed workup prior to your attunement.

Understand too, that there are many nay-sayers out there who are dying to tell you that you can't learn or attune to Reiki online. I did and it works for me. Don't let others dictate what is right for you; what you are willing to put into it is what you are going to get out of it.

Reiki Attunement: All Levels

Generally when someone offers an attunement that does not specify which level it is for, it is for all levels. I asked the gentleman in the video which level his was intended for, and he said "any and all."

Reiki Self Attunement

As already mentioned in passing, one alternative method of Reiki attunement is self attunement. This is another thing that some will tell you works, others will say no. Remember, the power to create change is within you; so don't limit yourself by choosing to believe it cannot be done.


Attunenents, Level 1, 2, and Master

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GwennyOh (author) on January 10, 2017:

@sparkster, so sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. The free course outline referred to above will get you to where you need to go. However, many prefer guidance while training.

Thus I would have liked to have mentioned to you in a far more timely manner, that Udemy is a place to consider if you are looking for similar courses and don't mind paying a little bit. Hint, wait for their sales!

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on February 29, 2016:

Again, thank you for this information. I've had Reiki performed on me a few times now and am interested in learning it. Upon searching, I discovered that there are only two or three people in my entire city who offer Reiki but I don't think they offer training.

sakina on March 31, 2015:

Want to learn reiki on mobile

Nicole on June 20, 2014:

Thanks so much for this info and links. I am being drawn to Reiki and crystals so very strongly. I've been doing much research and was wanting to if it is possible to learn as much Reiki as I can via internet. Just fits my life style for now.

Dianne Mcleod on January 09, 2014:

Thank you this is a great site so much information and the links are awesome. Blessing