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Become a Reiki Master; Train Online for Free

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GwennyOh is a student of the universe, a chronic meditator, and is friendly with spirits everywhere.

An image conveying spiritual growth and awareness, which giving Reiki as well as receiving it, are known to inspire

An image conveying spiritual growth and awareness, which giving Reiki as well as receiving it, are known to inspire

The Need for Making a Wise Career Choice

One needs to choose their career well in order to live a comfortable life. Naturally, no one can live particularly well if they return home miserable each evening after a grueling day. They also won't live well if they aren’t getting a decent paycheck. Fortunately, for most, it’s never too late to learn a new profession.

Creating Positive Change

Studying a new course is the first step in moving on to a better career. This article examines a specific career option—becoming a Reiki practitioner. More specifically though, we look at how to advance towards that goal through taking the course online at no cost.

Reiki is a viable career choice for the person who leans towards matters spiritual, and/or healing, and/or metaphysical. This field allows you to help people and supports your spiritual expansion. It is possible to take the course from Level 1 to Master free of charge. It is a career option worthy of your consideration; that is, if you feel it calling you on any level.

Save Money

In taking a course that can be studied completely online, you won't have to pay for gasoline or a babysitter. Everything is available to you within the comfort of your home. To help you on your way, everything you need in terms of information and resource links is available from this page.

Earn Money

In Canada, Reiki pays well. In this rural location, practitioners are charging between $55.00 and $85.00 Canadian, for a 45-minute session. This at a time when the average wage here is $13.50 per hour. It should be said that rural locations tend to charge significantly less in many trades. It would be to your advantage to see how rates local to you compare.

For 3 weeks during the early 20th century, Mikao Usui fasted atop Mount Kurama. Usui Reiki was borne from the spiritual wisdom he received there

For 3 weeks during the early 20th century, Mikao Usui fasted atop Mount Kurama. Usui Reiki was borne from the spiritual wisdom he received there

What Is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy manipulation method. It was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. It is commonly stated that all other lineages emerged from Usui Reiki. In actuality, multiple lineages preceded it, but Usui became the most widely appreciated one. (Reference:


The meaning of Rei is "universe," or "God." Ki is translated as life force energy. Together they are interpreted as "guided life force energy." The interpretation of what they are guided by is up to each practitioner. God, universal wisdom, and Spirit are common interpretations. There is no religion associated with the practice, so in this sense, you are not directed in what to believe.

In Health and Healing

Issuing Reiki is viewed as a way to cause healthy teamwork between the body, mind, and spirit and additionally, the recipient’s energy fields. To have them working together fluidly is a way to allow for healing to take place within the person receiving treatment. Though Reiki is commonly referred to as a healing method, those who practice it generally say that it isn't one. They claim that it centers energies, which allows the body, mind, and spirit to heal themselves.

To be honest, the line between the two descriptions is quite thin. If someone issues treatment urging the body to heal itself, are they not a healer? The non-healing claim exists though, as in our society alternative healing is discouraged by law.

Remaining in line with how this art is presented by practitioners, as an energy centering method and not a healing method, is how I will proceed throughout this piece. That it resonates as being accurate, is the reason why.

Learn Online or Off?

If you wish to learn Reiki, first you must decide whether you want to study it "in the real world" or online. Most, for rather obvious reasons, prefer to take their training offline and local to them. Others have no local facility available to them whatsoever or the commute to one is inconvenient to arrange, or they have a young child with them, etc. Naturally, in such cases taking the course online—especially at no cost, is a viable and enticing option.

Dedication Is Essential

Taking a no-fee course provides one means to examine the practice of Reiki as a career option or hobby. The course itself is neither difficult nor easy, but one needs to dedicate themselves to it in order to complete it. To be frank, one should also consider that less motivated people tend to fare better in brick-and-mortar settings.

Cho Ku Rei; its translated meaning is, "place the power of the universe here." It amplifies energies. Drawn in reverse, it removes them

Cho Ku Rei; its translated meaning is, "place the power of the universe here." It amplifies energies. Drawn in reverse, it removes them

Considerations for Those Seeking a Cost-Free Online Course


For those of you not aware of what it is—once you have studied the course material necessary to practice a specific level of Reiki, you will need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit collectively, to conduct energy for that level. For this to occur, it is necessary to become attuned. There are several online sites offering free training resources; a small amount of them offer free attunement.

A Master's Task

Attunements are most often performed by a Reiki master. They can be performed either in person or by distance transmission. They can be performed over a distance via web camera, or with no camera. All you need to do to accept a distance attunement is prepare yourself on a level of awareness and receptiveness to receive it. Some masters though, recommend that you fast for a few days and make dietary and habit changes leading up to one.

On Attuning Online

While some people argue against the effectiveness of distance attunements, there is no proof that they are less effective than those conducted in person. Practitioners develop strong spiritual powers (anyone doubting that should check out how they feel upon watching the videos at page bottom). Hence when a master issues an attunement with the intent that those willing to receive it will be attuned, they will be.

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Know That You Will Receive Yours

Some sites offer free attunements that aren't done by appointment. With them, typically, there is no follow-up provided for you to know that the offered service was conducted. These sites usually say that the service is regularly sent out every Saturday (or whichever day) at such a time.

Potential problems lie in that people sleep in, they have emergencies, they forget or watches break, and clocks malfunction. Are you going to get yours if you are to receive it through such a setup? You won't know for certain, and that's just it. Hence, when you are ready to be attuned, take steps to ensure that it will happen. However, if you prefer, you can attune yourself.


Beyond keeping your eyes open for sites that offer attunements along with their free courses, you may also want free certification. One of the main considerations here is if you will need it. If you want to practice at home on family, friends, and pets, it is non-essential. However, you'll need a certificate to practice professionally. One can be obtained for free, cost-effectively, reasonably, or expensively. In the end, it all comes down to where you want to get certified and what you are willing to pay.

A point to consider is the status of the body you are receiving your certificate from. Once seasoned, you may want to brush up at a paid school with a dazzling reputation simply to obtain certification there.

Where to Find No-Fee Courses

You can learn Reiki free of charge at Love Inspiration. They offer a well-organized course, and their site is easy to navigate. Though they offer free attunements, they are pre-performed. To explain it, they in the past performed the attunements and recorded them in timespace. You request yours when ready. It is a simple and relatively fast process. Do they offer certification upon course completion? Yes, they do.

There is another site that offers their entire course with no fee—Elemental Reiki. With their course though, you must attune yourself. If daunted by their rather complex self-attunement method, don't be. Consider attunement by video as an alternative. There are two appropriate videos posted at the bottom of this page.

Yet another option, is provided by the International School of Reiki. They offer a course at no cost but charge for attunements and certification. They do, however, keep the fees low. Unfortunately, their site is awkward to navigate. If you plan to take the course there, consider keeping a record of commonly used links.

My Review of "Reiki for Dummies," by Nina L. Paul

Much of this book serves as a foundation for my work as a beginner. The author presents easily assimilable information on the energy bodies and chakras, meridians, facts vs misconceptions, the differences between Japanese and other practices, and more. The strange thing is, rather than satisfying my curiosity, this reading experience created a hunger for more knowledge concerning the art.

Generally, when someone offers an attunement that does not specify which level it is for, it is for all levels. I asked the gentleman in the video which level his was intended for, and he said "any and all."

More on Attuning Oneself

As previously mentioned in passing, you have the option to self-attune. To do so is a newer tradition, hence, you may be told that it doesn't work. People tend to rebuke the changing of traditions. Ultimately, the power to create change is within you, so don't limit yourself by choosing to believe that it cannot be done.

This video, like the previous one, offers attunement for all levels.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on February 29, 2016:

Again, thank you for this information. I've had Reiki performed on me a few times now and am interested in learning it. Upon searching, I discovered that there are only two or three people in my entire city who offer Reiki but I don't think they offer training.

Nicole on June 20, 2014:

Thanks so much for this info and links. I am being drawn to Reiki and crystals so very strongly. I've been doing much research and was wanting to if it is possible to learn as much Reiki as I can via internet. Just fits my life style for now.

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