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How To Write a Funny Eulogy


Funny eulogies lighten up the mood

Although funerals do have a somber and often times depressing mood, loved ones of the deceased have opted to go with funny eulogies instead of dramatic ones in order to lighten up the mood. It's a great way to get some of the participants smiling and laughing again, and brighten up the mood.

Remember that just because you are giving a funny eulogy doesn't mean that you are disgracing the solemnity of the event, it is just important to choose the right words, story, or anecdote if you are intending to be funny.

Eulogy Punch-Up Artist w/ Jim Parsons - If you need a little extra punch for your next eulogy, call this guy

How to write a funny eulogy

There are many ways of going about writing a funny yet meaningful eulogy for someone who has passed. Think of memorable and funny events you’ve shared or know about the deceased, and try to insert a punch line around it.

The deceased may also have a humorous secret which you can then reveal to the audience, as it would be something surprising. When you have your story down, remember that the success of a funny eulogy largely depends on how you deliver it.

It’s important to connect with the crowd, put on a poker face or smile during the punch line – whichever you think works best.

"Jonathan was quite the comedian, and boy did he love to laugh not to mention that he had quite the recognizable laugh which he was known for. In high school, other classrooms down the hall would know when Jonathan was approaching because they could hear him laugh. We even got kicked out regularly out of chemistry class during junior year because our teacher caught us laughing at her; needless to say we spent the afternoon in corridors during those sessions laughing even more!"

— An example of a funny eulogy

Graham Chapman's Eulogy by John Cleese - Hilarious!

Men in Black 3 Agent O funny eulogy

Funeral home (Antione Jefferson eulogy) - What can you expect from a eulogy done by Bill Jones for a street thug

Tom Hanks cracks up memorial service - An emotional Tom Hanks shares a funny story at Michael Clarke Duncan's memorial service.

Write fond Memories and Deliver them with Eloquence

Easily create and deliver loving eulogy

Easily create and deliver loving eulogy

Have you ever given a eulogy?

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