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How to Read People's Minds – A Scientifically Proven Method


Dream Translation

If you want to read people's minds you must study the functioning of the human brain.

You must also analyze the human behavior.

You have to understand when someone is acting based on their human conscience, or when they are influenced by their anti-conscience, which is the primitive side of their conscience.

You must learn how to judge the logical level of various thoughts that could be based on absurd assumptions. Without knowing what is logical or illogical you cannot understand how other people think.

You should also be able to identify everyone's psychological type. Each person belongs to a certain psychological type that defines their behavior and their preferences.

My work teaches you all the necessary details. You will be able to read people's minds after following dream translation for a certain period of time.

First of all, you have to pass through a process of transformation. You must be prepared to read people's minds. You must know how to behave after learning shocking secrets, and many other truths.

You can understand what other people are thinking by observing their movements.

For example, whenever a person is holding his/her chest, this means that he or she is evaluating something. This is the position instinctively taken when we judge something, and we are examining various factors.

In 1971, Gerard I. Nierenberg, Henri H. Calero, and Gabriel Grayson published a book entitled "How to Read a Person Like a Book: Using Body Language to Know What People Are Thinking", where they explain the meaning of the various movements we make, depending on what we are thinking. This book was written for sellers. It shows them how they should interpret their audience's reactions when they are trying to sell them something.

For example, if their potential customers will cross their hands while listening to them, this means that their customers are in a protective position.

They are not accepting what they are listening to.

Sellers should not insist on trying to sell something to someone who is listening to them with crossed hands. They'll never succeed.

This is a very interesting book about the human behavior, which clearly reveals that our behavior follows pre-established behavioral patterns, even thought the authors didn't explain why our behavior is consistent and why it reveals our thoughts.

Often, children surprise us with their movements because they act like grown ups in many ways.

This happens because their behavior has already been pre-established by various behavioral patterns that automatically start working, depending on the stimuli of their environment. This is why they already "know" how to do many things.

This knowledge is inherited. It helps all children survive in their environment. This knowledge is also the base for complex achievements in the future.

You can understand what other people are thinking about what you are saying if you learn the bodily movements they adopt, depending on their thoughts.

For example, if someone is holding his/her head with his hands crossed behind his head, this means that he believes that he is at the top, controlling the situation.

If you don't want to reveal what you are thinking when you believe that you are at the top, don't make this gesture.

On the other hand, you should be careful when you observe this gesture in someone else. This person believes that he/she is controlling the situation.

If you disagree with him, you should understand that you have no chances to convince him that he is wrong after seeing him holding his head with his hands. He is too self-confident.

In addition to understanding what other people think depending on their gestures, you can also understand what not to show them if you don't want to reveal your real opinion. Perhaps they can intuitively understand the meaning of your gestures, or they have read the book "How to Read a Person Like a Book".

You should read this book too, even if you are not a seller; it will give you many interesting clues.

However, this method for reading people's minds can be useful only for a limited number of movements, and for specific situations.

The best method to read people's minds and understand how they think and sense is through dream interpretation according to my simplified version of Carl Jung's method.

By interpreting your dreams, you will penetrate other people's psyche, like the unconscious mind that produces our dreams does. You'll understand who they really are and why they behave the way they do.

You'll have many explanations about them. You won't merely understand what they are thinking at the moment, based on their movements. You'll learn many secrets about their true personality, besides understanding their preferences.

In the beginning of your introspection, other people in your dreams represent parts of your own personality.

The unconscious mind gives you objective information about other people using their image only after curing your psyche. In the beginning the unconscious mind uses the image of other people in your dreams in order to reveal the components of your personality.

Later, you start seeing dreams that give you direct information about the people you are examining, and not only about yourself through their example.

The only exception is the person you love.

You receive objective information about them from the beginning, because they are very important for your psyche.

This way you can avoid relationships with those who would only make you suffer because they don't match your psychological type.

You can also safely discover your perfect match.

However, if you are in a dangerous situation, or if someone is very important for you for any reason (because you depend on them for your business, they are important members of your family, etc.) the unconscious mind gives you objective information about them using their own image in various dream warnings.

The unconscious mind also shows you how you should behave in order to have a successful relationship with them.

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Christina Sponias

How to Read Someone's Mind

Until today you couldn't find a sure way to really read someone else's mind without being based on suppositions.

Today you can enter inside other people's minds by learning how to translate the meaning of dreams.

You don't need to translate other people's dreams in order to read their minds. You have information about them in your own dreams.

Of course, you will have more information about them whenever they relate their dreams. However, this is not indispensable.

In the beginning you'll have information about others in a symbolic form. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams will show you who someone else is by presenting this person as an animal. For example, you'll understand that the person you are judging is selfish when he or she will appear in the form of a lion in a dream.

If this person will appear in the form of a fox in a dream, this means that he or she is smart and dangerous.

First of all, the unconscious mind gives you information about other people in your dreams by comparing them to animals. Later, you will have objective information about them whenever you'll see their own image in your dreams. Only in the beginning of your studies other people in your dreams represent parts of your own personality.

You will have objective information about other people in a symbolic form, until you are able to understand the human nature.

First of all, you have to pass through psychotherapy through dream translation.

Only after approximately one year of dream therapy will you have direct information about other people whenever they appear in your dreams. This happens because in the beginning you are not able to forgive their mistakes.

The unconscious mind helps you gradually understand the human nature, while you understand who you really are.

The human nature is sad. We are basically under-developed primates that possess a tiny human conscience, which must be developed if we want to be considered really intelligent and balanced creatures.

On the other hand, we inherit craziness into the biggest part of our brain. Our primitive conscience (anti-conscience) is still alive inside us, and it is still working the same way it used to do from the beginning of its formation. Our anti-conscience refuses to evolve and follow rules. It is our animal personality.

Therefore, when you'll be able to read people's minds you will discover their mistakes. This knowledge is not pleasant. However, it will protect you from their bad intentions. Or, this knowledge will help you understand their psychological problems. You may help them overcome these problems and find peace.

The mind reading process you have assess to through dream translation is based on a deep analysis of someone else's personality.

You won't merely be able to read a few ideas.

You'll be able to understand their psychological reality.

In case you are interested on learning how to read the mind of the person you love, the unconscious mind will give you direct information about them from the beginning. Only the person you love doesn't appear in a symbolic form in your dreams.

Sometimes the unconscious mind gives you information about their personality by using the example of an animal in a dream, the same way it gives you information about all the other people around you. However, you will basically have objective information about the person you love whenever you see their own image in your dreams. This person doesn't represent a part of your own personality, like all the other people who appear in your dreams in the beginning of your studies.

You will be able to read people's minds for being able to penetrate their psyche when you'll analyze the information you have about them in your dreams.

You will have to sleep and dream, and only then have information about them.

However, as you keep following the lessons of the unconscious mind in your dreams, you will learn more details about human reactions and their meanings.

For example, you'll understand that whenever someone is not really paying attention to what you are saying, this person will tend to suddenly change the subject. They will suddenly pay attention to an irrelevant detail and interrupt your narration. They might talk about the weather while you'll be telling them how irritated you are with your boss. This attitude indicates that they are not feeling your pain.

Another indication that they are not feeling your pain is visible also when the other person starts yawning while you are talking.

This attitude is provoked by their anti-conscience.

Besides sending absurd thoughts to the human side of the human conscience, the anti-conscience can provoke yawns.

The anti-conscience generates yawns whenever you are listening to something sad or dangerous, in order to prevent you from understanding the real importance of what you are listening to.

The anti-conscience wants to mislead the human side of our conscience. It wants to destroy our human conscience so that it may completely control our behavior instead of being tamed by our human sensibility and sensitivity. Therefore, the anti-conscience constantly generates various problems. It puts various obstacles in our way. It doesn't let us understand many things that could help us avoid becoming its victims.

The distractions you observe in other people's behavior are caused by their anti-conscience.

* Whenever you'll observe that someone is suddenly talking about irrelevant matters while you are talking about something very important

* Whenever you'll observe that someone is yawning while you are talking

This means that this person is not really paying attention to what you are saying.

They were distracted by their anti-conscience, which is preventing them from understanding the seriousness of what you are showing them. This means that their conscience is in a dormant condition. Their anti-conscience managed to invade their conscience and distract them, taking the place of their ego.

This is not their fault. The anti-conscience is very powerful because it occupies the biggest part of the human brain.

Their anti-conscience prevents them from understating the importance of your words because if they would understand what you are showing them, they wouldn't be fooled by their anti-conscience and believe in its lies.

These people's anti-conscience (who are distracted while listening to something important) prevents them from becoming more intelligent and sensitive, causing mental illnesses into their human conscience.

You must show compassion to those who are distracted by their anti-conscience and forgive their indifferent behavior.

You also must be careful with them, since they are influenced by their anti-conscience.

This means that they cannot control their behavior in difficult situations.

If they are mentally ill, they are constantly controlled by their anti-conscience, and not only sometimes influenced by their wild conscience.

By learning how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you will be able to easily discern a mentally ill person even without translating the meaning of their dreams. You will easily discern the signs that denounce the existence of a mental illness in their psyche only by analyzing the meaning of their words and behavior.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams cures your psyche, and transforms you into a psychotherapist.

You learn how the human brain works and what determines the human behavior.

The unconscious mind gives you infinite lessons in dreams.

You only have to study the dream language for a while. You will talk with the unconscious mind through dream messages for life.

The unconscious mind answers all your questions and gives you numerous explanations about everything that is important for you.

I simplified the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung (which is the only correct one as I prove in my work) and today you can easily learn how to immediately translate the meaning of dreams. This way, you will be able to immediately understand the wise unconscious messages in your dreams and the precious information given by your natural protector.

The unconscious mind will help you understand when others are controlled by their anti-conscience, teaching you many things that you ignore.

Once you master the dream language, you'll have a regular communication with your divine doctor.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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You also get prepared for changes and positive events.

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As you pass through a process of mind empowerment through dream therapy, your life changes. Better life conditions follow the transformation of your personality. This means that your transformation generates favorable situations.

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You can read people's minds by understanding their psychological type.

Carl Jung discovered the existence of 8 different psychological types, which define the human behavior.

My work proves that the psychological types are real. I related this information to many discoveries made on biology, which confirm their existence.

Carl Jung was a genius not properly recognized by the ignorant world. Now that I managed to simplify his complicated method of dream interpretation and the process of psychotherapy through dream translation, you can understand the relationship existent between a person's psychological type and their dreams.

You can also predict the reactions of everyone around you by identifying the behavior imposed by their psychological type. When you'll find out to which psychological type they belong, you will be able to easily identify the signs that denote the repetition of the behavioral pattern of their psychological type in their behavior.

This is a very interesting way to read people's minds.

For example, people who belong to the extroverted psychological based on feelings don't have a personal opinion about anything. They simply follow the opinion of the world.

They are unable to think logically, without letting their feelings influence their decisions. They always act based on their feelings.

This means that no matter how many logical explanations they may have about why they shouldn't do something, they insist on doing what they want.

Their feelings command their actions. This is why they make serious mistakes, especially when they are in love.

All psychological types make many mistakes because each psychological type works based on mainly one well-developed psychological function.

When you have this knowledge, you have information about other people, since you can predict the human behavior and understand why other people act the way they do. You are able to understand their psychological system.

This knowledge will help you identify the signs that define the behavior of the people you know.

Learn more about the psychological types and their neuroses at:

You'll be able to read people's minds, but you will never manipulate anyone. You will only help everyone with this knowledge.

The saintly unconscious mind shows you what is bad so that you may help others eliminate what is bad from their minds and their lives.

You receive information about their hidden intentions also in order to be protected you from their wickedness.

In any case, your actions will be always helpful. You'll be a savior.

The wise unconscious mind will transform you into a wise human being. This means that you will be sensible and sensitive. You will care about how others feel. You won't be indifferent to human pain.

This also means that you will automatically forgive all human sins. You will have a huge vision. You will understand many truths that humanity still ignores.

When you'll be able to read people's minds, you will have the spirit of a sensitive doctor.

You will always show compassion to everyone. You will also help everyone overcome their problems.

You won't take advantage of your superior vision.

This vision will transform you into a superior human being who understands how insane the violent animal nature is, and never condemns anyone.

You must automatically forgive all sins, and always show compassion to all sinners, even when you'll feel disgusted with what you'll read in their minds.

You have to help the unconscious mind cure others thanks to your cooperation. You can become a doctor if you are serious and you precisely follow the unconscious guidance.

God gives you special powers but He expects something from you. If you are superior, you have the moral obligation to help the weak and the poor.




The light of wisdom will enlighten your mind.

You'll be able to trust your friends and partners without fear.

You'll also avoid relationships with psychological types that are not compatible with your psychological type. This alternative will save you from unnecessary conflicts and help you always feel safe.

Did You Ever Read Someone's Mind?

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@anonymous: Hi Jenny,

Dream translation according to the scientific method is a practice that takes time and concentration. You should submit your dream for translation to my website:

Professional Dream Translation

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i had a dream where 2 of my teachers were ther, and half my class. my guy teach was talkin 2 me about my career. in the same night, i also had a dream where someone was chasing me. i HAD watched criminal minds the night b4. my girl teaches house was part sitting area like the part of the train on polar express, and the other part was flat. im doing a science project on dreams, so i know what the chasing dream means, but i have no clue as to what the teacher part means. and why would a seventh grader be having these dreams?

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Since your dreams are about the person you love, you might be helped by reading this lens:

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Dream translation according to the scientific method takes time and concentration. I cannot simply translate your dreams here. You should submit your dreams and your life biography for professional dream translation.

Learn more at:

Online Therapy . Finding a Dream Translator

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Me and my ex- broke up two years ago, but when we were still together his mom had a dream that i was pregnat and we had a baby... and now two years later iam still in love with him and some times i dream with him but i don't know how he feels about me since he has been with a lot of other girls since we broke up and when i try to talk to him he just ignores me but anyway the second dream was that his mom , one of my friends , and me were in a room at his house but it looked just like one of the rooms in my house. Me and my friend were sitting on the floor and his mom was on a chair , then there was another chair in front of the computer and i was sitting on the floor behind that chair and then he just comes in the room and sits on it while looking at us and pulls out a phone and calls this other girl who is kind of my friend that he likes and tells her that he wants to be with her right in front of me. Then he just gets up and leaves like nothing and when he leaves i turn and ask my friend why does he do this to me.. then all my friend does is point at me like as if telling me he still loves me or something and that's where my sream ended.

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@anonymous: Dream translation according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is a practice that takes time and concentration. It is not like the popular dream interpretations based on suppositions. Translating the dream language into words that you can understand is like translating English to Spanish. This practice is based on finding the meaning of the dream symbols, understanding the unconscious logic and relating this information to the dreamerâs life.

Learn more about the professional dream translation at:

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We will exchange many email messages and I will really help you solve your problems.

Most people prefer this option because they have no time or disposition to study the dream language. They also like to talk with me about their problems and have my advice.

However, you can also learn the dream language and save money on translations. I teach you how to become a professional dream translator like me. Many of my students are translating their friendsâ dreams for them now that they have learned the dream language.

Find my ebooks at:

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You can learn the basics by reading my Squidoo lenses. I give you real lessons. The more youâll learn about the precious meaning of dreams and their healing power, more you will desire to learn. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams knows everything and answers all your questions in dreams.

anonymous on February 28, 2012:

since my childhood I looked the same thing 5 times in my dream that is lot of fighter plane above my present house and these plane crashed near by my house. I lived in crowd and my nearby house damaged due to these. Sometimes I saw people in fly with lots of parasuit. I lived in very small city in UP, India. Help me know the dream means. Please respond me. Thanking you!

sponias lm (author) on January 28, 2012:

@anonymous: The snake in dreams represents a bad event that will put an end to one of the dreamersâ mistakes. The snake is the intervention of divine providence. Thanks to this bad event the dreamer will stop making a mistake that could ruin his/her life.

Since you keep dreaming that all snakes are killed, this means that even though you face many bad events in your life, which should make you stop making mistakes, you keep ignoring the lessons you have.

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@reasonablerobby: Thank you! I cannot translate this dream for you without knowing more details about you and your life.

Learn more about Synchronicity at:

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I really enjoyed reading this. Clear and very well explained. Is it synchronicity that I recently had a very thought provoking dream in which my mother and father (recently deceased) refused to provide a DNA sample to prove that I was their offspring. I look forward to reading your other Jungian lenses too.

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