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How Often Do You Think?



What you think about this?

How frequent do you think?

How often do you utilize your brain power and your infinite mind to do some spinnings?

Not sure?

Can you do some recalls now?

Have you been into time when after receiving some inputs or perhaps listening to a sales pitch that you asked this question to the person who sit next to you, “What do you think?”

And when you got no answer, you turned to the other side and repeat the same question, “How about you, it sounds too good to be true?”

Don’t tell lies, I’ve been there and I’m sure that you are not alone. But what makes great person like you and me to ask such a dumb question?

Well, I agree that there’s time that we need to ask such question but how many of us really do the thinking first before throw up such question?

I believe not much and approximately 95% of the population hates to make decision cause they are lazy to think and either they let it to run autopilot which after some time creates problem or secondly, they let their spouses to do so.

“When people say that they are thinking, they’ll be laughing.” - Earl Nightingale

Is thinking important?

To tell the truth, yes. Thinking is a process that we do to sustain lives. It’s a process that we do to design the route that we wish to go about. It’s a way that we create the future and to live the life the way we want it or a ‘life with purpose’ as most refer to. And your life purpose do not come easily through leisure thinking; you need to dig deep inside your superior mind to find it and it is the most precious hidden gem that you ever need to find. (this topic has nothing to do with finding life purpose, hence read on.)

Thinking is a spiritual activity and when we think we move the universe and thus forming our reality. So when you think, it is actually the spirit whom is doing the thinking (as of the phrase ’spiritual activity’) and since spirit is creative, what you think would resulting in creative thoughts, as long as you don’t give up half the way and be persistent.

So here lies the answer which nothing is unsolvable, since creative activity would always come up with creative solution that would solve all problems which often is idle.

What’s about problem?

Problem is nothing more than a thought that get blocked. And before we move on, please note that thought or thinking is energy flowing inside and from our mind towards the universe. Thought is a 'spiritual activity’ and when activity occurs, it involves movement and thus, energy. You are indeed sending energy to the universe!

So what happens when thinking get blocked?

Problem, as of mentioned before is just a temporarily condition of the mind which unable to think. It’s just a state of the mind that could not process further, which also means that it’s not permanent since problem is created by the movement of thinking. Nothing is permanent at least when the mind starts moving.

So do you stop thinking and let the others to do it when problem arises?

Thinking is not hard as long as we start to think and make it a habit and the more we use this superior tool, the more superior it becomes. It's a habit, the more we practice it, the more we will have it.

What are thinkers?

There’s a kind of people that known as ‘thinker.’ Who are they?

Thinker is the person who thinks a lot and would not just accept whatever that is presented upon them. These type of person goes beyond and transcend the universe with their mind. They come up with wise thought that mos of us could have missed. I believe you know some of them such as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius and etc. Perhaps you might know that Bob Proctor also known as the "Master Thinker".

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.” - Earl Nightingale

What stops us to think?

Is there a way to fail to think?

Well, yes, just stop thinking. True - WHEN YOU STOP THINKING, a decision that you make.

But why do people often say that, they have no idea of what to do with life or I just can’t think, please help me?

People just lazy to think and thus, come out with these fashionable answers to defend the fact that they are indeed lazy.

So besides the above, is there anything that could really prevent thinking process?

Yes, when you start believing that you can’t and in this case to think.

First thing, when people start saying that they can’t think or have no idea (especially those who desperate need to solve a problem), they have mixed the affirmation with emotion as desperate is a kind of negative emotion.

Saying things which involves high degree of emotion will make the mind believes that they indeed can’t think or in other words, they start lying to themselves and get cheated in the way. Thought which has been intensified with emotion is stronger than thought that doesn’t and thus, it becomes real for those who practice it.

The other term to describe such condition is incantation.

We Become What We Think About


shonubi veronica on October 15, 2009:

we think all the time

AlexK2009 from Edinburgh, Scotland on June 27, 2009:

There are many modes of thinking: Logical, pictorial, "visceral". It seems to me that visceral thinking is involved in phenomena like the law of attraction and that logical thinking is weakest in its power to affect the world.

I agree most people do noot like to think preferring to get their ideas from others, from habit, or from a book of scripture.

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