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How Intentions Manifest Through the Astonishing Power of Emotions and the Law of Attraction...

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How I Manifested a Purple 10-Speed Bike!

How I Manifested a Purple 10-Speed Bike!

My story on how my intentions manifested winning a brand new 10-speed bike…

There it was, in all her beauty, proudly displayed right in front of me! And, I couldn’t believe my eyes…and it was even purple - the most beautiful 10-speed bike I had ever seen.

At the time I was just 10 and, was yet again, reluctantly along with my mom on one of her endless shopping trips – this time it was for groceries.

As we had entered the store we’d been stopped (at least I was) by an unusual-looking display table made out of white cardboard that held many, many packs of something… and when we got closer we realized it was packs of women’s nylons. There were so many of them all piled up… about 2 feet high and above the nylons perched on top of another box was a brand new shiny bicycle with a big ribbon on it. And, it was even a guy’s bike – not a girl’s thank god.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it – it was so beautiful…and so new! The strange display was a contest to win the bike and in order to win, one had to buy at least one package of the nylons… and how the contest worked was inside each package were two identical numbered red tickets where, you would place one ticket in the entry box and keep the mate later for the draw day. For also, in order to win the bike you had to physically attend the drawing a month later back at the store.

I begged my mom to buy a pack of nylons so we could get a ticket… but she quickly refused.

“No! I don’t need any nylons right now.”

“Whaaat?!” I said. You have to buy at least one pack so we can win the bike.”

“I said no! You don’t deserve to win that bike or any bike for that matter! What do you need a new bike for?! You already have a bike anyway… So, just forget about it!”

With my throat starting to close from fear, I replied, “But I don’t have THIS bike – my bike is so old…and…and… this is a brand new bike plus, it’s a 10-speed! They’re really cool… I’d love to have a 10-speed…they’re the new thing – they have gears and ride much, it’s purple!”

My mom moaned in disgust, “Well, I’m not buying any nylons when I don’t need them! And, you probably won’t win anyway so, I’m not going to bother. Come on, I’ve got groceries to get!” And she started to walk away pushing the empty buggy.

Now in tears, tugging on the buggy I cried, “But mom how can you know we won’t win or not! Can’t we just buy one pack?… just one ticket…Pleeeeeese??? You always need nylons any ways…..pleeeese!!!”

There was no way I was going to let this go and so, after much back and forth arguing with my mom in front of everyone in the store and, out of what I’m sure was sheer frustration, she finally backed down and agreed to buy just one pack of nylons with a big sigh.

“Whew! …is all I could feel silently to myself with such relief!

After we got done getting the rest of the groceries and got through paying at the check-out I immediately ripped open the new pack of nylons retrieving the 2 red tickets. I then ran back over to the display at the entrance, excitedly kissed the one ticket cautiously putting it in the entry box. I put the other ticket safely in my pocket. I was so excited at the thought of winning this incredible bike and I couldn’t wait!

All the way home I held the ticket in my hand and dreamed and dreamed about winning that purple bike – I literally “saw” my self winning – a lot! …and I would really “feel’ what it was like riding that new bike as if I was riding right then and there – even though I was riding in a car. I was feeling so excited with so many different emotions. I already loved that bike a lot!

When we got home I marked the contest date and time on the kitchen calendar so we wouldn’t forget to go because…we HAD to be present at the actual drawing in order to win that bike for sure and I sure wasn’t going to forget that day - no way!

I couldn’t wait for that day. Every morining I woke up I dreamed about winning that bike. All I could think of was that bike. I would look at my red ticket a lot and “see” myself winning and get quite emotional and excited about winning. Sometimes I’d jump up and down with so much emotion feeling so thrilled about winning and then visualized getting to ride it.

As each day passed I’d mark an “x” on the calendar wishing for the month to go by faster. When the date got closer I reminded my mom about the drawing. She didn’t seem too interested but I sure was! I was going to win my bike and that was that, as far as I was concerned.

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Finally the long-awaited day came – it was the day of the draw and it was happening that afternoon at 1:00 pm back at the grocery store… today was the day I was going to win that purple bike - yeah!

I had reminded my mom in the morning about the draw happening that day but she really didn’t respond much – she just made a big sigh like she did a lot of the time anyway.

When it came time to get ready to go up to the store for the draw, mom was in the kitchen doing up the lunch dishes. I asked her if she would be getting ready soon to drive me up to the store for just before one o’clock for the drawing.

“Hey mom! It’s time to head up to the store soon.” We won’t want to be late for the draw today.” I said.

“What draw?” she said. You could hear the dishes knocking around in the sink full of water as she washed each one in her yellow-gloved hands.

“You know? “The bike draw… the contest for the purple bike at the store up on the hill!” “Remember when we had to buy nylons to get the ticket?” I said pulling the red ticket out of my pocket and showing her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about...and no, we’re not going up the hill today.” She said. “Don’t need to do any shopping. We’ll go another day.”

A huge lump started to form in my throat… “But mom! We can’t go another day – the draw is today and today only and it’s really soon at one o’clock! We have to be there when they draw for the bike!!! If we’re late we won’t win!” I was starting to cry at the thought of not going.

“Well, I’m not going!” she said back stubbornly.

“Maaahhhmmmmm! – we have to go right now!!!” I snorted through my tears, coughing.

“No! We’re not going ‘cause you don’t deserve to win anything!” she yelled back and right then a heavy pot she was washing slipped out of her hands falling back into the sink splashing water all over the counter, her apron and onto the floor. “Now, look at what you made me do – one big wet mess!” she snapped and sighed a really big sigh (more than usual).

I wasn’t going to let this go for anything… No way man! I had to be there to win that bike!

“Mom, pleeeese...” I prayed jumping up and down… “I’d go myself but you know I can’t drive and there’s no bus either! You promised to drive me – you’re the only one who can drive me today. You know dad’s out working…I have to be there so I can win the bike!” I promise to help clean up so we can go – can we go please...please… pretty please?!” I pleaded with all I had and was now on my knees tugging on her apron.

“All right!” She yelled. “Get a towel and help clean this mess up!”

I grabbed the two tea-towels that were hanging off the stove handle and hurriedly mopped up the soapy water off the floor and counter while mom took off her soaked apron – throwing it on the counter next to the fridge.

“There!” I said. “All done… all dry…can we go now?”

“Fine!…get your shoes on.” She said with another big sigh. “And get my purse.”

We both put our shoes and coats on and headed out the back porch to the car. Mom got into the driver’s seat of the Thunderbird and I chose the back seat right behind her. It was already past one-thirty and I was really worried we were going to be too late.

The 20-minute drive up to the grocery store “up the hill” seemed to take forever. My mom was still so mad at me and we kept bickering with each other the whole way.

At one point during ongoing argument I was down on my hands and knees pounding my fists into the carpeted floor screaming right out loud, “I’m going to win that purple bike!!! You wait… you’ll see... i'll prove it to you…I’m going to win that bike!!! I do so deserve to win that bike!”

"Good luck!” She said sarcastically.

“Still crying, I said, “I don’t know but I just know – I’m going to win.” Now, please drive faster so we can get there on time! We have to be there to win!”

We finally arrived at the mall parking lot and mom found a space and parked the car. We both got out and walked briskly into the mall main doors, which were close to the grocery store.

When the automatic doors opened we saw that a lot of people were milling around the entrance to the store in the mall section. In the middle of the crowd, we could see that the new purple bike was leaning on its kickstand on the floor (it even had a kickstand – cool!)… and next to it was a man in a brown suit and he was fixing a microphone on its stand. Next to him was a woman with long blond hair holding a small cardboard box that had coloured wrapping paper on it. I was so surprised to see so many people there.

Mom sighed and said she was going to such-in-such store to buy something-or-other and said, “See ya later…stay here until I get back.”

I said “Okay...yah…see ya.” I was just so glad to be there – finally…I was at the draw and on time it seemed!

I quickly inched my way in to the front of the inner circle of the crowd so I could see better because everyone was so much taller than I was…plus, I wanted to see that purple bike again too….it was sooo beautiful and the bow was still on it.

“Pfoooh…pfooh…testing…testing…1, 2, 3…” was the sound that came out of the microphone speakers in front of us. The crowd suddenly stopped talking and it got very quiet. It was the man in the brown suit talking through the microphone.

He nervously announced, “Uh..welcome everyone! And… and.. thank you all for coming….for as you all know, today is the big day that we will draw a winner for this beautiful brand new bike.” He then went on to talk about the sponsor of the contest, the manufacturer of the bike and the nylons for a while but no one was really interested in nylons. We were all there to win the new bike – that purple bike.

As the man in the brown suit rambled on about nylons and the grocery store, I looked around at everyone standing in the circle waiting for the draw. It seemed that almost everyone had a piece of cardboard with his or her tickets taped on. I was so surprised to see that they all had more than one red ticket! Some had many tickets taped on their pieces of cardboard you couldn’t count them. I was amazed as to how many packs of nylons they would have had to buy with all those tickets!

I then looked down at my one and only ticket that I held which, was now quite crinkled and worn from holding it so much during the past month. But, I could still read the numbers on it for sure!

I suddenly got very worried - I only had one ticket where... mostly everyone there had so many. Flash thoughts came to my head... "Could i win with just one ticket? ...You have to have a ticket to win, right?"

While I held the ticket tighter in both hands, I closed my eyes and dreamed again of owning that bike – I saw that purple bike propped up on it’s kickstand across from me next to the woman with the long blond hair… I remembered the deep shiny purple colour…. I envisioned the gears and the spokes of the wheels...heard the sound of the rubber wheels on the road… I saw myself riding the bike home. All the while I was dreaming I smiled to myself and felt very excited about owning that bike…and…

“Pfoooh…pfooh…testing… Well folks I do believe it’s time!” Said the man in the brown suit rudely interrupting my vision. “Get your tickets ready!” He asked the lady with the long blond hair to shake up the box she was holding and open the lid. The man rooted around in the box and drew out one ticket the same colour red as we all had.

“Well…here we go… and remember, the only way you can win the bike is to be here today with your ticket.” He boomed over the mike... “Get ready… the winning number is………. 5…6…9…3…0…1…”

There was such a silence in the mall while everyone checked his or her tickets… I checked my ticket but...but…I didn’t seem to have any of the numbers – not one! I couldn’t believe heart sank.

The silence got thicker… No one was calling out… or saying they were a winner. The man in the brown suit called out the numbers a second time… “Let’s just be sure folks… Again, the winning number to win this beautiful bike is…5…6…9…3…0…1…”

I checked again as he read them out… still nothing – I felt like throwing up...

Still after another long silent pause… no one and especially me didn’t call out. I got the sense that a lot of people were feeling frustrated and anxious – including me. The air felt heavy.

“Well…well…well…” Said the man in the brown suit. “I think whomever had that ticket certainly didn’t come today – did they?…too bad for them eh? And he laughed... "I think we’ll have to draw another ticket!” He said, turning to the woman with the long blond hair holding the box. With a smile, she nodded her head and the crowd cheered.

“Really.......?” I silently said to myself… I held my ticket a lot tighter.

“Okay folks…here we go again…pass over the box and I’ll draw another ticket – a winner for sure this time eh?” And, so he did, mixing the contents up and drawing a new ticket and mindfully called out each number really slow this time…

“The winning number this time is…...8…...9...…6...…2…...9…...3…...

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… as the man in the brown suit called each number… I had each number on MY knees started to shake…

Again, there was another silence as everyone checked their endless tickets – the man in the brown suit repeated the numbers out loud again… “Number…8…9…6…2…9…AND…3…!

“Oh my god!” I said to my self…I looked around to check to see if maybe anyone else had won – because I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing…i really did have ALL the numbers... and in the right order. No one was speaking up… the man in the brown suit and the lady with the long blond hair scanned the crowd for a winner.

“Well… do we have a winner any one?” said the man in the brown suit… “I hope we don’t have to draw another ticket!.................”

“Mmmm…. Me!” I said in a loud whisper as loud as I could and raised my hand that held my only ticket…I felt like I had no voice.

All at once I heard the whole crowd moan together as one as they all dropped their arms holding their ticket-cards, walking away in sheer disappointment…

I was still standing with my arm up in the air when the man in the brown suit cheered, “Congratulations we have a winner – with the young girl over there!!! He was waving for me to come over. I froze...

As the crowd parted, my mother suddenly appeared running across towards me in tears of joy with both arms out-stretched… and when she reached me, she hugged me! I learned later that she had been there the whole time and she also told me how proud she was that I had won the bike – she also couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it! But I was very happy!

The man in the brown suit again, waved for us to come over so he could check my ticket and when it was indeed confirmed I had the correct one, he congratulated me again – this time for real. The woman with long blond hair also hugged me and someone took a picture of me standing with my brand new bike.

I was so happy that I finally won the purple10-speed bike and I asked my mom if I could ride it home and she said,

“No! Not until you get home!”


So, I welcome your thoughts about my experience winning that 10-speed bike (i welcome you to submit a comment in the comment box at bottom of this page)… Do you think I manifested winning that bike by just sheer luck or... through my constant visualization of “having that bike” in my every-waking present moment every day during the month of the contest?

Do you think what might have propelled my manifestation of winning the bike was through the law of attraction along with the power of my emotions or my intense feeling of, or, a deep knowing (on some level with being a 10-year old) that there really was no option other than to win the bike? I feel I truly had certainly made up my mind to win it, that’s for sure! I lived and breathed that bike every moment I could. I personally can’t help but think so.

I remember having so much love and desire for that new purple bike that I couldn’t stop thinking or dreaming about it - I wanted it so bad. I believe that my own intentions definitely manifested it through what Esther Hicks (Abraham) calls "the astonishing power of emotions." I guess one of my questions to Esther would be... does it matter what kind of emotions fuels your intentions? I sure had a mixed bag of them for sure throughout the month right up until the contest drawing.

I owned and treasured that bike for many, many years and eventually rode it into the ground I loved it so much.

And, it’s funny… Ever since winning that bike, my mom believes I’m so lucky that still to this day (42 years later), she makes sure to put my name on every single contest she enters totally believing that I will be the one to win – even more than anyone else in my family. Even my sister believes I'm destined to win the "big one" some day because I won that bike - she buys me lottery tickets for my birthday and christmas...

In fact, years later, after I won the bike, my mom managed to manifest and win a brand new Ford pick-up truck stocked full of groceries to boot!...and it was my name she had put on the ticket – no joke! She was right…I did indeed win again – and that time, I believe it was truly her own energy and persistence that won and manifested that truck – not me because she was really the true winner… but, that’s another story for another time.

All I know from my own experience of actually winning that beautiful purple bike is that if you love something big enough or desire it plus don’t ever let go of loving it that much and firmly decide AND believe it’s yours right now… good stuff eventually shows up and will manifest for you if you have faith in knowing it’s already there for you!

Thanks for listening - taking the time to read my own manifesting story and how I believe how my own intentions manifest – I hope you enjoyed it!


My birth mom won a bike too - when she was about 14!

When my birth mom won a bike when she was about 14 - How cool is that?!!!

When my birth mom won a bike when she was about 14 - How cool is that?!!!

Abraham: A CASE OF COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - Esther & Jerry Hicks - This is very fun - Watch until the very, very, very end !

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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weaver (author) from our blessed earth mother... on July 18, 2014:

thanks yesica for your kind words.... at the time - being that age, i'm not sure i really 'knew' anything other than being soooo focused on wanting that bike... i wonder now perhaps if i was definitely hooking into my own higher wisdom on 'how'... i shall never forget it, that's for sure! x (((o)))

yesica on July 17, 2014:

I believe you manifested the bike for sure in using the law of attraction. That's what its all about! Super cool that you believed in your self and spent so much time preparing for your new purple bike using all means necessary. High five!

weaver (author) from our blessed earth mother... on July 18, 2011:

Wow.. love all the comments everyone - thanks so much for having a boo!... and Geri-Jean... wow! I never knew that about mom and that she won a bike too! - how interesting.. i look forward to learning more for sure!... cx (((o)))

Geri-Jean on July 18, 2011:

Hey Carol, Just read your story !

What a wonderful story! Yes. I believe if you TRULY believed you were going to win that that very well could have been the reason !

Also I wanted to share with you that our mom also WON a bike when she was young too, her picture was even in the paper.

Thought it was a bit coincidental and you may like to know that : )

Anonymous on July 18, 2011:

Good job, it was fun to read. And no it's still a mystery to me but I do believe that something in you really did know you would win it. The scientists now say that there is no such thing as linear time and that past, present and future are happening all at once. So maybe at the same time that you were seeing the bike for the first time, the part of you that was winning it was all happening at the same time and your cells knew it. How's that for a theory!

Julie Flowerdew on July 16, 2011:

What a delightful story! I could really get a feel for your Mom and that exhuberant young girl you were! That certainly sounded like manifesting to me.

Lorna on July 15, 2011:

Good stuff hon. Now how 'bout you go for a new Mercedes that you plug in!!!

Michelle on July 15, 2011:

Hi Weave, Loved your story....I'm so glad you took the time to write it. I believe you truly did manifest the purple bike! I think that we are born with this ability, but, unfortunately, as we grow, those "adults" in our lives squash that belief out of us. Now is the time for us, as "adults" to manifest our dreams. Well done!

weaver (author) from our blessed earth mother... on July 15, 2011:

hey thanks for your comment denise... i would sure look forward to hearing your story... do let me know eh... and thanks for the follow!! :o)

also... thank you to all above for your kind, wonderful comments too... this was a very fun story to write - have been wanting to get it down for awhile now... feels good! cx (((o)))

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on July 15, 2011:

Well, I for one believe that your manifestations brought you and the bike together. Fantastic story. I'll let you know when I write about the manifestation of a red canoe in my life. :) Thanks for sharing.

Pearl on July 14, 2011:

Hi weaver, I love that story! And yes I think you manifested it with what you thought, believed and did. You created the possibility and the universe responded. I believe that little girl not only wanted that bike she needed it. When I read your story I felt like I was right there with that child waiting and longing for that bike.

HR on July 14, 2011:

Beautiful memory beautifully written. You could feel the awe, the joy, the frustration. A 10 year old persevering in a dream. Cried indeed. I think perhaps it is not that we have forgotten the power of hope and manifestation but rather that we have forgotten what to dream for. Loved it Carol, thank you.

Lynna on July 13, 2011:

Great story and so true. I can just see the purple bike and how thrilled you were to be shown this opportunity to win it. It must have triggered your ability to manifest without you knowing it--but sometimes I think kids are born with that ability and it gets shamed out of them. Great story.

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