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  1. Estrogene hormones
  2. Estradiol
  3. Phytoestrogens and homeopatics
  4. Myoma-natural cure
  5. Predominance of estrogene and how to balance it
  6. Progesterone
  7. Phytoprogesterone
  8. Testosterone

Hormones are deeply connected with our emotions. Every hormonal imbalance has it`s root in our feelings, is connected with the stress, traumas, lack of joy and contentment with the life. Our body secretes hormones, but our mind can control them.

Sexual hormones are the most sensitive ones, they have very important role in our lives; they are not here just to rule our fertility, their balance or imbalance shows the level of our emotional satisfaction in the life, and are very influenced with the quality of all our relationships towards other people, as well as sexual ones. They are also posetevily influenced with the sense of feeling secure in the material life.

The major hormonal imbalance occurs in pre-menopause and menopause. End of reproductive cycle can be is extremely difficult for women to accept it. For lot of them it just means that they do not have purpose in life any more, that they lost their youth and attractivity.

Menstrual cycle actually stops, when woman decides not to have children any more, on conscious or subconscious level.

When sexual hormones start to drop down, it can be connected with all possible complications, because sexual hormones (estrogens and progesterone) are influencing regeneration of all our body organs and systems, especially other endocrine glands, and not only our reproductive functions.

It is possible to stop reproductive cycle and live with the normal level of estrogenes and progesterone, (for fertility are in charge two other hormones: LH and FSH) and keep the youth, stay healthy and stop the aging (which occurs quickly when estrogenes and progesterone start to drop down). Nature is giving us from ancient times herbs which help us to maintain hormonal balance (phytoestrogen, phytoprogesteron), and the rest is in our attitude and in choosing the balanced life without too much stress. Many women who have chosen to regularly practise some relaxation techniques and have positive attitude towards life, do not have any problems while being in the menopause. (I am without periods for last two years, and never felt better in my life and I do not need to use any specific natural remedy for menopause, but I do take few radionic remedies for overall well-being and regularly meditate).

Health and youth is in our mind and emotions: our biological program is exactly what we believe it should be!!!


Estrogen controls the growth of the uterine lining during the first part of the menstrual cycle,(to prepare uterus for receiving and nutrition of a fertilized egg) , in the second part of cycle progesterone levels raises up and helps and prepares body do create placenta, or to new menstrual bleeding, if egg is not fertilized.

Estrogen hormones regulate many metabolic processes like:

  • bone growth and density
  • the production of cholesterol.
  • Estrogens have very important task in the development of a fetus: maturation of the lungs, kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and other organs. In fact, the placenta itself would never grow on properly if the level of estrogen hormones are too low.
  • Estrogen hormones have the same impact on our body organs during whole life: they also help our body to regenerate (lungs, kidneys, liver, adrenals, bones etc...)

Some of purposes of estrogen hormones are listed bellow:

  • Help to protect against heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis.
  • Help in the process of lactation and maintain the endometrium during pregnancy.
  • Promotes blood flow within the uterus.
  • Maintains, regulates and triggers the production of other hormones

The major sources of estrogens are the ovaries and the placenta (the temporary organ that serves to nourish the fetus and remove its wastes); additional small amounts are secreted by the adrenal glands and by the male testes.


Estradiol & hormonal replacement therapy

Among the estrogene hormones, there are three major hormones:

  1. estradiol,
  2. estrone, and
  3. estriol
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Estradiol is very dominant among the estrogene hormones ans its main task is to support the growth of healthy cells and organs, but only when is in combination with other estrogene hormones (plus progesterone).

Estradiol is derived from cholesterol, same as other sex-hormones.

Estradiol therapy is used to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, burning and irritation.

The main problem with such hormonal treatments is, that only estradiol is given and not the other estrogens . Estradiol without estrone and estriol (and without progesterone) supports the growth of the unhealthy tumor and cancer cells. Giving to the women estradiol only as replacement for lack of sex-hormones during the menopause can cause uterine myomas, tumors, cancer... even breast cancer.

Using estradiol only, especially on long-term basis very often causes abnormal vaginal bleedings, and can help to all set of health problems to be developed like, especially if person is predisposed to this problems:

  • high blood pressure or heart disease;
  • circulation problems
  • stroke
  • high cholesterol or triglycerides
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • migraines;
  • diabetes;
  • depression

Cimicifuga racemosa

Cimicifuga racemosa

Cimicifuga racemosa (Black cocosh)

Cimicifuga racemosa is plant wich is very popular in the natural treatment of menopausal syptomes as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, palpitation.

Cimicufuga Racemosa can be also taken as homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Cimicifuga Racemosa


Normal Uterus

Normal Uterus

Uterus with Myoma

Uterus with Myoma

Healing the Myoma on natural ways

Myoma is tumor in uterus, which happen very often during the menopause.

My Mum healed her myomas 3 years ago on natural ways (recommended by her gynecologist):

1. She stopped taking synthetic hormonal therapy

2. She used phytoestrogens as Cimicifuga Racemosa and progesterones as radionics-homeopathics

3. She was taking radionics-homeopathic remedies which trigger body for natural production of estrogenes and progesterone (I prepared them for her)

4. No meet, eggs, milk and diary products

This type of natural healing can save anybody from surgery.


Excess of estrogen in relation to progesterone

Predominance of estrogen in relation to progesterone happens every often. In premenopause period and as well in menopause, women very often have too many estroges and to low levels of progesteron.

Symptomes of such tipe of hormonal imbalance are:

Irregular menstruation, myomes, fluid retention, weight gain, Endometriosis, hair loss, fibrocystic breasts, premenstrual headaches and premenstrual mood swings, depression and anxiety, polycystic ovary syndrome, menstrual cramps, fatigue, breast tumors, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, adrenal gland fatigue, thickened uterine lining, migraines, accelerated aging, miscarriage heavy periods with clotting, panic attacks, joint and muscle pain, autoimmune disorders, decreased libid, insomnia and restless sleep, dry eyes...

When estrogene hormones are predominant they cause:

  • Stimulate breasts cysts
  • Increase body fat storage
  • Salt and fluid retention
  • Depression and headaches
  • Interfere with thyroid hormone
  • Increase risk of stroke
  • Decrease libido (sex drive)
  • Imbalance of blood sugar levels
  • Loss of zinc and retention of copper
  • Decrease cell oxygen levels
  • Increased risk of endometrial and breast cancer
  • Helps decrease bone loss slightly

Some causes of too high levels of estrogene hormones in any age are:

  • Birth control pill and sperimicide
  • Xenoestrogens which can be found in many of our meats and dairy products in the form of chemicals and growth hormones that are given to the animals
  • Many chemicals have effect ot raising estrogene levels as: plastics, styrofoam, car excaust, detergents, pesticides and herbicides....etc.
  • stress
  • thyroid gland problems
  • adrenal glands problems
  • exposure to radiation
  • chronic constipation
  • liver toxicity
  • hormone replacement therapy, is estrogen dominated, which causes many negative side effects, i.e. to brain, nerve cells and hypothyroid.



Angelica - Dong Quai

Angelica is great natural cure for balancing the sexual hormones. It helps convert all androsterones to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the liver.







Passiflora and Camomile are two great herbs who regulate excess of estrogen and balance the estrogen-progesterone levels.

Soy also has ability to prevent excess of estrogen in body!!!


Functions of Progesterone

Progesterone has several very important functions within the body including:

  • Regulates the thyroid gland and moderates the negative effects of estrogen dominance on the functioning of the thyroid, thereby preventing symptoms of hypothyroidism
  • Helps with immunity
  • reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Keeps blood clotting levels stable
  • Stimulates collagen production which increases skin elasticity
  • Keeps bones and skeletal muscles strong
  • Helps to maintain nerve and brain functioning and protect against deterioration
  • Protects against breast cysts
  • Helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips
  • Natural diuretic
  • Natural anti-depressant
  • Facilitates thyroid hormone action
  • Normalizes blood clotting
  • Increases libido
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels
  • Normalizes zinc and copper levels
  • Restores proper cell oxygen levels
  • Prevents endometrial and breast cancer
  • Increases bone building

In menopause, there progesteron is droping down much more quickly then estrogens, so it is nessessary to replace it naturaly.

Vitey agnus castus

Vitey agnus castus

Phytoprogesteron herb Vitex agnus-castus

Herb Vitex agnus-castus (Chasteberry) improve progesterone levels as well as promoting hormonal balance and health. It is working primary on pituarity gland to send messages to ovaries to increase production of progesterone.

There are great herbal and homeopathic remedies from Native remedies for hormonal imbalance healing in any age as

  • MellowPause,
  • Dong Quai,
  • Mens-Reduce and
  • Femalite.

You can check them and order them through the link here:


Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone directly involved in the genesis of

  • progesterone
  • estrogens
  • mineralocorticoids,
  • glucocorticoids,
  • androgens

As such it is a prohormone and responsible for genesis of neurons in the brain.Many women wittness great benefits of using pregnenolone in the perimenopause and menopause, so I really recommend to try it.  

Raspberry leaf is phytoprogesterone

Black raspberry

Black raspberry


Testosterone is called "Impulsive Hormone," we women also have it, but in much more lower levels then men.It is said that testosterone provokes sexual desires and fantasies and it helps make women more easily sexually aroused, to enjoy intercourse better and have more frequent orgasms. Testosterome also helps us to maintain muscle and bone health.

Its levels can drop down during the menopause, or when ovaries are surgically removed. Our body secretes them in ovaries and adrenal glands.

My services and pricing

I provide the following services, while on-line:

  1. E-mail healing consultations
  2. Long-distance healing (Bio-energy, Reiki, radionics)
  3. Recommendation and sale of remedies as: Native Remedies (homeopatics or herbal) Bach flower´s remedies, Cristal essences. All this remedies are of highest quality, and have also money-back guarantee in case people are not satisfied.
  4. Prepare individual homeopathic/remedies which completely match the need of my clients and are highly efficient: I can combine much more remedies and healing vibrations then any of the companies which produce them for massive use.


1. E-mail healing consultations are great for the people who are a lot on-line, or because of various reasons have no opportunity or wish to go directly on appointment with healer.

They include:

  • communications through the e-mail or directly through the chat service
  • recommendation of must appropriate remedies (homeopathic or/and herbal)recommendation of most appropriate diet
  • radiestesy analysis with pendulum
  • The price of consultation is 50 US$.

2. If someone is interested in long-distance healing (reiki, bio-energy, radionics), WHICH IS ALSO HIGLY EFFICIENT, you can contact me through my e-mail

  • Price for 30-40 minutes healing treatment is usually  30$ . Number of treatments needed vary from person to person.

3. Price of my homeopathics/radionics remedies is circa 30 US $ per remedy.


I wish you all the best health possible,

Tatiana-Michaela Pribic

Usui and Karuna Reiki teacher and alternative healer


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Raimundo on January 22, 2015:

Ladies I am 33 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago. Here I was marerid to the man of my dreams for almost five years who happened to be a single father of two wonderful boys and I felt alone and empty. I loved my stepchildren but every time I looked at them I was reminded of my inability to conceive. Within the first two years of being diagnosed I had two miscarriages back to back. I went into a deep depression and thought that I had given up all hope to have the baby of my dreams. this put an awful strain on my marriage and we almost didn't make it through. But ladies I am here to tell you that I have now conceived four times naturally. In 2008 I gave birth to a gorgeous son that the lord blessed our family with after 10 years. At 33 I am now 12 weeks pregnant and thanking god everyday Ladies please do not give up!Here's to all the blessings that god has in store for us!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 21, 2010:

Thank you Jorjette.

Jorjette on October 20, 2010:

Thank you very much for this information. I knew a part, but not all of it.

I've been using Raspberry extract, but I didn't know for example that the camomile is goog for balancing the hormones.

I arrived here on this page looking for Dong Quai because I didn't know what it is what is good for. Thak you again.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on September 06, 2010:

Thank you very much GPAGE !

GPAGE from California on September 05, 2010:

Very informative! I am putting this link on another media site. Well done! GPAGE

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Thank you so much, Sage for your nice words.

Sage Williams on February 23, 2010:

Another wonderful hub, very well researched and rich with information. Thanks so much, Every time I read one of your hubs I learn so much.


Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2010:

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Gigi2 from UK on February 22, 2010:

So glad I found you. So much information, I will be reading this and more from you often. Thank you GG

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Great report, and great illustrations, Thank you Tatjana; really great work! As a man i appreciate it.

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Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on August 13, 2009:

Dear Britney, if you are really worried about excess of testosterone, I would recommend you to visit endocrinologist and do blood tests and then find some natural way to balance hormones. But be aware of the following: women in 20ties, usually do have more testosterone then later on, due to that, sexual urge is higher. Excess of body hair usually is symptom of higher level of testosterone, but some women do have geneticaly more body hair then the others, so higher level of testosterone, does not nessessarly mean - imbalance... More important then body hair (which can be temporary removed on various ways) is - how do you realy feel about yourself, do you have some other health problems, etc...

Some women do balance their hormonal levels, but still have excess of body hair, due to genetic factors.

If you want personal consultations with me, please contact me through my e-mail -

the price for them is 50 US$, I will return from my vacations on Monday.

Brittney on August 12, 2009:

I have excessive hair for a young lady (20 years old). My pubic region isn't a little bit and covers from inner thigh to inner thigh, also think dark leg hair and some facial hair. Do you think I might have too much testostrone? I do not take birth control pills and my weight is about normal for my height of 5'4" (130 pounds). I am semi-active and eat pretty good (not too much junk food (fried etc) and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also consume dairy, yogurt and some milk. I do tend to stress over not so big things too. Oh another thing- my sex drive is pretty high. HELP I want to be rid of the excessive hair. Brittney

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on August 12, 2009:

Well, Dolores, your experience is very interesting. It is good to know that ovaries produce just the biggest amount of sex-hormones, not all, so it can happen that you still have and produce some estrogens and progesterones in your body.

Estrogens are not sufficient, we need progesterone hormones as well. They are even more important for functioning of the brain.

Thanks for sharing your experience and for your visit.

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on August 09, 2009:

Wonderful hub so full of information. Tatjana, the whole hormome thing can just be so confusing...before I had my hysterectomy (not that I wanted it) I was a mess of mood swings, periodic bloat, you name it. Since they took out my ovaries, now I guess I have no estrogen at all - no more mood swings, anger, bloat.

I know women who take estrogen in order to maintain a dewy complexion and look younger.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 21, 2009:

Thanks Lgali, I appreciate your comment very much.

Lgali on March 20, 2009:

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Arbonne's Progesterone Cream works wonders, too.

Very well written hub! You know your stuff!!!!!

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Nice Hub Tatjana. You have said it all.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 22, 2009:

I think every women needs a little bit of reminder how to balance hormones.  Thanks, Shannon, for your comment and stopping by and a lots of love....

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Just writing a new Hub...and send you a lor ot love....

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