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What You Don't Know About Homeopathy: A Medical Quiz on Homeopathic Medicine


Homeopathic Medicine: Test Your Knowledge

Ever been treated by a homeopath? Have an interest in holistic medicine? How much do you really know about the holistic medical specialty called Homeopathic Medicine? It has has the undeserved reputation among some who call themselves healers of being quackery. But is it really? Or are the seeming miracle cures brought about by this often misunderstood healing modality real? What follows is a 10-question homeopathy quiz which I hope you will find enjoyable. I also hope it piques your curiosity enough to seek out more information on the subject. You'll find additional information, some videos and links to other websites further down the page.

If you've never heard of homeopathy before, you will be lucky to get 3-4 correct. If you go to a healthfood store once a week, you might get 5-6 correct.. If you or a family member or acquaintance has been treated by a homeopathic physician, you might get 7-9 correct. I expect that only someone with a serious interest in alternative medicine will get 100%! Good luck! (The next question in the sequence will appear only after the current question has been answered.) Hope you enjoy my Homeopathy trivia questions and answers!

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You may find useful this searchable list of Homeopathic Physicians--MDs and DOs-- who practice Classical Homeopathy in the United States.

For more information on this extremely interesting topic, please visit the outstanding blog devoted to the subject, Homeopathic Medicine Blog. It appears to be updated frequently and is very well puttogether!

Disclaimer: Homeopathic medicine is powerful medicine which operates on the cellular level and below, and self-diagnosis can be dangerous. Readers are advised to seek out a Homeopathic MD for proper diagnosis and treatment. Above all, lay persons should not experiment with potencies above 6X.

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Homeopathy Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The word, "Homeopathic," is correctly used interchangably with the word:
    • Herbal
    • Holistic
    • Naturopathic
    • Analgesic
    • None of the above
  2. Which 19th Century German physician & chemist is responsible for developing the medical modality known as Homeopathy?
    • Henry Heimlich
    • Hans Asperger
    • Karl Adolph von Basedow
    • Samuel Hahnemann
    • Ernst Grafenberg
  3. In Great Britain, Homeopathy is more commonly called:
    • Homoeopathy
    • Hemeopathy
    • Homopathy
    • Hematology
    • Similiopathy
  4. The more a particular homeopathic remedy undergoes this process, the more profound its effect on the living organism:
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Freezing & Binding
    • Spinning & Separation
    • Dilution & Succussion
    • Electrifaction & Magnetization
  5. A remedy based on a symptom picture developed by a classical homeopath after a comprehensive interview is called the:
    • Comprehensive Curative
    • Base Med
    • Universal
    • Constitutional Remedy
    • Symposium
  6. This remedy might be used to treat a symptom picture which includes anguish, hay fever, enlarged liver, exhaustion:
    • Coffee
    • Milk
    • Arsenic
    • Tea
    • Sugar
  7. Homeopaths refer to physicians who practice conventional Western Medicine as:
    • Allopaths
    • Naturopaths
    • Antipaths
    • Contrapaths
    • Hippopaths
  8. By the year 1900, approximately what percentage of US physicians were homeopaths?
    • 5%
    • 20%
    • 50%
    • 43%
    • 10%
  9. In 1900, 22 US medical colleges (awarding MD degrees) taught homeopathy exclusively, but the last to do so closed in:
    • 1920's
    • 1930's
    • 1940's
    • 1950's
    • 1960's
  10. George Vithoulkas, "the father of modern homeopathy," has trained 5000+ MDs worldwide, but he, himself, was originally:
    • An Optician
    • A Dietician
    • A Physical Therapist
    • An Engineer
    • A Geologist

Answer Key

  1. None of the above
  2. Samuel Hahnemann
  3. Homoeopathy
  4. Dilution & Succussion
  5. Constitutional Remedy
  6. Arsenic
  7. Allopaths
  8. 20%
  9. 1920's
  10. An Engineer

Books on Homeopathy at - Learn More About This Amazing Healing Art

Many modern books on homeopathy are for those people who wish to treat everyday ills such as acute sore throats, sprains, indigestion and the like. This is not Classical Homeopathy. This is not to say it is worthless; far from it. But for serious illnesses, a trip to a well-trained classical homeopathic MD would be best. In the next few modules, I will include a selection of books dealing with both Classical Homeopathy and the less sophisticated variety.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Prof. George Vithoulkas

MDs wishing to learn more about homeopathy or who may be interested in studying under Prof. George Vithoulkas to become homeopathic physicians are urged to contact the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

What Did Gandhi Have To Say About Homeopathy

The following quote, cited by Dana Ullman in his book, The Homeopathic Revolution, North Atlantic Books, 2007, is purported to be from Mahatma Gandhi.

The Strange Case of Homeopathy by Michael Castleman

From Psychology Today

The excellent article by health writer Michael Castleman, ,which appeared in Psychology Today, should be read by advocates of this amazing healing modality, but especially by its critics. Extremely interesting reading! (You can order the book referenced in this article, "Impossible Cure," by Amy Lansky, further down this page, from Amazon.)

Homeopathy - Sceptics and Believers

By Vinod K. Pillai

Skeptical of Homeopathy? Be sure to read Vinod K Pillai's extremely well-written and informative lens about his personal journey from skeptic to believer in Homeopathy. Mr. Vinod has not only a background in science, but an open mind, as well. Find his lens here:

Homeopathy - Sceptics and Believers

An Ill-considered "Experiment" To Disprove Homeopathy

UK Guardian Fashion Editor Downs A Bottle of ???

About a year ago (3 Feb 2010) a young fashion editor for the UK Guardian, Hadley Freeman, wrote a column--in which she gleefully related how she and a group of other homeopathy skeptics "knocked back a bottle of homeopathic 'medicine' and lived to tell the tale."

She never mentioned which remedies were selected or in what potencies were taken. So, we are left to wonder whether participants downed bottles of Calcium Phos 6x...or something more potentially harmful like, say, Phosphoric Acid or Lachesis Mutus in a 200x or 200c potency. Freeman was happy to report that she did not drop dead on the spot, thereby (at least, probably in her mind) proving that homeopathy is bunk. My advice to her would be not to engage in any premature celebrations....especially if the high doses were taken. It can take months for the effects to manifest. Although I am not a homeopath, I have had experience with self-administered homeopathic meds...not all pleasant.

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She could be in for a world of hurt. If so, I wonder if she will connect it to the dose she took in February of 2010. Probably not. But my guess is that she and her fellow skeptics, did themselves no good on that February day. I've google-searched to see if I could find a follow-up report by her, but found none.

Those who believe that homeopathy, even in the wrong hands, is completely safe and harmless should read this highly informative article by homeopath David Little entitled, "Can Homoeopathy be Dangerous?" Even experienced homeopaths might do well to read it.

More Books On Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Materia Medica" refers to a compendium of homeopathic remedies and the symptom pictures associated with each. I've included several on this list of books from Amazon.