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High Intensity Weight Training vs Cardio - German Body Composition Training

German Body Composition Training - also known as German Body Comp Trining

German Body Composition Training - also known as German Body Comp Trining

German Body Comp Training

In this article you will learn the differences between high intensity weight training vs cardio and how you can benefit in a huge way. We will also explain what the “German Body Composition Training” is about and provide you with two videos and written workout routines to go with them.

If you’re bored with cardio or just plain outright hate doing cardio, you may be pleasantly surprised to know there is an alternative way to burn fat without cardio exercise. Whether you’re a body builder or a fitness model looking to keep lean and ripped, or just someone who wants to trim down and look healthy and fit, you may want to take a closer look into high intensity weight training. I have found high intensity weight training to have far more benefits than cardio alone, and much more exciting and rewarding. Seeing results using this technique is almost immediate, and it will transform your entire physique. You will not only lose unwanted body fat, but will also add lean muscle, giving you that athletic look everyone will admire.


  • High Intensity Weight Training vs Cardio
  • What is High Intensity Weight Training?
  • What is the German Body Comp Training?
  • 3 VIDEOS: German Body Comp Workout Routines for Men & Women

High Intensity Weight Training vs Cardio Training

The majority of us participating in any type of fitness program are performing mostly cardio exercises over weight training. Running, jogging, swimming aerobics and many other cardio exercises do not require heavy weights or machines and can easily be done at home or outside. But if you knew the advantages and added benefits of high intensity weight training you just might muster up the motivation to invest in a membership or at least a bench and a few heavy dumbbells.

Cardio exercise creates a short increase in metabolism and burns fat only. The fat burning process with cardio exercise also ends shortly after you stop exercising. High intensity weight training on the other hand, has a long lasting increase in metabolism, promotes lean muscle growth, and continues to burn fat well after exercising.

German Body Comp Training Method

German Body Comp Training Method

What is High Intensity Weight Training

High intensity weight training consists of a full body workout using moderately heavy weights. So ladies, the excuse not to lift weights because you’ll get big muscles like a man does not fly here! Anyway, this full body workout consists of high reps (10-15), slow concentrated movements, and very short rest periods. One such workout that I would like to introduce you to is known as the “German Body Composition Training” and it is truly one of the most intense workout routines I have seen. But first let’s look at the benefits of high intensity training.

High Intensity Weight Training vs Cardio - The German Body Composition Training Method

High Intensity Weight Training vs Cardio - The German Body Composition Training Method

Benefits of High Intensity Training Full Body Workout

The following is a list of benefits achieved when utilizing the high intensity weight training full body workout in your routine. You will recognize some benefits here you typically would not see doing cardio exercise alone.

  • High lactate inducing program; increases blood lactate levels which increases GH production
  • Biggest GH (growth hormone) response possible by hitting all muscle groups
  • Growth Hormone helps reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass
  • Lean muscle mass in turn increases your metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn per day).
  • Powerful way to achieve greater fat loss while also building lean muscle tissue
  • Cardio vascular health; heart rate should be elevated throughout this routine
  • Increases total and free testosterone levels

High Intensity Weight Training for Men and Women

Below you will find two highly intense workout routines using weights. The first routine is performed by a man and the second by a woman. After watching each video I’m sure you’d agree that both are equally intense. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

German Body Composition Training

Our first and very effective high intensity weight training routine is the “German Body Composition Training”. This intense workout routine is divided into two parts. The first part being compound exercises to work multiple muscles simultaneously, while the second part will consist of isolation exercises to target specific muscle groups.

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All exercises will be performed as supersets, with no resting between sets, and only 60 dropping to 30 seconds of rest between exercises (rest periods should decrease). All movements are slower on the negatives for added intensity, with a total of 4 supersets.

Part 2 - Isolated exercises:

  • Superset 3:
  • Shoulder presses
  • Bicep Curls
  • Repeat once

  • Superset 4:
  • Leg Raises
  • Triceps Cable Pushdowns
  • Repeat once

Part 1 - Compound Exercises:

  • Superset 1:
  • Bench Press or Dumbbell Presses (10-15 reps)
  • Squat (10-15 reps)
  • Repeat once
  • Superset 2:
  • Lunges (10-15 reps)
  • Pull-ups (10-15 reps)
  • Repeat once

German Body Comp Workout

I would like to give credit to WBFF Pro James Alexander-Ellis who performs the “German Body Composition Training” workout above. The title of his video is called “Fat-Burning German Body Comp Training with WBBFF Pro James”. Thanks to James for an awesome workout demonstration.

German Body Comp Workout for the Ladies – Part 1

German Body Comp Workout for the Ladies – Part 2

I would also like to give credit to Alexandra Bernardin for her workout routine demonstrating the German Body Comp training for women in the above video.


I hope you enjoyed the above videos on German body comp training. Now that you know more about high intensity weight training vs. cardio training, you can make a more informed decision on how you plan your workout routines. The German Body Composition Training method is only one of many high intensity weight training routines, but is truly one of extreme intensity. If you are a beginner, maybe start with only half the reps, or longer rest periods and work your way up. I would also only suggest doing this routine once per week, depending on your current workout plan and goals. Good luck, much success and don’t give up.

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