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4 Helpful Tips to Stay Positive


Moon is a professional psychologist. She is an aspiring writer and seeks to create awareness about mental health.

Our Feelings Depend on What We Are Interpreting

The way we interpret our life experiences plays an important role in our emotional feelings and behavior. For example, if a person thinks an event or situation is 'threatening', he or she will become anxious and will either want to avoid it or run away from it. Again, if one thinks of any of his personal problems as vast and serious which overwhelms him, destroys him, he will suffer from frustration and despair, and as a result he will become depressed. In that case, he will not take any initiative to improve or change the situation. In the same way if a person thinks that another person has intentionally wanted to insult him, he will become angry and resentful and will try to take retaliatory measures to avenge this insult. These three examples prove that the way we interpret the situation will be the way our minds feel and our behavior will be determined accordingly.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive

Needless to Say Inconsistent Thinking

Our inconsistent thinking is the cause of the pain and suffering we experience in our daily lives. Such inconsistent thoughts lead to biased processes in the processing of information in our brain. In that case the brain pays more attention to the negative information, the brain can catch them quickly. Positive information, on the other hand, is less important and allows the mind to enter the brain less. Another reason is that there are some dark places in information processing that cannot see and accept reality properly. This 'blindness' of the mind is one of the reasons for our many misunderstandings. Deficiencies and defects in their brains can also be noticed in the case of perception.

Change of Feeling-Intellect-Thought

Cognitive therapy is a medical procedure that changes the way we feel. This therapy seeks to identify those particular types of thought-interpretations with events, so that the person can change those invalid interpretations and beliefs and create appropriate and new effective beliefs that are more adaptable. This will allow him to manage his emotional feelings more effectively. He will be able to handle his life problems better and improve the quality of his overall life.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive

Check the Authenticity of the Idea Before Taking It

These crises and flaws in the perception of mind-intellect-thought can be found by analyzing the pictures of our thoughts and minds. We often express those kinds of distractions through our words. If you want to know those types of perceptions, record your thoughts and find out what they mean. At the same time, identify the scenarios or images that come to mind as a result of a particular event. The objects of concern and the type of mind-images will give you clues as to how you are interpreting or accepting the event. For example, we often find that coworkers or friends may treat us in a way that is unfavorable or unfavorable to us. Most of the time we talk or act in a way that cannot be precisely interpreted. That is, their meaning is vague and ambiguous. Which can be accepted either for or against us if desired. They may not even be related to us at all. I suffer unnecessarily from thinking that our vague brain has done such vague, indefinite words, attitudes, behaviors against me.

The Result of Not Being Able to Identify the Problem Properly

Not being able to properly identify and define life's problems and take appropriate action to solve them means that there are deficiencies or limitations in the aforesaid kind of perception-intellect-thinking. Those who have such deficits make the same mistakes over and over again. Living in one problem after another and finally regretting ‘all the bad things happen to me’.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive

How to Correct the Perception of Feeling-Intellect-Thought

There is a scientifically based and proven strategy for changing such thinking-nature and its inner flaws by making necessary corrections in perception of intellect-thought. The first is to identify ineffective thoughts and beliefs. Then the test has to be done to support those beliefs, preconceived notions, perspectives, evidence-based, logical and practical observations. Thus the ineffective behavior traits used to adapt to that person need to be changed. In order to do that, the previously mentioned biased ideas, attitudes and beliefs have to be corrected. When you learn to think more objectively and change your emotional behavior accordingly, you will be successful enough in dealing with life's problems and improving your relationships with others. This will make it possible for you to have a lasting solution to your problem.

You can participate in daily life in a lively and lively way. You will have a strong sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence will increase manifold. This new feeling and confidence will increase your skills, abilities and ability to handle the situation. In that case, there will be an opportunity to see and understand life and society in a new way. You will be able to get rid of the negative beliefs that you have been trapped in for so long.

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