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DIY Handicapped Showers Tips


Handicapped showers are specially designed to cater the needs of people that suffer from mobility limitation. Here, everything is carefully crafted so that the risk of getting injured in the shower is reduced to the minimum level. A handicapped shower is the best possible way to give back some of the normal independence that is often taken away when someone becomes disabled; this will also help boast up his or her confidence level.

However, getting a completely new shower to cater the special needs of the mobility impaired person is very costly. And that’s only possible when you have extra rooms for it, else it is not doable. You do not need to shop for new handicapped showers to make your existing shower more accessible as there are things that you can implement to make it more disabled friendly. Below are some of the points that you need to pay attention and turn it into a safe place for the disabled.

(Note: An example of a handicapped shower is shown in the photo below)

Handicapped Showers

Handicapped Showers

Handicapped Showers DIY

Below are things that you can implement to turn your existing shower room to be more handicap friendly. There are easy and inexpensive to implement.

1. Use Bath Mat and Flooring
The shower is a very dangerous place and this is even true during showering as water will be all over the floor. The falling risk that faced by a disabled person might be doubled and tripled when he or she is using the shower. So make sure that your bathroom flooring is slip resistant. Place good quality of bath map at both inside and outside the shower room. Bath mat provides a lot of traction and this will make sure that the person will not fall down during showering and just after walking out from it. This is an essential element for any good handicapped showers.

Grab Bars

Grab Bars

2. Installing Grab Bars
One of the most important elements in handicapped showers is none other than the grab bars. Grab bars provide extra security during showering or when the person is getting into and out of the shower or tub. If he happens to slip, he can quickly grab on the bars and prevent himself from falling. An ‘L’ shape grab bar that installed along the corner and just below the shower is the best place to ensure safety. A second 'diagonal' bar will be really helpful if installed near the shower too.

3. Get Rid of the Glass Shower Doors
If you have glass shower doors installed in your bathroom, you have better get rid of it. It hurts a lot or sometime kill if the person accidentally falls and goes through the glass on their way to the ground. The best way is to install a shower curtain on a rod. It is not only practical as it is inexpensive too.

Handicap Shower

Handicap Shower

4. Shower Chair
A shower chair will be helpful if placed inside the shower. It allows the handicapped person to sit on it instead of standing. Besides, it also allows the person to take care of their hygienic needs from the comfort of a seated position. You can either buy a free standing shower bench of a folding chair that mounted to the wall. With a free standing shower bench, you can move it just anywhere when not being used. A mounted folding seat on the other hand could be useful as it can be lifted up when not being used and placed down according to your wish. This is an ideal option for people who do not want a chair placed inside the shower.

Well, above are the things that you can do to have an easy access of handicapped shower in your home. It won't cost you a lot but at the same time provide the necessary safety environment for the disables.

The videos below show you a more comprehensive steps on building a handicapped shower room. It involves some construction works that you might not want to get involved in. However, if you find it fits, go ahead and watch them.

DIY: Handicap Accessible Shower Part 1

DIY: Handicap Accessible Shower Part 2

How to make a Handicap Accessible Shower

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