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How to Turn Ordinary Bathrooms into Handicap Showers


Handicap showers are something that should be installed in a house where there is a family member who suffers from limited mobility. It can be a wonderful way for them to regain some of the normal independence that they has lost, particular when doing something which is very private.

Handicap showers for the disabled is a specially designed bathroom that cater for the needs of mobility challenge people. One of the thing that it emphasizes on is the disabled user safety as we all know that the bathroom could be the most dangerous space in the whole house.

There are two main options when getting a handicap shower installed in your home. The first one will be adding some bathroom safety accessories and equipment for the disabled people. Through this, you won't need to buy a new shower to make the existing one accessible for them.

The next is none other than getting a handicap shower stall set installed. This is a great idea if you have a large bathroom and budget as you might need to do a complete remodelling.

Now let's us see how you can turn an ordinary shower and bathroom into a safe place for the handicapped or mobility challenged people:

  1. Bath Mat and Flooring - This is the most important element of all as whenever there is water, there is danger. And this is especially true for someone who already suffer from limited mobility. Make sure that the shower flooring is slip resistant and have a good quality, trip resistant bath mat in place both inside and outside the shower room. Find good quality of rubber mats that can provide a lot of traction in the shower. You should be able to find them in bathroom accessories and equipment retailer. Sometimes, hardware store also carry this item.
  2. Bath Transfer Bench - This is a great bathroom equipment should you ha ve a bathtub and shower. A bath transfer bench allow the handicap person to be transferred in and out of the tub in a seated position and most importantly it can guarantee them from faling. A bath transfer bench is only useful ony if you have a full bathtub; this is not the same as a shower chair that goes all the way inside the shower. Transfer bench is used by placing half of it inside the tub while the other half outside the tub. The seat could be slided in or out from the tub easily and safely.
  3. Grab Bars - This is yet another important item that shouldn't be missed. Grab bars provide extra security when showering and/or when getting into and out of the shower or tub. This should be aslo very helpful to be installed alongside the toilet or commode, around the sink area and folding shower seat.
  4. Shower Chair - Shower chair could be used in the shower to allow the disabled person to side down while in the tub or shower instead of standing. This is particular important so that the person can take care of their hygenice needs from a comfortably seated position insead of standing or sitting down on the tub's floor. Shower chair can be made of wood, plastic or aluminum.

Handicap Showers

Turning any showers into handicap showers is not that hard. All you need is a little effort, time and money. All the things mentioned above can be done quite quickly as nothing much is installed. Most of the things are just placed inside the bathroom. Now even there are suction type of grab bars where no drilling is needed. Just stick it on the wall and it's done.

If you have the budget you can do a complete remodeling on your existing shower to turn it into a handicap shower. Doing this might seem a lot of work but it does provide a better and even more friendly environment for the disabled person.

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