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Go Green on Your Period

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It's 2022 and periods are still taboo. I mean, c'mon millions of us who are assigned female at birth curl up with a heating pad, Advil, and comfort food and try our best to get through the week. Something completely normal that begins between the ages of 10-15 is still seldomly talked about.

Despite how common periods are, the US is facing a huge tampon shortage, many residents of lower-income countries miss school because of the archaic view of periods plus lack of supplies, the UK has what has a nickname for this shortage: 'period poverty' and for the homeless, period products are nearly inaccessible due to the rising costs of products. No matter how you look at it, what's essential to those of child-bearing age isn't sitting on pharmacy shelves readily. There are however alternatives that can save hundreds a month. Keep reading to find out more


Period Cups

There are many companies out there, Honeypot and Diva cups are the most common ones on pharmacy shelves. Starting at $32 these BPA-free silicon cups are reusable for every time Aunt Flo visits. There are two models that you can choose from depending on your flow. You can keep it in for twelve hours, and it inserts like a tampon. Another great thing about period cups is it's discrete.

One con I realized over the years is the smell of blood, so be sure to boil your cup in boiling water for 30 seconds every day


Period Panties

This option is more expensive (as there are many options to choose from), but these are amazing to wear on their own (if you have a lighter flow), with a tampon, or with a cup/disk(keep reading to find out about this).

Starting at $45 you can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your flow. From Bikini panties to briefs, boy shorts, pajama shorts, and even thongs. These companies also offer various colors and designs. They also have payment plans if you can't pay everything in full. I personally use Thinx, I currently have their pajama shorts, hipsters, and a thong. I have been using them alongside my cup since 2020 and must say no complaints.

Just have baking soda and peroxide on hand. I have multiple pairs I switch out throughout the week. I hand wash them throughout the week and treat them with peroxide and baking soda. As one dries I use the others. At the end of the week, I hand wash them and toss them in the washer. Done!

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Some companies to look at:

Get Rael



Period Co


Period Disks

Similar to the period cup, this is inserted like a tampon. I have used this option it is more budget-friendly than the cup. Usually running around $25 they are reusable. I just found that the Diva cup was easier to remove than a disk. Please use the products that work best for you. What works for some may not work for you!


I used pads when I first got my period in 2009. I haven't used pads or tampons since 2020. This has been a game-changer for me now that the only period-related item I spend money on every month is a piece of cake from my favorite bakery. The most expensive cost was the period panties, but I must tell you, as someone with a formally heavy flow it is a sigh of relief to know I no longer have stained bed sheets, stained jeans, or stained sweatpants.

As far as the period underwear goes, I got all my products through Thinx and used their payment plan to get all my materials. I didn't buy everything at once however and I recommend that you don't buy a week's worth at once. There are speculations with Roe V Wade that stores will use credit cards to see if sanitary napkins were purchased. Whether or not this is true, rest assured that these products will keep you from going to the pharmacy for period products ever again.

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