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The Best Fragrance Oils for the Home

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Fragrant Oil Burns In A Soapstone Burner

home scents

home scents

'The Body Shop' Home Fragrance Oils

I have been buying The Body Shop home fragrance oils for years because of their high quality and the delicious aroma blends.

I love their products, and when there is a package available, I give them as Christmas gifts.

The designs are so attractive, I own two soapstone burners I bought a number of years ago, and a ceramic burner is a great example of what a stylish accessory the burners can be. Look for them in your nearest Body Shop or online.

Getting a set of oils and their accessories is one of the best ways to get started since it has all the necessary equipment: a couple of tealight candles, the home fragrance oils, and the burner that gives years of aromatherapy pleasure.

Of course, now I buy a supply of tealight candles at discount (Ikea is one of the places I get these) , and they render a pretty glow while the warming bowl wafts the oil fragrance into the air. I also have a supply of different home fragrance oils, and only buy the ones made by The Body Shop.

Why only this brand?

I have an aversion to scents that smell at all artificial and the reputation and my experience of this brand makes it the only fragrance oil that I want to burn in my soapstone burner.

This is one of the ways I add a pleasant scent to the air in my home- and I do use diffusers and fragranced candles as well.

I like clean refreshing scents most of the time, so Cranberry is a true pleasure.

Another variation I love is their "tea" scents, and bought two bottles of their latest, "Green Tea & Lemon". It turned out to be a little more sweet than I like.

Feel Good About Buying It

One of the selling points of this line of products is their environmentally responsible company, everything is produced ethically, Before it was de rigueur to care about such things, this company was founded with the idea. I can feel good and feel green when you get some of their fabulous products.

How It Works And Why I Need It

Yes, I said that: I need to scent the air in my home. Closed-in spaces tend to collect stale smells, and there are times when the place smells musty, or maybe I just have a particularly sensitive nose.

But there is nothing quite as pleasant as entering a room that has the diffuse perfume of a good smelling essence! Not overly sweet, but just lightly infusing the space with aromatic volatile oils.

How does this oil burner and fragrance oil work?

Even though the bottles are small and they can seem pricey, only a few drops are needed.

  1. I shake out some drops into the bowl of the burner, and occasionally I use a small amount of water with it.
  2. The tealight candles set within, and the Body Shop burners have a perfectly sized raised lip around the centered candle space.
  3. Light the candle and you have a softly lit, very attractive votive look, only with fragrance!

While I dearly love scented candles, and especially votives, the advantage of using an oil burner is the way the oils different scents can be changed, and even blended for a different effect.

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When the candles are done, they are simple to dispose of while the burner remains to be used over and over again.

This Makes The Perfect Gift.

The person who most appreciates this sort of set is someone like me:

Loves home fragrances, candles, attractive home accessories,

If a person dislikes the idea of burning candles or another reason to not use fire, oil diffusers come in many of the same scents and that would be a good alternative.

The Chinese used aromatherapy to encourage harmony and well-being. It has been used for thousands of years -Fun Aromatherapy Facts

3 Ways to Use Aromatics in the Home

I just purchased two of the Tea and Lemon scents because I adore anything with a "tea" scent, and lemon is just the way I like my tea nuanced. However, this particular one was too sweet for my liking.

This should be considered if you are looking more for a fruity, refreshing scent.

There are other scents of the oils that I like, which could round out your collection for filling your home with lovely smells.

The One Thing I Don't Like

The only thing that I wish I had known when I started using their fragrance oils was how often they would discontinue their scents and replace them with new ones.

Now I buy multiples of the scents that were favorites.

When thinking about it, I imagine that the changeover of scents has to do with how people can tire of scent and color and crave something new.

Despite this drawback of discontinuing the scents I had purchased in the past, each new one has the same high standard of quality that I find so important in the overfilled fragrance market.

As the selections vary over time, if you have a favorite that gets discontinued, occasionally you may find them available on eBay.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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