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Gift Sets For Senior Citizens


Gift Sets For Senior Citizens Make Buying The Right Gift Easy!

As one who used to struggle to find just the right present for my elderly mother and father, I spent a lot of time perusing the internet in my quest. Sometimes, finding the perfect gift for a senior citizen can take a long, long time. That's why I created this Squidoo article to help you find just the right present for an elderly loved one.

Depending on your senior citizen friend's lifestyle and hobbies, there's sure to be a great gift set to delight them on their birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas.

You will find more good gift ideas (like day clocks) for senior citizens on my own website GoodGiftsForSeniorCitizens.com. In fact, right on the front page, there are some 'gift of the month' sets that are a great idea for a senior citizen friend.

And, for even MORE ideas, check out my other website where you'll find all kinds of good gifts for the menopausal woman (from one who knows....sigh): HotFlashMattressPads.com

Photo credit: All pictures on Gift Sets For Senior Citizens are my own photos. In fact, that one above is of my gorgeous parents. Mom was 88 and Dad was 87 there. They're both gone now, but they had a beautiful 65 year marriage and wonderful lives. They're both well missed.

Give the gift of a tea set and cookie gift set to your elderly loved one

One of my Mom's and my favorite routines was to sit down in the afternoon and have a cup of coffee and tea and whatever cookie we had in the house, usually homemade oatmeal raisin - those were her favorite, or another favorite, mandel bread.

This time we spent together led to many wonderful memories which I cherish to this day. Why not build your own memory with your senior citizen friend and pick up a tea set and cookie gift set?

The tea set to the right is very nice - it comes with the glass teapot and blooming teas. My Mom used to love to watch the flowering tea 'bloom' in the bottom of the pot.

And, the cookie gift set I've selected has old fashioned cookies like ruggelach and crumbcakes which are sure to delight your senior citizen friend's senses and memory.

Old Fashioned Candy Gift Sets Are A Fun Way To Evoke Old Memories In A Senior Citizen

I wandered upon a store in Frederick, MD one day that was comprised strictly of old fashioned candy like Mary Janes, Necco wafers, Cherry Bombs, and Bomino Turkish Taffy. The store was organized by era which I though was brilliant. I went right to the 1920s section and selected about $40 worth of candy from Mom's childhood. She had tears in her eyes when I presented each type to her. How sweet - literally and figuratively.

Here's a few selection of candies of yore. Note: make sure you senior citizen friend has no dietary restrictions before putting this candy gift basket in front of them.

Here's More Of My Articles About Good Gifts For Senior Citizens

I cared for my Mom, Gertie, for 5 years after Dad's death in 2007 until her own passing in 2012. During those years as her caregiver, I had some down time during which I found Squidoo and started writing up a lot of articles about what it felt like to be a caregiver. I also wrote up a slew of articles about good gifts for senior citizens mostly to help those frequent visitor's to the house who wanted to bring along a small gift for Mom. Here's some of my favorite gift ideas for the elderly:


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See More Wonderful Gifts For the Elderly At My Own Website

During the years I cared for my parents, I found some very unique gifts like day clocks (clocks that have the day of the week on them), or photo phones that allow the elderly to just push the picture of the person they want to call.

Come visit me at GoodGiftsForSeniorCitizens.com to see more wonderful gifts for an elderly Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.


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For The Senior Citizen Cook, How About A Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Gift Set?

Arthritic hands might make it difficult to use a regular pepper grinder long before but the love of fresh ground pepper diminishes. I'm a huge fan of fresh pepper so I bought this battery operated salt and pepper grinder set. It's even got a light on it so it makes it easier to see how much seasoning is going onto the food.


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Here's Some Sugar-Free Gift Sets For Those Senior Citizens With Sugar Issues

No need for your favorite senior citizen to sit out on a sweet treat even though they're on a sugar-restricted diet. Here's a few gift sets which are sugar free and quite attractive.

The Cheeseman Sugar-Free Cookie collection is particularly good (I bought one for my Dad who was bordering diabetes).

Note: these cookie gift baskets are made with a sugar substitute that may cause stomach upset if more than 2 or 3 cookies. Also, the cookies in each selection may be slightly different than shown on Amazon.com.

Here's A Great Gift Set For The Elderly Gardener

Surprisingly, my Mom spotted this same gift basket when we were in Brookstone's at the mall one day. She immediately whipped out MY wallet (in her later years, she didn't carry a purse) and bought me this set for my gardening needs (she paid me back!).

I still use this little gardening set 10 years later. Every time I pull it out, I remember that day when she 'bought' it for me.

This Game Gift Basket Would Be A Lot Of Fun For An Elderly Loved One

Mom and I would sometimes take out the old domino set she had from when she was a teen. It was always a special time when we'd spend an hour over the dining room table playing a rousing game of dominos. Somehow, she always won.

This gift basket has games like dominos, crazy eights, and checkers and the snacks to go along with it. And, don't underestimate the gift you'll be giving your elderly loved one when you sit a spell and play a game with them.


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Here's a few more articles I wrote up that you might find helpful:


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