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How to Fix Dry and Cracked Feet


My Mother suffered with dry, cracked heels. She never new what to do for them. Today I have found the Answer. Hope this will help others


Help is here for Dry Cracked feet

Do you find yourself hiding your feet because they are dry and cracked? Don't want people to see them? Don't know how to fix the problem?

Your dilemma is now over because there is a fast and easy solution to get rid of ugly feet!

You will see and feel the difference within the time first use.

No, this is not a one day Miracle solution. I would be telling a lie if I promised you that.

But...I am telling you that you will see a difference after one time application. Then used regularly, the problem will disappear.

Rainbow Souffle helps Dry Cracked Feet

This is one of the best Dead Sea Salt body scrubs that I have come across. It's called "Rainbow Souffle" and contains Dead Sea Salt.

It is not oily or greasy and does not dry out your skin. It gently exfoliates old skin. Thus, letting new skin rejuvenate.

First, apply a quarter size dab in palm of hand and rub all over the foot. Apply a small amount of warm water to dissolve the salt. Keep rubbing your feet until you start feeling smoothness upon them. The salt will eventually dissolve from the warm water. Rinse and dry.

A small foot scrubber or loofah scrubber can also be used while applying Rainbow Souffle to the foot heel.


How to use Rainbow Souffle Body scrub

What's in Rainbow Souffle?

Hemp Seed Oil, Dead Sea Salt & Minerals, Oxygen and Vitamin-C

Soak Feet in Dead Sea Salt

We all know the wonders of Dead Sea salt. It is Therapeutic in the treatment of certain diseases, particularly skin problems, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, rashes and even acne. While it detoxifies the body and aides in aches and pains.

Real Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals.

In a small basin add warm water and a 1/2 cup of dead Sea Salt. Soak feet for 15-20 minutes.

You can then apply Rainbow Souffle Body scrub and have the softest feet ever!

Soaking feet in a warm tub/bath of Dead Sea Salt to remove thousands of bacteria that are at the bottom of your feet that you can't see.


Crusty heals and Vitamin D3 deficiency

Usually when you have thick, hard, crusty, tough skin on the heals of your feet. It is also a sign of Vitamin D3 deficiency. To maintain healthy feet it is a good idea to incorporate Vitamin D3 in your daily regimen. This will help from the inside of your body as well.

There are many different brands out there. The ones pictured are the ones I like using. I have noticed when I haven't take Vitamin D3 for a few days the skin on my heals start turning thick and dry. That's when it started making sense to me about Vitamin D3 and the lack of.

Here's where to get 16 oz. tube Dead Sea Salt Rainbow Souffle

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