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What's Your Avatar?

I have over 10 years of experience in the alternative healing and energy fields as a healer and learner of the ancient healing sciences.

Finding Your True Self


Healing Through Your True Self

The more you seek yourself, the easier it is becomes to heal and to stand in your truth. It's when we are uncertain of who we are at our highest form that we lose our way. This makes it easy to fall into traps of illusions, or the "Maya" of life. Instead of following our destiny and heart, we believe in the surrounding voices that misguide us into a labyrinth of uncertainty.

Discovering who you are is the beginning to healing and empowerment. By identifying the characteristics that make you complete, it is easier to walk the path of truth and to move to your calling of destiny.

Tapping Into Your Higher Self


Your Higher Self and Your Avatar

The defining point of your higher self is spirit in true form, identified by your true nature. This supersedes time, space, and even this lifetime. It is the you that always exists and which will continue to exist.

Your avatar is a filter of your higher self. It is the piece of you that wants to express within this lifetime and which is committed to certain characteristics and actions that highlight what you came here for and how you respond to specific situations.

By investigating your avatar self, you are climbing toward the path of understanding the true you: the "I Am That I Am" and how this interfaces with your avatar self.

The Beginnings of the Avatar


Definition of the Avatar

The avatar has been apparent in several cultures and mythical remnants. The oldest is through Hindu beliefs in which Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Krishna were known to have avatars which connected to them. Each played a part in the mystical journey to express and portray characteristics of the gods and goddesses.

In later times, the avatar was conceived through the use of Tarot. There are 12 different characteristics that are dominant within an individual, each which guides them on their journey.

Tarot cards were originally known as a way to tell the current energetics of an individual and their perception in life. At any time, you could express a dominant avatar characteristic while others would shift to a different definition. One tarot was your specific characteristic - the one which you were interested in during this lifetime.

The latest use of the avatar or archetype is through Jungian psychology. This introduces terminology of parts of the mind which react in specific ways based on psychological needs as well as the interactivity which one individual takes.

What Is Your Avatar?

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The 12 Archetypes

There are 12 major archetypes as well as minor archetypes which are a part of your makeup. Typically, an individual will have more than one avatar that they associate with. In many instances, this is conveyed by how you express yourself and what you perceive within yourself. These can rotate throughout your life; however, most are considered to have a dominant archetype that guides them through each stage of life.

1. The Hero: In movies, this is the main character that is ready to take the heroes journey. This is the individual that wants to save others, solve problems, and stand on mountains to defeat the enemy.

2. The Fool: The fool is always ready for fun, games, and to tread on the edge of reality. The fool was not discovered a negative term with the avatar, but simply as someone who was willing to take chances without looking at the negative impact this might have.

3. The Ruler: If you claim to be a ruler, then your interest is in leadership and power. You are interested in the front position and have a desire to be followed. Love, freedom, and philosophy don't interest you as much as claiming power from those around you.

4. The Creator: You love to create and make something new. You may find yourself interested in innovation, new ideas, the arts, and exploring what can be done. The creator is not as interested in fine-tuning a craft as much as trying something different.

5. Sage: You live for wisdom, intelligence, and the truth. The sage expresses themselves as the mentor who does not seek to teach others but is sought. You are there to correct the path of others but not to belong on the path yourself.

6. Innocent: Often seen as gullible and naive, you are interested in only the best outcome. You may be seen as an optimist and are often found with childlike questioning. By constantly seeing the world like it is new, you are able to guide others on their journey.

7. Magician: Also known as the strategist or the wizard. If you have this as your ultimate characteristic, then you are interested in combining intelligence, wisdom, and magic. While not yet at a level of mastery, your interest is in finding complete truth and wisdom.

8. Lovers: If you love to love, love others, love objects, or live for love, then this is your archetype. The lovers are usually seen in pairs of two, but can be an archetype for an individual who lives for high ideologies, beauty, and all that is inspiring in the world.

9. Caregivers: You are interested in nurturing others and you find joy by giving to others. You can become a martyr to a cause without thinking of yourself, often which causes suffrage while you continue to give to those surrounding you.

10. Wanderer: Carefree and ready to explore, the wanderer is interested in travel, exploring new places, or new ideas. You are not interested in a beaten path, but simply going to places that are unknown.

11. Outlaw: You desire for freedom and release from restrictions. You are often found going against the grain and consider laws a distraction to the freedom you are interested in finding.

12. The Orphan: You like to fall into the background and often are considered a "loner". Despite your social separation, you offer wisdom and insight to the world that surrounds you.

Path to the True Self


The Meaning of Avatars

Reflecting on the main avatar which you follow will assist you in how you approach scenarios in life. You will begin to understand why you are energetically drawn toward specific approaches while rejecting others. More importantly, you will find that you can begin to master certain energetics with how you act and who you are. This will support your life journey while allowing you to feel free and to embrace your true self.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Brooke Hart

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