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Fifth Dimensional Healing


A Shift In Consciousness

We are now in the age of the "Great Shift" in human consciousness. This shift is made possible by the light that has been coming onto the planet by ever increasing amounts for the last 20-plus years. This light is carrying information from the Fifth Dimension...the realm of love where our higher consciousness resides. This light speaks to our inner being, nudging us to awaken to our full potential and remembrance of who we really are and why we are here.

Think of the light as a phone call to a family member who is suffering from amnesia, little by little the information imparted sparks threads of memory to surface. As more and more light becomes available to us it becomes harder to return to the old ways of thinking and being, as we are being directed to unleash our Inner Healer and awaken the sleeping God within.

"The Shift, represents a rare opportunity of collectively repatterning the expression of human consciousness. The Shift is the term applied to the process of Earth accelerating through a course of evolutionary change, with the human species linked, by choice, to the electromagnetic fields of Earth, following suit through a process of cellular change." -

— Gregg Braden

A Prism Of Light - Transending the Physical Body...


Fifth Dimensional healing helps you to transcend to a state of consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical body. When we resonate with the frequencies of this realm, we are in the universal flow of energy where All things are possible. The information transmitted by the light is the key to understanding how to manifest our thoughts into matter, to unlock our innate ability to heal ourselves and others.

When I am resonating with these frequencies I become a Prism that the light comes into and radiates out of, as I work on a client I share this vibration with them...bringing them up to the vibration of the Fifth Dimension. At that point our energies have merged and created the sacred space known as the Vesica Pisces...a Sacred Geometric shape that is considered to be a Dimensional Doorway. It is within this portal that all healing takes place.

There are physical signs when a person is resonating with this frequency. The most common ones are uncontrollable blinking, rolling the eyes, uneven breathing, and twitching of the hands and feet. Some people I have worked on have shown extreme signs such as flailing of the arms and legs and even talking in strange voices.

I have come to realize that the "strange voice" is the soul talking, responding to the information it is receiving. While this seemed very strange to me at first, in fact at times it seemed down right creepy, it now seems perfectly natural that the soul would respond to the information that is being communicated to it through the light.

Our cells and DNA also communicate through frequency; with this exchange of information healing can occur very quickly. First at the spiritual level, then continuing through the emotional level and into the physical body, releasing the root cause of dis-ease. As a result our immune systems are being altered and strengthened, and our vibrations are rising, causing a shift in consciousness... an awakening to the remembrance that we are Multi-Sensory, Multi-Dimensional beings and the co-creators of our lives.

"Quantum multi-dimensional healing will only happen once we accept and connect with the next dimension - the fifth dimension!"

Yogi Sharanananda


Changed By The Light

In Every Possible Way

These frequencies have changed my life in many ways. Spiritually most of my core beliefs have changed or fallen away completely. I have become clairsentient, suddenly "knowing" things, my intuition has become much more fine-tuned and I am more confident, no longer bothered by things that used to bother or embarrass me.

Emotionally I cleared out many lifetimes worth of energy blockages and density.

There have been many physical changes as well. I realized that we All Have the Power to Heal Ourselves! I once depended on crystals, flower essences, herbs and vitamins to keep me well...I now depend on the power within that created my body, to keep it healthy. My old illnesses and lifetime allergies are now just memories. I used to be so allergic to wool that I couldn't enter a store that sold it...I now have a wool rug next to my healing table and as I stand on it with my bare feet I am reminded of how much the light has changed me.

The Divine Matrix - Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief

Could the spontaneous healing of disease, an instant connection with everyone and everything, and even time travel be our true heritage in the universe?


Higher Frequency Healing

For Higher Dimensional Beings

The light is evolving us into higher dimensional beings. As a healer I have realized that many of the time honored healing techniques that I consider to be old friends are no longer enough, as they are 3rd dimensional and the new human vibration needs "higher frequency healing."

Not that long ago these higher frequencies would have felt harsh and uncomfortable, but as my body takes on more and more light, I have come into harmony with them and have trouble feeling any effects from the techniques that I once enjoyed.

When working on a physical problem I could use any of the healing techniques but the higher frequencies work so much faster, healing in a matter of minutes what might take many weeks of sessions with other modalities. Once when I severely burned my fingers, I chose to resonate with the frequency of normal skin temperature and watched as my blistered purple skin returned to normal in less than a minute.

"These evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of light and information. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect to the pure vibration of our soul." -

— Eric Pearl



Gateway to the Light

The Fifth Dimensional consciousness is that of oneness with your Spirit and all things. Although this light is available for everyone, it is through the process of Reconnection that you are fully able to interact with these frequencies; it is through this process that rapid transformations take place. The Reconnection is the Divine Gateway that allows the light to flow into your being, expanding your nervous system to hold more light.

Fifth Dimensional healing, also known as Reconnective healing, is true healing on all levels, soul, mind, and body.

When you reconnect with the infinite wisdom in this light you unleash the magic within you as you open to a higher human vibration...one that transcends far beyond the limitations of the third dimension.


Experience Fifth Dimensional Healing

Classes, Intuitive Vibrational Therapy Sessions and Reconnection Therapy sessions

Intuitive Vibrational Therapy- each session is intuitively personalized just for you, by blending Fifth Dimensional healing with other vibrational energies such as Tuning Forks that will facilitate your highest healing.

Reconnection Therapy - is the process of cleansing and re-activating your personal grid...your connection to the universe. A special Tuning Fork protocol is used to cleanse your chakras before the activation.

Schedule your sessions with Rhonda Sandmoen at Awakening Wellness

Fifth Dimensional Healing Classes

This is not a class for everyone!

But, if you would like to release your emotional baggage, transmute your physical ailments into health, raise your vibrations and consciousness by tapping into the wisdom and love of the higher dimensions, then this class IS For You!

In this class you will learn to:

· Harness these higher frequencies to heal yourself and others.

· Use the frequencies for distance healing.

· Resonate with (become) any frequency you choose.

· Change the frequency of your food and medicine.

· Use the frequencies to heal your pets

· Change the frequency of an entire room

· Raise the frequency of others.

Get more information about classes at Awakening Wellness

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Echo Phoenix on May 19, 2013:

Squidtastic! what an amazing experience this must be, WOW!! I want to become like a prism :) I will have to apply this knowledge to take my meditations to this 5th Dimension which has eluded me thus far... thank you for sharing this. Namaste`

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I'm actually researching about this particular subject. I'm interested to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing this great lens!

Wendy Gillissen on June 28, 2012:

Wonderfully informative, well-written lens! I have been practising theta healing for about 6 months now which also resulted in many frequency shifts... at one time I even had to bring up the frequency of my electrical appliances as I was blowing up lightbulbs left and right!;-) Reconnective healing sounds fascinating as well... how wonderful to live in times when this knowledge is (again) freely available! Thank you:-)

Millie Spearman on June 03, 2012:

Great information for these times

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Wonderful Lens - thank you

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You always have such inspirational messages for me on each lens I land :)

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Feeling the shift and am inspired by this message about the fifth dimension.

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I could feel my entire being relaxing as I read your words on the fifth dimension of healing. Thank you for this wonderful positive message of hope and health.

kathysart on November 28, 2011:

Thumbs up on this great lens.. LUV it!

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Completely agree with what you say here. Guess it sounds similar to Chakra healing and works alongside concepts of Kundalini Shakti!

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This is extremely fascinating and a beautiful lens. Angel Blessed today!

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Lovely lens, I have featured this in my lens about Providence

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Very lovely lens and spiritual lens.

KonaGirl from New York on January 05, 2011:

I have really enjoyed reading this lens, Rhonda. I have studied along this path for years and got side tracked. It is time for a re-connection and many things need to be re-learned. You have done a fabulous job with this lens; your graphics are also very beautiful.

Mayapearl on December 25, 2010:

What a beautiful lens, I enjoyed it and will come back to it, thank you. I am lenrolling it to Psychic-Development-1. Thumbs up

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Very glad to have discovered this lens - thanks for sharing the light, the book recommendations and your great comment on my lens. JM

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on December 12, 2010:

Margo said exactly what I was going to...absolutely beautiful. I strongly believe in the power of oneself in healing...great lens. Wishing you a very merry holiday season and as wonderful of a new year from my home to yours.

MargoPArrowsmith on October 19, 2010:

Beautiful lens! thumbs up

anonymous on September 09, 2010:

I SO want to take your Fifth Dimensional Healing class!

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Rhonda. ((Hugs))!

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on September 05, 2010:

This lens is so incredible. I know it's not by accident that I found it or it found me.

julieannbrady on August 23, 2010:

I actually felt as though I stepped into a new and different dimension when I found your page ... yes, I am preparing for new connections and a reconnection of sorts. Thanks for the encouragement you offer here!

anonymous on May 28, 2010:

Had to come back and share this on FaceBook. Thanks!

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This is a superb lens, AwakeningWellness! Your connection with Divine Energy is inspiring and uplifting to me. I've lensrolled it to my new lens on synchronicity, thanks!

anonymous on November 26, 2009:

I am rose..i been having experiences,i woke up with music coming out my chest,and it gave of arura,,,i seen a star being,and i am awarea atro..projecting

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Gorgeous graphics and well-written. Welcome to the Science of Energy Healing Group.

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Once again nicely done. Squid Angel blessed!

~ Colleen :)


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Excellent lens with a great deal of helpful information. Thank you for putting so much into it!

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Thank you for for this beautiful enlightening and informative lens.

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Fantastic Lens!!

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Great article Rhonda! I learned a lot! I also enjoyed the great images! Good work!

RinchenChodron on April 09, 2009:

If your readers enjoyed this lens they might also want to check out some of mine! I do vibrational healing as well. Very interesting - I'll have to read these books. Five stars and a Favorite.

Patricia on April 07, 2009:

This sounds very cool. I am very interested in it.

religions7 on April 06, 2009:

You've just been blessed by a squidangel :)

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