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7 Effective Home Remedies for Common Ailments

I am a marketing professional from India holding a postgraduate degree in Management. I am a health-conscious individual.

I have given a list of home remedies I have tried and found to be effective. Most of these home remedies have been in practice for a long time in South India. The one common factor with these remedies is the simplicity with which these can be made at home.

7 Home Remedies for Common Ailments

1. Drink hot water for bacterial or viral infection.

2. Drink papaya leaf extract for viral fever.

3. Salt water gargling for sore throat.

4. Steam bath for cold

5. Coconut oil massage for hair-loss

6. Fenugreek with Yogurt for diarrhea

7. Sunlight and fresh air

Drinking hot water can cleanse the throat

Drinking hot water can cleanse the throat

1. Drink Hot Water for Bacterial and Viral Infections

In USA and most of Europe, viral infections are more prevalent compared to the bacterial ones. In tropical countries like India, bacterial infection is more common, though viral infections present themselves often. A very simple remedy is available at home to treat bacterial or viral infections. One should drink hot water thrice a day. It is as simple as that.

For this to be effective, we need to take water to a boil. Water close to the boiling point could hurt our mouth and throat. So the boiling water has to be poured into a stainless steel glass. Allow the temperature to come down so that the heat is bearable. By holding the glass, we can feel the temperature. We can drink once it is as hot as a hot coffee or tea.

Hot water is believed to keep bacteria and other microbes at check by cleansing the throat. It is interesting that hot tea or coffee at the same temperature is not as effective as plain hot water. We can use the microwave oven, gas stove, or an oven to heat water to a boil.

2. Drink Papaya Leaf Extract for Viral Infections

Viral infections are tricky as they last about a week with or without medication. The conventional medicines focus only on providing symptomatic relief from viral infections. This is where Papaya leaf extract comes handy. Pluck a fresh Papaya leaf and grate the same into small pieces. Mix it with a glass of water and blend the same in a food processor or a mixer-grinder.

Taking this extract thrice a day works like a charm. Various state governments in India recommend the use of Papaya leaf extract for the management of Chikungunya. This would help in reducing the after effects of Chikungunya such as the joint pains. It may be a good idea to explore if Papaya leaf extract can be effective against Coronavirus.

Salt water gargling can be an effective remedy against cold.

Salt water gargling can be an effective remedy against cold.

3. Salt Water Gargling for Sore Throat

Do you feel something croaky in your throat? The trusted home made solution is salt water gargling. The water can be warm or a little hot. Add a tablespoon of table salt to the warm water. While gargling, make sure that the salt water reaches all sides of the mouth.

The saline solution clears most of the residual bacteria or viruses in the throat during salt water gargling. Once the viral or bacterial load is reduced, our own immunity takes over and combats the infection more effectively.

That familiar feeling of cold and tissue

That familiar feeling of cold and tissue

4. Steam Bath for Cold

Are you suffering from cold and running nose? Do you feel a bit of congestion in your chest? Water once again comes handy. Heat water to a little over boiling point. Keep the boiled water in a bowl on a table. Bend your face towards the bowl and wrap your face with a towel so that the steam won't escape.

Breathe in and breathe out steam for 2 to 5 minutes. This clears the congestion and makes breathing easier. You can also reheat the hot water again for another round of steam bath. A steam bath is believed to reduce the congestion in the respiratory passage and improve our breathing.

Only for illustrative purposes, A self application would do.

Only for illustrative purposes, A self application would do.

5. Coconut Oil Massage for Preventing Hair-Loss

Hair-loss and baldness is a major problem for people in their forties. While it is not possible to reverse baldness, one can certainly arrest further hair-loss from happening. After trying my hand at various solutions, I find the coconut oil massage to be the most effective.

Twice a week, we can massage our head with coconut oil. Leave the oil for around fifteen minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. There would be a noticeable reduction in hair-loss thanks to the stimulation provided by massaging action.

There is improved blood flow on the scalp after the massage. The improved blood circulation would boost hair growth, thereby preventing or even reversing hair loss. Whether we get our hair back, oil massage is a rejuvenating and rewarding experience.

6. Fenugreek with Yogurt for Diarreah

Diarrhea is not just another disorder, and it can embarrass us at work. This is true for someone with a 9 to 5 job. Few would fancy the idea of visiting the rest room often while at work. For the relief of such people, there is a home remedy that works like a magic.

A handful of fenugreek seeds and a half glass of yogurt (plain, unsweetened) would do the trick. Take fenugreek in your mouth but do not munch or bite. Then drink yogurt, which will help you swallow the fenugreek seeds. It may not help in curing diarrhea, but it certainly helps in arresting loose stools for a period. So taking this remedy as and when required, reduces the frequency of bathroom visits till one recovers from diarrhea.

Our Sun is the best source for Vitamin D

Our Sun is the best source for Vitamin D

7. Sunlight and Fresh Air

Last but not the least, give yourself a bit of sunlight and fresh air every day. It is important that we get Vitamin D from sunlight and improved oxygenation from fresh air in these troubled times. Vitamin D can help in strengthening bones and lessening the impact of cardiovascular diseases. Fresh air helps clear your lungs and improve your mental focus. When you get a chance, stay outdoors as often as you can.

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Mohan Babu (author) from Chennai, India on May 05, 2021:

You are right, Liz. I guess the early travelers must have taken the good practices from one place to another.

Liz Westwood from UK on May 04, 2021:

This is an interesting list of remedies. I was surprised to find that some of them were familiar. It is amazing how customs can become global.

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