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Dreams About Snakes – Scientific Translation


The Meaning of The Snake in Dreams

Snakes in dreams represent the intervention of divine providence.

If you had a dream about snakes, this means that you are making serious mistakes that will generate tragic consequences.

Each snake you see in a dream represents a bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes in a painful way.

The snake represents the divine punishment because you are a sinner. However, it also represents salvation from terror and despair.

The bad event makes you stop making a serious mistake that would destroy your life.

You'll suffer with this event and regret having done something wrong. However, you deserve to be punished. If you are making a serious mistake, this means that you are irresponsible.

On the other hand, thanks to this punishment you won't face tragic future consequences. The divine intervention will make you stop doing what is bad before it is too late.

This means that you should be grateful for being saved from hell.

You can also prevent suffering with the bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes if you'll be intelligent. You only have to follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

The unconscious mind will show you how to correct your mistakes and stop doing what is negative. Thus, you won't have to pass through a bitter experience in order to stop making mistakes. You'll understand your faults, and change your attitude.



The snake is one of the most important dream symbols.

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of snakes in dreams thanks to an arduous research.

He analyzed the meaning of the snake for many different civilizations that belonged to different historical times. He analyzed the meaning of the snake not only in their dreams, as well as in their artistic expressions, religious manifestations, and philosophical thoughts.

I continued Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche, discovering the reason why we become mentally ill. We inherit craziness into the biggest part of our brain. This is why we need guidance.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin and possesses undoubtable wisdom.

I verified numerous times that we can completely trust the unconscious sanctity and truly believe in the information we have in dream messages. The unconscious mind always shows us the truth in our dreams.

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How Can a Dream About a Snake Save Your Life?

The snake in a dream will help you avoid great suffering in the future, even though you'll have to pass through a bitter experience.

Your suffering with this experience today won't be as painful as your suffering in the future.

You'll deal with a difficult situation only if you'll insist on making a serious mistake.

If you'll be prudent, you will pay attention to the unconscious messages and find out why you are in danger.

A dream about a snake can save your life if you'll follow the unconscious guidance and you'll understand why you had this warning.

For example, if you had the intention to have a love relationship with someone you ignore, after seeing a snake in a dream you'll understand that your intention to have a relationship with this person is a mistake.

This is a sad prediction, but it will save your life.

Thanks to this warning, you won't get involved with the wrong person. You'll have the chance to discover your perfect match and have a perfect relationship with the ideal person.

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The snake in a dream indicates that a tragic event will happen to the dreamer in order to prevent him or her from repeating mistakes that lead to tragic consequences.

Let's suppose that the dreamer is a thief.

He sees a snake in a dream. The next day, his robbery is discovered.

He becomes very angry and sad. However, after this tragic experience he will never steal anything from anyone again.

The bad event didn't let him continue to be a robber, and end up in jail.

This is a practical example about the importance of the snake in a dream.

Now you know that whenever you'll see a snake in a dream you should understand that it indicates a painful situation that will put an end to a serious mistake. This tragic situation will help you preserve your mental health and avoid worse problems in the future.

Only if you'll be prudent and you'll regularly analyze your dreams, can you avoid suffering with a bad event. If you'll act upon the wisdom of the unconscious mind, you'll be able to avoid any painful situation.

The unconscious mind sends you many warnings in dreams, giving you many explanations. You only have to follow the unconscious guidance in order to avoid tragic situations that must correct your mistakes.

If you'll always do what the wise unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, you'll become a wise human being and find authentic happiness in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Snake worship refers to the high status of snakes or nagas in Hindu mythology.

Naga is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very large snake, found in Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Sanskrit, a nagá is a cobra, a specific type of snake (hooded snake).

There are several words for "snake" in general, and one of the very commonly used ones is sarpá. Sometimes the word nagá is also used generically to mean "snake".

In the great epic Mahabharata, the depiction of Nagas tends toward the negative, and they are portrayed as the deserving victims of the snake sacrifice and of predation by the eagle-king Garuda. The epic calls them "persecutors of all creatures", and tells us "the snakes were of virulent poison, great prowess and excess of strength, and ever bent on biting other creatures" (Book I: Adi Parva, Section 20).

At the same time, nagas are important players in many of the events narrated in the epic, frequently no more evil nor deceitful than the other protagonists, and sometimes on the side of good.

The epic frequently characterizes Nagas as having a mixture of human and serpent-like traits. Sometimes it characterizes them as having human traits at one time, and as having serpent-like traits at another.

For example, the story of how the Naga prince Sesha came to hold the world on his head begins with a scene in which he appears as a dedicated human ascetic, "with knotted hair, clad in rags, and his flesh, skin, and sinews dried up owing to the hard penances he was practicing." Brahma is pleased with Shesha, and entrusts him with the duty of carrying the world.

At that point in the story, Shesha begins to exhibit the attributes of a serpent. He enters into a hole in the Earth and slithers all the way to bottom, where he then loads the Earth onto his head. (Book I: Adi Parva, Section 36.)

Snakes were central to many mythologies because of their perceived quality of being both familiar and exotic. The behavior of snakes and their facial features (e.g. the unblinking, lidless eyes) seemed to imply that they were intelligent, that they lived by reason and not instinct, and yet their thought-processes were as alien to humans as their ways of movement.

In some cultures snakes were fertility symbols, for example the Hopi people of North America performed an annual snake dance to celebrate the union of Snake Youth (a Sky spirit) and Snake Girl (an Underworld spirit) and to renew fertility of Nature.

Horned serpents appear in the oral history of numerous Native American cultures, especially in the Southeastern Woodlands and Great Lakes.

Muscogee Creek traditions include a Horned Serpent and a Tie-Snake, estakwvnayv in the Muscogee Creek language. These are sometimes interpreted as being the same creature and sometimes different - similar, but the Horned Serpent is larger than the Tie-Snake.

To the Muscogee people, the Horned Serpent is a type of underwater serpent covered with iridescent, crystalline scales and a single, large crystal in its forehead. Both the scales and crystals are prized for their powers of divination.

Alabama people call the Horned Serpent "crawfish snake," which they divide into four classifications based on its horns' colors, which can be blue, red, white, or yellow.

Yuchi people made effigies of the Horned Serpent as recently as 1905. An effigy was fashioned from stuffed deerhide, painted blue, with the antlers painted yellow. The Yuchi Big Turtle Dance honors the Horned Serpent's spirit, which was related to storms, thunder, lighting, disease, and rainbows.

Snakes were found throughout ancient Egypt, including the desert sands, in old walls, in fields, by the Nile and in its swamps, on threshing floors, in houses and in livestock enclosures and pastures.

Poisonous snakes would have posed a threat to humans and domestic animals alike. Hence, the Egyptians had somewhat of a love/hate relationship with snakes.

While they were dangerous, they were also viewed, for example, as a protector to the King, but also a demon of the underworld.

A papyrus in the Brooklyn Museum which served as a manual for a doctor treating snakebite reveals that the Egyptians had an intimate knowledge of snakes.

Although the beginning of the papyrus is lost, it would have listed the names of some thirty-seven.

At least thirty-six species (some sources say 34, 37, or 40, of which an estimated seven are poisonous) have been identified in modern Egypt, but the ancient typology most likely did not correspond exactly to the modern ones.

The papyrus gives a physical description of each snake and its habitat, along with precise descriptions of the symptoms produced by each snake's venom, whether or not the bite is mortal, and the name of the god or goddess of which the snake is considered to be a manifestation.

Aztec culture is generally grouped with the cultural complex known as the Nahuatl because of the common language they shared.

According to legend, the various groups who were to become the Aztecs arrived from the north into the Anahuac valley around Lake Texcoco.

The location of this valley and lake of destination is clear - it is the heart of modern Mexico City - but little can be known with certainty about the origin of the Aztec.

There are different accounts of their origin. In the myth the ancestors of the Mexica/Aztec came from a place in the north called Aztlan, the last of seven nahuatlacas (Nahuatl-speaking tribes, from tlaca, "man") to make the journey southward, hence their name "Azteca." Other accounts cite their origin in Chicomostoc, "the place of the seven caves," or at Tamoanchan (the legendary origin of all civilizations).

The Mexica/Aztec were said to be guided by their god Huitzilopochtli, meaning "Left-handed Hummingbird" or "Hummingbird from the South."

When they arrived at an island in the lake, they saw an eagle which was perched on a nopal cactus full of its fruits (nochtli).

(Due to a mistranslation of an account by Tesozomoc, it became popular to say the eagle was devouring a snake, but in the original Aztec accounts, the snake is not mentioned.

One states that it was eating a bird, another indicates that it was only perched in the cactus, and a third just says it was eating something.)

This vision fulfilled a prophecy telling them that they should found their new home on that spot. The Aztecs built their city of Tenochtitlan on that site, building a great artificial island, which today is in the center of Mexico City.

In religion, mythology, and literature, serpents and snakes often stand for fertility or a creative life force-partly because the creatures can be seen as symbols of the male sex organ. They have also been associated with water and earth because many kinds of snakes live in the water or in holes in the ground.

The ancient Chinese connected serpents with life-giving rain. Traditional beliefs in Australia, India, North America, and Africa have linked snakes with rainbows, which in turn are often related to rain and fertility.

As snakes grow, many of them shed their skin at various times, revealing a shiny new skin underneath. For this reason snakes have become symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ancient Greeks considered snakes sacred to Asclepius, the god of medicine. He carried a caduceus, a staff with one or two serpents wrapped around it, which has become the symbol of modern physicians.

For both the Greeks and the Egyptians, the snake represented eternity.

Ouroboros, the Greek symbol of eternity, consisted of a snake curled into a circle or hoop, biting its own tail.

The Ouroboros grew out of the belief that serpents eat themselves and are reborn from themselves in an endless cycle of destruction and creation.



Until the advent of antivenom, bites from some species of snake were almost universally fatal.

Despite huge advances in emergency therapy, antivenom is often still the only effective treatment for envenomation.

The first antivenom was developed in 1895 by French physician Albert Calmette for the treatment of Indian cobra bites. Antivenom is made by injecting a small amount of venom into an animal (usually a horse or sheep) to initiate an immune system response. The resulting antibodies are then harvested from the animal's blood.

Antivenom is injected into the person intravenously, and works by binding to and neutralizing venom enzymes. It cannot undo damage already caused by venom, so antivenom treatment should be sought as soon as possible. Modern antivenoms are usually polyvalent, making them effective against the venom of numerous snake species.

Learn more at: Snakebite

Saving Your Mental Health

The same way that the poison of the snake is used as medicine that cures someone who is a victim of a poisonous snake bite, the bad event represented by the snake in a dream cures the dreamer from craziness.

All mistakes lead to craziness because they are the result of the absurdity contained into our anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is our wild and evil conscience, which didn't evolve like our human conscience. It generates mental illnesses within our human conscience in order to destroy our human conscience and control our behavior.

This means that the divine intervention saves your sanity. You are prevented to keep making a serious mistake because the divine intervention doesn't let you lose your human conscience and become mentally ill.



Psychology and The Global Superficiality

God helps a sinner thanks to the symbol of the snake because God tries to save the sinner's mental stability.

However, the sinner must be punished in order to be saved because he must suffer in order to understand his mistake and acquire consciousness of this mistake, so that he may never again repeat this mistake in his life.

Good is generous with the sinner, but God is a very serious doctor. He must correct the sinner's behavior.

The snake in dreams represents the intervention of divine providence with the intention to save a sinner from eternal hell. The snake represents a punishment that cures the dreamer by making him face a bad event in his daily life, which will put an end to a costly mistake.

The snake represents suffering, but at the same time it represents salvation. The dreamer is prevented from making the same mistake during all his life and from facing tragic consequences.

Brain Power

Brain Power



How to Use All of Your Brain Power

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God's mind. Carl Jung discovered this truth, but he didn't have a religious attitude.

You should have a religious attitude because God is as wise and saintly as described by all religions of the world.

All religions were created by the same God in order to teach us different aspects of our complex spiritual reality.

God speaks through dreams and works like a natural psychotherapist because you have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain.

In other words, the unconscious mind shows you how you can eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche in order to save your mental health.

Evilness and craziness are synonyms. When you eliminate what is bad, this means that you eliminate what is absurd. Only goodness can give you balance and sound mental health. Without goodness you are condemned to be the worst victim of your own mistakes.

You are very far from real goodness because you have inherited a huge anti-conscience and your tiny human conscience is one-sided and under-developed. However, you can eliminate your evil anti-conscience and become a wise human being if you'll obey the unconscious guidance in dreams.

The unconscious mind will transform your personality and your life. When you'll completely eliminate your wild nature, you'll acquire total consciousness. You'll even realize that you are a genius, but you ignored this fact.

Your anti-conscience doesn't let you use all your capacities. It steals your brain power.

When you'll transform the primitive conscience you have inherited into a positive component of your human conscience, you'll finally have the chance to use all of your brain power and truly evolve.

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Do you have dreams about snakes?

JustAnotherMom on July 08, 2016:

I have a question not of a dream, but a tarot card. "A young woman hidden in the temple of love stares fearlessly at a snake ready to pounce on a bird." Interpretation of the 7th degree in Cancer. It is involved in my son's astrology chart. It is his Midheaven card. It is my understanding that the Midheaven does not come into play until our mid-life phase, and for the moment he is only 9. I have learned so much and have found much ease in interpreting other things, but this one still eludes me.

lynette on March 22, 2016:

i had dream of a snake being friendly but I was scared, it was more like a pet at my house but I didnt want it to stay at my house but was scared that if i show it that I dont like it it will harm me. what does this mean...The snake was a python

sameer on March 21, 2015:

Yesterday night I saw there was a bit problem in our water I checked it I found a big black snake was inside it,I tried to bring it back out bt I can't.then I saw my sister and my nieces were there so I tried to kill it and brought it up.I thought I killed it but it was alive it turned into a girl and ran after me trying to catch me ,I runed too and after a chase I stopped and tried to frighten her,then she left.after that when I was gossiping with my friends I saw 3 snakes one black other blue and one small one tried to bit me ,one ws successful but I ws wearing a jeans so it can't.then I started running,I runned bt every time I go to a place they are after me...wherever I go I saw thm....lots and lots of snakes..on the highway ..jumping,scattered,chasing me.then I stopped in a place..I thnk after a brisge some river was there ,smoked a cigarette.and then I just awakens

rpadil on March 19, 2015:

I am 4 months pregnant and my relationship is very hard at this moment. My dream is where for some reason I thru my car keys into this field that was full of ducks or birds of some kind. I realized that was a big mistake as I would need the keys to get into my car and my house. I go into the field to search for my keys looking everywhere for them. I see this brown area of "dirt" and when I realize it is already to late that they are actually snakes. All of a sudden a man appears and he is bitten by a snake, I then try to help and the snake then bites me twice and latches on to me. The man helps free the snake from me and then I awake from the dream. I wish I could understand this dream. As I have been in a very depressed state and have been very sad and confused through this pregnancy.

adi shakti on January 07, 2015:

i found this post on snakes to be reductive, simplistic and unscientific and given the frequent advertising far from progressive or insightful.

Lenhla on November 04, 2014:

i am a few weeks pregnant and i dreamed of two was black and brown and the other was white.The black and brown one went into its hole and then my little sister saw it and tried to take it out but then it bit her,she tried taking it out again and it her again but then i pulled her.The white one was just passing by.

Niktravelfit on June 28, 2014:

I used to dream about snakes quite often. Not anymore. Never was a real nightmare, but quite unpleasant for sure.

askformore lm on August 20, 2013:

I do not like snakes! So a dream about snakes would be a nightmare.

Tony Bonura from Tickfaw, Louisiana on April 26, 2013:

I have never dreamed about snakes. I would probably consider it to be a nightmare if I did. I am not a big fan of snakes and believe in just letting them alone and hoping they do the same for me. This was a very interesting and informative lens.


andrewdar on February 10, 2013:

I have never had such a dream but now I will know the meaning if I have one. Thank you a lot for the lens .

sponias lm (author) on February 08, 2013:

@ManfromModesto LM: Many people believe that they know how to interpret dreams based on Carl Jungâs method, but this is an illusion. His method of dream interpretation is too complicated, obscure, and time consuming. You cannot learn this method in a university. Even those who follow Carl Jungâs psychology ignore how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams based on his method. Only a few of his students could really understand how to interpret dreams.

On the other hand, his method is incomplete because he stopped his research at a certain point, accepting ignorance from that point and on. I continued his research, discovering a lot more because I precisely obeyed the guidance of the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams. This is why I declare that Jungâs dream theories were real discoveries.

He couldn't understand the real dimension of his discoveries because he was a pioneer. I had to complete his research and clarify what he couldn't explain with the knowledge he had.

You should study my dynamic simplification of Carl Jungâs method. You will perceive that the dream messages contain superior knowledge. The accurate dream translations reveal amazing truths, which you can verify in your daily life.

Dreams are rich symbolic expressions that can be interpreted through numerous ways, and this is why their meaning was distorted by many impostors who merely give you their opinion about the meaning of dreams. Only Jung made a serious research, looking for the meaning of important images for all civilizations of the world. He looked for the meaning of the mysterious dream language like an archeologist. He didn't distort this meaning with his personal opinion.

Dreams follow a different logic. They cannot be understood based on the logic followed by our conscience. I had to translate numerous dreams for many people during two decades in order to simplify the complicated dream language and the process of psychotherapy the dreamer must follow by obeying the unconscious guidance.

When youâll master the dream language based on the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, you will understand the big difference existent between all the false methods of dream interpretation and the scientific method.

The scientific translations work like a surgical operation into the dreamerâs psyche. They cure all mental illnesses, including severe mental disorders like schizophrenia and psychosis, which cannot be cured by todayâs psychiatry.

ManfromModesto LM on February 08, 2013:

@sponias lm: I did. I majored in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. According to his own words, Jung did not "discover" anything. He only translated eastern religion into terms the western, scientific mind would accept. Those are his own terms.

sponias lm (author) on February 07, 2013:

@ManfromModesto LM: Your interpretations are based on suppositions. You should study the real meaning of the dream language, which was discovered by Carl Jung.

ManfromModesto LM on February 07, 2013:

This is an interesting take on the snake dream. It can certainly represent a wicked force entering the life of the dreamer. Details of the interaction should be observed. For example, if the bite has no effect... the snake might be a mimic, an innocuous snake with markings of a venomous one. Alternately, scripture says the venom of a snake will not harm a Holy Spirit filled believer.

Some people never turn from evil. Dreams can be sent as a warning, to turn people away from evil. However, there are false dreams, dreams sent by the same wicked forces which sometimes are portrayed as snakes in dreams.

Here are some dreams I had with snakes years ago, already manifested, making the meaning a little more clear:

I Liked this one!

sponias lm (author) on November 25, 2012:

@anonymous: Dear NPN,

I receive many dreams for translation per day, and this is a practice that takes time and concentration. The scientific dream translations are based on serious research and discoveries.

I donât tell you my opinion when I translate a dream; I transcribe the unconscious words by translating the meaning of the dream symbols and following the dream logic. This is like translating a language made only by words to another one, like translating English to Spanish.

In order to accurately translate your dream I must learn basic details about your life biography.

By reading this dream once and identifying its main dream symbols I can tell you that this dream is a serious warning about your husbandâs mental stability. However, I must analyze many other details.

You have to submit your dream and your life biography to my website:

Professional Dream Translation

I hope youâll take dream interpretation seriously and prevent a mental illness. Dream translation is like a surgical operation. It prevents and cures all mental illnesses, besides helping you in many other ways.

anonymous on November 25, 2012:

Last night, I saw a dream where my husband was taken to hospital, and he was almost unconscious. My friends were telling me that he was bitten by snake on his forehead. But for some reason, I had a firm belief that snake should not do anything bad. Please help me in intrepretating this dream.

sponias lm (author) on November 10, 2012:

@anonymous: Dear NurseNina,

I understand how you feel, but you must not blame yourself for any reason, since you couldn't prevent the motorcycle accident. You would be able to prevent it if you knew how to translate the meaning of dreams and you could understand this girlâs psychological problems. However, since you ignored the meaning of dreams, you couldn't do anything to save her.

The snake biting the girl indicates that she was punished for making a serious moral mistake. You were somehow related to this moral mistake because of the scar caused by the snake on your finger (I have to learn your life biography to know in which way you were related to it).

Your finger represents your actions. Her arm is related to the girlâs actions. The blood in dreams represents pain.

I have to learn the girlâs life biography and your life biography to be able to clearly translate this dream and explain the reason why you had this warning and why the girl died.

If you want to learn more details about this matter you have to send me your life biography and the girlâs life biography, but not here in this lens because I receive numerous dreams for translation per day and this is a practice that takes time and concentration. You should submit the life biographies to my website:

Professional Dream Translation

anonymous on November 10, 2012:

At the end of january i had a dream about a snake biting a girl that i rarely ever socialized with. I also had a scar on my finger(in the dream) from the same snake. This girl, Autumn, was rapidly bitten on the finger and then the snake unlatched his jaws and engulfed her entire arm. The snake was pulled off of her and decapitated by a bystander. I was urged by my spirit to wake up and write this dream down, and to tell this girl Autumn about my if to warn her??? There was a lot of red blood in the dream from the bite. So i did tell her about my dream and that i felt it was a warning. I found out that in june she died in a motorcycle accident (red motorcycle). This dream always weighed heavy on my heart and i knew that something bad was going to happen to her...what could i have done differently? The snake in the dream was yellow and black.

bilafond lm on July 05, 2012:

@anonymous: Thank you Tipi as always for your valuable input. Thanks for visiting as well

bilafond lm on July 05, 2012:

This is a very informative lens which I have shared with my daughter. She is our family dream interpretor and I have written a lens on it as well.

anonymous on April 01, 2012:

In Islam, dream of snakes have a different interpretation. It depends on the color of the snake as well as the scenario of the dreamer. in general, snakes means negative things will happen. but if you are pregnant. dream of snakes can be a sign of baby boy.

anonymous on March 17, 2012:

I've never had a dream with a snake that I can recall and was surprised to learn that it means both divine punishment as well as actual salvation from terror and despair...painfully though. We don't want to go through the pain but to be done with a life issue once and for all is worth it in the end. I expected something different, maybe evil but in the end its all good to have snakes in our dreams. You are so right that only goodness gives us balance in our mental health and in life. Excellent, as is your custom!

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