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Depression Part 2.

feels like always rains on me

feels like always rains on me


Some of the more serious forms of depression.

Clinical depression can usually be manageable if handled properly. The patient can lead a normal life,with medication and only the occasional relapse into deep depression (See Depression Part 1, by Dim Flaxenwick).

Post-natal depression can be positively dangerous if ignored.

Every new mum will have days where she feels she cannot cope, whether it is the 1st child in the family or the 5th. but continuous and/or deep depression needs to be addressed for the sake of the whole family. It´s not unheard of for new mums´to do serious harm to themselves or their babies.

I am not wanting to frighten any pregnant women or new mums., The majority of us don´t get this problem, but a few who ignore post-partum depression can go on to developing postpartum psychosis, which is dangerous for mother and baby

So much heartache could be avoided by talking to your doctor or midwife.

An experience of mine.


I recently went for a visit to the the place I call home., excited to see family and friends.

One day I ´d arranged to meet Jennifer and Roy, who sadly had a stillborn baby about 7 years ago,. They both recovered very well by taking care of the 2 children they already had and working together in a small family business. They generally got on with life.

I knew that Jenny had suffered occasional bouts of depression and we used to talk it through when I lived there. She didn't want to take antidepressants and seemed to cope quite well as long as she could have a good cry and tell me everything.

Nothing could have prepared me for the person who turned up to meet me this day. Jenny was speaking so fast I could barely understand her. Her hands were shaking and the more she talked and kept looking behind her, the more the word schizophrenia kept popping into my mind.

Roy turned up after parking the car . He was unusually quiet, after the initial hugs and joyful chat at seeing one another again.

So I listened, and listened to Jenny rambling, then asked if she´d seen a doctor. She had!

In fact only a few months ago she´d had a complete nervous breakdown and been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I´d never heard of it., but it explained to my own mind why the word schizophrenia had kept coming to my mind.

It was the saddest afternoon of my visit home. At least 3 times she asked Roy where had I gone., or if I was coming back............... I was sitting opposite her at the table.!!!

When i got to a computer I immediately looked for BPD.

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Reading through the symptoms , I could see that my poor friend had 8 out of the 9 symptoms

listed., including suicidal thoughts, fierce temper tantrums, paranoia,. Totally unstable, to say the least.

Thankfully she has a calm husband, doing all he can to help her. NOT EASY

Roy had spent one night in a jail cell because Jenny went to the police in hysterical mode, telling the police her husband had beaten her up.

While Roy languished in his cell, Jenny was taken to the local hospital, where the doctors had to tell her teenage son and the police that the cuts and bruises she had were simply NOT conducive to a beating. They were, however, classic injuries for someone who has needed to be forcibly restrained.

This, of course is what her son had to admit had happened. He and his dad had needed all the strength they could muster between them to hold her back when she was going berserk!!

I hated having to leave this lovely family we´d been so close to for years., but at least now she is being treated for the right disorder. How things will turn out , though is unknown.

Only an expert in these fields can really help the patient but family and friends support is vital too. A person with any serious mental disorder shouldn't spend too much time alone. (See ¨The little girl, the soldier, and his shiny boots¨¨by Dim Flaxenwick here on hubpages)

When I got home that night to the relative sanity of my sons´house, I felt drained, sad and then horrified......... as I realised that in 2 days time I was due to spend the day with my old friend Helen. (See Loved Ones Who Self-Harm by Dim Flaxenwick on hubpages)

Helen now spends her days heavily sedated so she no longer cuts herself,. But her depression runs so deep, she is still at suicidal level and I always wonder when I wave her goodbye if I´ll ever see her again.

offering a helping hand

offering a helping hand


Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on August 20, 2012:

Hello D.Juris Stetser........

A very kind comment from you. Thank you so much. If my hub helps even one person it is worth it.

D.Juris Stetser from South Dakota on August 19, 2012:

Amazing Hub Dim, and I'm sure many will benefit by reading it! I know depression can engulf one so completely, we're not even aware that we're somehow "skewed" . Thank you so much for this information.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on April 01, 2012:

Hi kjrzeek1 !!!!

Thank you for your encouraging comment.

kjrzeek1 from New Jersey, USA on April 01, 2012:

It is unreal how many people suffer from this condition that goes unchecked. Thanks for the Hub. People should be more aware!

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on January 12, 2011:

Micky....Micky.....l hope that´s not a subtle ´goodbye´. Please don´t leave us. love you man. xxx

Micky Dee on January 11, 2011:

God bless you Dim!

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 06, 2010:

Thank you tristand. It´s good to hear that you think my articles may help someone. I always hope it will encourage a depressed person to get help.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 06, 2010:

Hi Singlemom. Always great to see your smile on my page. Thank you for thinking and praying about my friends.I´,m beginning to feel like a ´carrier´os a disease....... you know when you don´t get it but people around you are dropping like flies. This is not making light of the situation. Just my way of coping.

I only left Tenerife in May and already 2 of my closest friends have sunk further into the dark world of depresssion, but as you say. They are being helped.

God bless

tristand on October 05, 2010:

Great Hub Dim. Depression is such a common condition, yet so many people are either unaware of its existance or how to respond. The more information out there, the better.

singlmomat52 on October 05, 2010:

Hi Dim, very interesting Hub! Glad to hear that your friend is getting the help that she needs, it is always so sad to see one in that state, and you feel hopeless to help!! I have been wondering about your friend that we talked about in one of my hubs about suicide. My prayers are with them both. Thank you for this Hub, many have never been around those that have such disorders and this is just a glimpse into that realm. Well written! Take care and God bless!! xxxxxxx

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 05, 2010:

Thank you, RunAbstract. You´re right LOVE has alot to do with helping people with these illnesses. Take care

RunAbstract from USA on October 05, 2010:

Depression... what a cruel robber.

Well written Dim. I have a bipolar sister, who at times makes everyone around her "crazy". But with love she always makes it through to tomorrow.

Great article!

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 05, 2010:

Hey Micky.. !!! Thanks so much for taking the time to ride by. Staving it off can be tough, sometimes,. It´s a fight. God bless.

Micky Dee on October 05, 2010:

Very good hub and needed Dim! I am good at staving it off but one in a long while it sits on me a bit. I can cope though. God bless you Dear!

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 04, 2010:

Hi SilverGenes. Thank you for your comment. I´m sorry to hear you also have a friend who cuts. I find it one of the weirdest forms of depression. As you say, perhaps if it talked about more, some answers will be found.

God bless. x

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on October 04, 2010:

Hello saksare. Nice to meet you on hubpages. Thank you for your comment. I hope you are right. If it only helps one person.

SilverGenes on October 04, 2010:

This is a fantastic hub, Dim. I have a dear friend who has gone through much of what you describe here, including the cutting. I wish so much that there were a way to help relieve the pain without harm. Thank you for this - it makes the entire subject less hidden and therefore, less scary for all.

saksare from Madera,CA on October 04, 2010:

Wow i cant wait to rank it the greatest hub on this topic. I bet this is gonna help thousands. Really good information. Keep it p.

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