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Crystals for Grounding and Healing the Root Chakra

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Begin with a Solid Foundation

Techniques of grounding and centering are part of the foundation of many spiritual practices. These include meditation and visualization to help you feel connected to the earth and your ability to concentrate on the here and now. Even those of us who feel like the most solidly grounded in reality can have instances of hours, days, weeks or longer where we feel flighty or off-kilter. This can be due to any number of issues including a bad work day or something much more serious such as grief. Focusing on the first chakra is one way to bring us back to our center. Adding crystals to grounding meditations acts to amplify your results.

I share a sampling here of some of the best stones to use for grounding, as well as techniques to incorporate crystals into your personal grounding and centering practice.

The Seven Main Chakras

An image of the 7 main chakras.

An image of the 7 main chakras.

First Chakra Association with Grounding

The Eastern spiritual tradition of the chakra system has influenced Western mystery traditions which in turn have permeated New-Age, New Thought Christian, neo-pagan and other spiritual practices. This tradition describes the chakras as subtle energy bodies. Although there are many chakras, there are seven main chakras (as pictured above) commonly associated with modern tradition that govern aspects of our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with a sense of groundedness, basic survival, protection, and the ability to stay focused on practical reality in the moment. While there is a lot of attention paid to the third eye or the solar plexus chakras as the psychic and power centers respectively, the root chakra is just as important if not the most important chakra to keep unblocked. This is because the mastery of the physical plane—including the ability to provide your basic needs—is absolutely necessary to successfully keep the rest of the chakras balanced and healthy.

Two colors attributed to this chakra are red and black. Here we look at crystals within these color ranges to use as a focus for staying grounded.

Black & Gray Stones

Black obsidian,

Black obsidian,

A brief list of beautiful black and gray crystals for grounding, meditation and ceremony.

  • Black obsidian: Known as the practical stone because it helps you see what needs to be done in the present time by helping you let go of illusions you have about your own reality.
  • Black tourmaline: This crystal brings light into the dark whether it be the darkness of your thoughts or surroundings. It's good for those who feel surrounded by people mired in negativity.
  • Hematite: An iron ore that commonly appears metallic gray but sometimes is black and red. It brings balance between opposites. It brings focus and calm to emotional situations.
  • Onyx: This stone stabilizes a turbulent situation. If you feel that you're deeply held principles are being threatened, onyx is a crystal to help you stand strong against that threat.
  • Smoky quartz: This is a gentle grounding stone. If you don't want to land too roughly back to earth after a meditation, this is a great stone to use.

Red Stones

Red crystals evoke passion and romance. They're also associated with basic survival, grounding and protection.

  • Bloodstone: Also known as heliotrope—bloodstone is a form of quartz. It is actually a beautiful dark green with red flecks. It's a stone of purification of ourselves and our environment. It's especially used by women for menstrual issues. Since green is a color of the heart chakra, this stone acts as a good balancing tool between the heart and first chakras. If you're experiencing grief from losing a loved one either through death or a breakup, bloodstone grounds those tumultuous feelings so they stop being so overwhelming.
  • Garnet: Although this stone ranges in color, red is the most well known. It will bring calm to chaotic situations and thought patterns.
  • Red jasper: Like smoky quartz, red jasper is another gentle grounding stone. It's also a good protector and helps you break through procrastination, which can be especially useful for activities such as job hunting and interviews.
  • Ruby: Ruby has a range of color from deep red to pink and even orange red. It's a good stone to use for psychic self-defense and to increase mental acuity and focus.

Grounding Crystal Poll

How to Use Grounding Crystals

Here are a few ways to use grounding stones.

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  1. Place them on the first chakra area during meditation.
  2. Make a gem elixir with them for internal use. Learn how to make your own easily.
  3. Carry them in your pocket or wear in jewelry pieces.
  4. Place them in a room or around property that needs their specific attributes.

Grounding Meditation

An easy technique to help you feel grounded now.

Lie or sit down comfortably when you know you won't be disturbed for several minutes. Place the grounding stone of your choice on your first chakra area. Relax, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths and then breathe in a relaxed manner but normally. Visualize a red or silver light emanating from your stone surrounding your body in an oval shape. This light then creates a cord that goes down from your first chakra to the center of the earth and connects in a lasso-like fashion to a large crystal.

Now visualize an opalescent light traveling up this cord to your first chakra and around your body filling the oval shape that was created by the light from your crystal. You may prefer a more earthy colored light such as green or brown. Sit for a few moments and experience the feeling of calm, serenity and grounding. Slowly open your eyes and go about your day.

Anodea Judith Discusses Chakras

I've used Anodea Judith's book Wheel's of Life as a reference for many of my crystal articles online. She is the founder of Sacred Centers - Tools for Conscious Evolution where she runs certification workshops in learning the "application of the chakra model for healing and personal development." She speaks about working with and activating the chakras in the video below.

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Maurice Glaude from Mobile on October 07, 2014:

I did not know there was a Chakra Bible. I have the Crystal Bible and I really enjoy it for all the clear large pictures to help identify the gems. I also really like the descriptions and explanations written in Crystal Co-Creators by Dorothy Roeder. Good reference books!

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