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Amulet with Lapis Lasuli - Eye of Horus, Ancient Egypt

Amulet with Lapis Lasuli - Eye of Horus, Ancient Egypt

Ankh with Lapis Lasuli and Red Jasper - powerfull healing tool used in Ancient Egypt

Ankh with Lapis Lasuli and Red Jasper - powerfull healing tool used in Ancient Egypt

Gems and crystals are amazing way of natural healing.

Healing gems are used for their healing properties for many thousand years. The earliest written record in crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. The Ebers papyrus describes the medicinal uses of various healing gem stones. Healing with crystals is mentioned in India's Ayurvedic records and in traditional Chinese medicine from around 5000 years ago. Healing with gems is known as a part of Tibetan medicine, so called shamanistic cultures use it as well. In Christian churches, rituals are performed with the help of crystals (hidden under the altars, in crosses. etc), with the help of the crystals Holy Communion has such a strength and gets its healing and transforming energy.

Memory in our PC-s and all other electronic devices is stored in crystals (quartz:silicium dioxide).

Everything in the universe is made from energy. If you looked at any part of your body under a powerful microscope you wouldn't see any stationary object, you would see only permanent movement. This is energy, this is life.

In the process of natural healing - quantity and quality of vital energy is extremely important. A lot of diseases occur just because people do not have enough of personal energy.

Without energy is nothing possible: we cannot be healthy, we cannot work, we cannot be focused, active and creative, we cannot fulfill our life-plans.

Crystals and minerals are one of the ways, how we can get sufficient amount of high quality vital energy.

Proper use of healing crystals is connected with state of mind of any individual who use them: all crystals give more energy - but if mind is not positive, crystals can make negativity stronger - relaxed state of mind and positivity is a must!

That is the reason why using crystals is recommended only to the people who can have positive focus while using them. Human mind and emotions are directly influencing the crystals, that is why they are the best in the hands of the healers, because they are trained to use, direct and diffuse within the body of client healing energy from the crystals and they are trained to control their brains in the process of healing due to the many years of practising.

Everything is alive, and each life-form has it`s own intelligence: healing stones are alive - so "to use them", means to learn to communicate with them, love them and respect them.

Red jasper

Red jasper

Healing with crystals

I am deeply in love with stones and minerals from my childhood. I love their shape, colours, texture, their energy, their uniqueness. I use them forr healing myself and the others for many years.

There are several ways how can we use them in healing.

1. Place them on the parts of body where healing is needed, or on chakras. Relaxed state of the mind is very important.

2. Distance healing: by using them healing is much stronger.

3. We can meditate while keeping them in the hands.

4. During bioenergy treatmants is very wise that healer has crystals. They protect the healer of apsorbing negative energy and improve healing.

5. My first use of crystals for healing the others was - programming them for healing and placing them of the photos of my clients. Results were amazing (they still are).

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6. Crystal remedies are powerfull way of healing with crystals which is very simple and highly effective.

Crystals with symbols of 7 major chakras, to be placed on chakras

Crystals with symbols of 7 major chakras, to be placed on chakras


Each healer uses crystals on unique way. Crystals are programmed to perform healing duty, during the healing session they usually apsorb negative energies and should be "cleaned" afterwords.

Exact rules how to use them do not exist: each person is so unique, and needs different minerals and different quantity and quality of energy during the treatments. Some crystals are very strong (f.E quartz) and have very quick effect, some of them heal on slow, tender, deep way (f.E jasper, lapis lazuli)

Tibetan healing sticks

Tibetan healing sticks


Some of the healing stones

AGATE: .It is said that this stone helps to attract the love of others, increase courage, intelligence, strength and and is healing the heart.

AMAZONITE: Is used for calming the nervous system and improving thinking abilities.

AMETHYST: For meditation, soothing the mind and re-balancing the spirit. For protection from negative vibrations, healing the pain, purifying blood and for good sleep. It is used to tone down drunkenness. It is a stone of love and friendship and a lucky gem for lovers. Colour: from deep to light purple/violet

AMBER: A stone of sympathy and understanding. Used for calming and healing, uplifting and absorbing negative energies from the body. It is helpful in healing arthritis, rheumatism,  headaches, goitre, bleeding,  bladder problems,  asthma, bronchitis and throat . Colour: golden yellow to orange.

AQUAMARINE: A stone of joy, hope, love and spiritual vision. It is used for calming the mind, l. Aquamarine is calming nerves and emotions,  is healing  eyes, liver, stomach, endocrine glands. Colour:Pale aqua blue.

AVENTURINE: Green - healing, blue- upliftment, congestion, circulation.

AZURITE: To aid psychic development and help open the third eye centre. Encourages sympathy, understanding and intuition. Used in meditation. On the physical level, helpful for rebuilding cells, dissolving diseased tissue and for arthritis, knee problems and hip pain. Colour: Rich deep blue, sometimes with areas of green as it grows with malachite.

BLACK ONYX: Helps in changing various bad habits, used for grounding

CALCITE: For achieving mental clarity and  healing anxiety and to help improve awareness and intuition.

CHARMING BEAUTY: Calcite - aragonite

CHARMING BEAUTY: Calcite - aragonite

CARNELIAN: Usually is used for improving understanding and vigour, for lower spine problems, against bleeding, rheumatism, infertility or impotence, for anaemia.. Colour: Orange

CHRYSOCOLLA: For psychic development, meditation and healing. Colour: turquoise blue.

CHRYSOLITE: it is said that it has ability to encourage inner vision, tranquillity of mind and ability to see into the future.

CHALCEDONY: For peace, confidence, and cheerfulness and to minimise over sensitivity and protect against the evil eye. It helps in reducing fevers.

CITRINE: For improving confidence and self image, for clarity of thought, cheerfulness, fairness to others and emotional control. Helpful for improving circulation, toxic conditions, purifying the blood and it is of great use for diabetes.

CRYSTAL (Quartz) stone of mystics, psychics and healers. Helps focus, awareness and meditation, calms mind and eases anxiety and pain. Also helpful for diarrhoea, dizziness, kidney problems, spasms, vertigo, haemorrhages. Amplifies the effects of other stones.

Quartz on pirit (false gold)

Quartz on pirit (false gold)


EMERALD: For intelligence, prophecy, emotional stability and understanding. It is empowering ability to love and is linking us with divine forces. Used in healing for  skin ulcers, insomnia, epilepsy, colds, headaches, asthma, hearth diseases Colour: green

FLUORITE: For encouraging positivity, balancing the energies, opening chakras and strengthening bone tissue. Colour: usually clear or purple shades.





GARNET: .It helps us to attain joyful and cheerful state of mind. Improves imagination, calms the nerves and mind and heals depression and even laziness. Heals various skin problems and can be used to strengthen the base of spine.

HEMATITE: for strengthening heart, regulating pulse, can heal ulcers, helps to heal cramps and varios blood disorders, heals anaemia, helps in inflammation of joints, heals excauhstion and melancholy. The stone is metallic grey.

JADE: Cease aging, brings peace or mind, heals high blood pressure, heart and circulation problems, diabetes and kidney and bladder

JASPER: Helps the owner to do good deeds. Also used for improving the sense of smell, calming emotiona and heals feelings of guil, lowering blood pressure and healing kidneys, stomach and bladder and epilepsy.

LAPIS LAZULI: Improves concentration and meditation abilities. Against melancholy and depression, builds hope and self - esteem. . Helps one to the person to search and find the inner truth and elevates consciousness. Healing thyroid, heart, spleen, blood and digestive problems and brain diseases such as epilepsy.

MAGNETITE: helps healing anaemia, headaches, rheumatics, neuralgia, liver and eye diseases.

MALACHITE: heals emotional pain, heals heart, openes the heart: improves ability to love and forgive.

MOONSTONE: calming, and balancing emotions.Heals edema - water retention and balance hormones.

OPAL: heals various organs, depending on colour. Comes in very many colours


Divine beauty of opal

Divine beauty of opal

OBSIDIAN: Can be used for removing blocks to the healing process. Reveals subconscious impulses and hidden truths, it has various use in healing, like improving muscle tone. Colour: black with white snowflakes

PERIDOT:  It is said to help psychic vision and protect from delusions, to help the timid, balance and uplift the mind and encourage serenity and trust. Improves function of muscles function, deminishing negative effects of alcohol and is very useful against stomach acidity, various digestive problems and bone- calcification.

RHODOCROSITE: For integrating body, emotions and mind, stone can reducedepression and cease ageing. Inspires forgiveness, helps owner to face new situations in life, helps in grounding.

RHODONITE: When someone were it, it lessen worry, fights depression, confusion and inconsistency. Promotes function of thyroid gland, strenghtens nervous system, digestion and muscles, It can help to the person to achieve higher level of compassion.

ROSE QUARTZ: The pink colour is due to the manganese. This stone is used for calming emotions and strenghening the aura.  It is connected with  love and friendship, This stone is of great help in the process of recovery,  Healing emotional wounds, connected with female energy. Colour:  rose

RUBY:  improves intuition and initiative, loyalty and courage. For anaemia, pains, against fevers and spasms.

RUTILE QUARTZ:  great for healing the endocrine glands. Improves  tissue and cell regeneration. Good for bronchies and lungs.  Colour: clear with gold fibres.

Rutile quartz

Rutile quartz

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Heals depression and is used to heal alchocholism. Helps achieving psychic abilities and state of meditation. Used for healing various organs as kidneys, pancreas and reproductive organs..

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz


SODALITE:  The stone is used for  lowering blood pressure and fever. It helps in healing thyroid.. Colour: Dark blue

SUGILITE:  This stone brings energy to the body, its vibrations are good for healing the brain.: Pinki- purple colour..

TIGERS EYE:  Often used to heal hypochondria and asthma. Colour: Golden brown, in bands or stripes of varying shades.

TOPAZ:   It improve intellect abilities, calms the mind and help achieving psychic development. For mental balance, for healing the blood vessels, improving circulation, healing varicose veins, menstrual pains, liver problems, isnomnia and  nervousness,. Colour: Golden yellow or aqua blue.

TOURMALINE: Very often used in meditation.  Improving intuition, for protection from various negative vibrations. Allays irritability,  brings confidence and calm. Clearing the chakras. Used in healing  anaemia, indigestion, weight problems, lymphatic problems and for strengthening muscles and nerves..

TURQUOISE: . Used in meditation and for improving intuition. Good for throat chakra, thyroid gland, higher abdomen, muscle weakness, against various headaches, fevers, foot and leg problems. Encourages positivity and protects from negative energies.

VANADINITE: This charming stone  grounds the soul to the physical body. Vanadinite brings an inner glow and an optimistic attitude to your life, gives to the owner feeling of deep inner peace. This crystals help with psychic visions and insight, using this crystal while pursuing our goals is also a very good idea, it can also help us keep our thoughts more rational. Vanadite can help with breathing difficulties, asthma, bronchitis and exhaustion and fatigue, and also heal bladder problems.




Which is the right crystal for you?

All crystals - unpolished or polished have healing properties, altough I personally prefer natural stones, but not nessessary. Mind and emotions of the person who use them give them specific frequency of vibration which is needed for healing.

The best way how to choose your own crystal is to find the one which you like the best. That one is the right crystal for you.

After buying it should be cleaned - the best way of cleaning and programming crystal is intensive meditation, running water is good for some crystals - but not for all of them. Some of them can be cleaned with another crystal, some of them you can clean by putting them on the sun or in the ground - but none of them like to be cleaned in salt, salt is destroying them.

Desert rose

Desert rose

Gold crystal

Gold crystal

Desert rose

Desert rose





Healing with crystal remedies

Crystal remedies (single, or in combination with herbs and Bach flower remedies) are extremely simple and powerfull way of healing. In such remedies are kept the highest healing properties of crystals, which are immediately influencing body and mind.

There are as much as 200 crystal remedies which are made from the various crystals and minerals of highest spiritual quality, and many amazing combinations as well. There are also crystal remedies made from diamonds, gold, siver and many rare minerals which is very difficult to buy, so such remedies succesfully replace crystals and minerals which we cannot have.

They are also very practical for the people who cannot meditate or have relaxed mind and enjoy healing with crystals or who do not have time (or enough money )to go to the healing sessions.

If you are interested, you can order single remedie or combination of crystals or homeopathic remedies - which would be best for you, with my help. Please contact me through my e-mail


How crystal remedies influence body, emotions and mind

Some examples of use of crystal remedies:


It has the ability to align person with Divine Will to be able to accept any changes which are right for somebodies spiritual growth.
Emotional - mental level -  It helps achieving emotional maturity and the ability to take responsibility for ones self. It helps heal feelings of low self-esteem and uncenteredness and encourages a greater experience of joy and  connection with nature.
Energetic level - It opens the spleen chakra and aligns the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. It heals  nervous system, spleen, pancreas and testicles.

Alexandrite is good for self-esteem.



Emotional- mental level  - Calcite heals  fears and promotes feelings of joy and peacefulness. Clear calcite in particular will help where there are difficulties accepting the souls light due to feelings of unworthiness.
Energetic level - Calcite is a helpful essence to increase flow and movement in many situations; for instance the flow of energy between different chakras in the chakra system or the flow of energy in a group situation.

Calcite helps healing  kidneys, spleen & pancreas. It helps to clear toxins from the body and can be a great support in many healing situations: it posseses  ability to focus light into the cells. .


Emotional-mental level -  Copper promotes confidence.

Energetic level -  aligns the bottom five body chakras and opens the heart chakra. It also aligns all the subtle bodies . Very helpful in healing inflammations. The energy of Copper balances the left side of brain.


Emotional - mental level - it balances insecurity, anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem.

Energetic level - Diamond is healing and opening the crown, brow & sacral chakras. One of nature’s master healers, the energy of diamond is extremely good in healing the brain. It is extremely good for the balancing cranial plates: it is releasing the physical tension which causes headaches and migraines. It is also an extremely powerful essence for removing blockages and negativity, as it has the strong abilities to draw toxins out from the physical body.


Emotional - mental level -  Emerald has a major impact on the heart so it is helpful for all emotional issues that relate to the heart. It is particularly useful in situations where these emotional issues are associated with difficulties with the father or a father figure. It helps to promote a greater acceptance of the masculine principal. It has very stabilising effect on the personality at an emotional level and is good for those who experience paranoia or any kind of obsessive behaviour.

Energetic level - for the opening and healing heart chakra; also aligns the etheric, astral & emotional bodies, which helps the development of psychic gifts and meditation skills. It strengthens the heart & kidney meridians. Emerald  heals heart and  the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and lymphatic system. It helps healing hidden fears and releases toxicity from the body.


Gold is one of the best healing remedies.

Emotional- mental level - Gold has a strong impact on the healing of heart and is very helpful in healing emotional issues. Part of its healing gift lies in its ability to stimulate the personality to seek contact and communication with the divine part of our own being.

Energetic level - It opens and balances the heart, crown and 5 chakras above the head. It  promotes  the flow of etheric fluid throughout the physical body, and stimulates deep tissue regeneration.
Gold also heals  thymus and brain. . It is a valuable support where there are health problem related to the central nervous system, circulatory and endocrine systems, especially is great for the pineal and pituitary glands. It brings balance to the brain.

Lapis Lazuli

Emotional - mental level - it helps people who are introverted through its ability to stimulate spiritual & personal self-expression. It also promotes the easy healing of various hidden fears.

Energetic level -  heals the throat chakra - especially thyroid gland.  It  aligns the etheric, mental & spiritual bodies, strengthens all the meridians as well. Also heals thymus, pituitary glands, spleen and lymphatic system. It is a very good cleanser of the body..


Larimar is a very powerful stone which is said that is  originating from Atlantis. It was rediscovered in the late 1980’s , and is giving the gift of healing for both our past and our future.

Emotional - mental level - Larimar helps to balance  the emotions especially in situations where t is stress caused by shock or trauma. It is of  great support by helping us to raise our levels of stress tolerance.

Energetic level - it has the ability to repair holes in aura bodies, and it is especially helpful when this damage has occurred through shock, astral entities or drug abuse. It harmonizes the emotional body and is also helping the mind to cope with various stressful situations with ease. It neutralises vibrations of shock and traum. It has a balancing and calming effect on the central nervous system, releasing trapped energy in the head, brain, neck and spinal column. It strengthenes all physical organs especially heart.

Pearl -

Emotional - mental level  - Pearl helps healing all emotional imbalances and is  a very powerful essence for treating various emotional issues. It helps to develop  flexibility in emotional problems, especially those related to spiritual and religious issues. 
It represents the feminine principle and the remedy helps to stimulate intuition and better understanding of the feminine aspect of ourselves. It is very  helpful where there are emotional issues relating to the any problem connected with Mother or her role in someone`s life. 

Energetic level - Pearl heals strongly the solar plexus chakra and pancreas. It is very effective when emotional stress. is affecting the abdomen, stomach, muscles  Ulcers, digestive disorders, and inflammations.

Quartz - Amethyst

Emotional - mental leveč-  helps improving low self-esteem, lack of focus, to the people who need help with hyperactive behavior. This essence enhances meditation  It is also helpful for those who find it difficult to fully integrate with society.

Energetic level - it heals  pancreas, thymus, thyroid and pituitary glands. It stimulates the midbrain and the right brain. It is a helpful support where there are right-left brain imbalances, difficulties with the pituitary gland or/and immunity, as well as those related to blood sugar levels.

Quartz - Citrine

this essence clear toxicity both at a mental and physical level.

Emotional-mental leves - transforms negativity in mind and gives  greater confidence to someone to open and expand the mind. It is extremely useful where there are problems with self- destructivity, suicidal tendencies, Citrine helps to balance the emotions and stimulate the creative energy.

Energetic level - Citrine can be used to clear toxins that arise at a physical level from poisonous substances or infections . It heals  heart, kidneys, liver & muscles and stimulates physical healing, tissue regeneration .



Emotional - mental level-  Quartz heals  all emotional extremes, particularly hysteria.

Energetic level - Quartz  heaks all chakras  and also aligns the emotional body with the etheric body.  Heals the stomach, pituitary gland and intestines. It stimulates the production of white corpuscles - leukocites. It is  helpful  in healing leukaemia, abdominal ulcers or intestinal problems. It stimulates deep tissue regeneration, and is good protectpr against background radiation.

Quartz : Smoky

Emotional and mental level - Heals depression and remove negative thought forms. It is also helpful for grounding.

Energetic level - Smoky quartz is good for grounding the person. Smoky Quartz is healing the abdomen, kidneys, pancreas and reproductive organs. It helps to stimulate the flow of energy from the aura into the physical body and protect against radiation.


Emotional-mental - Rose Quartz is particularly helpful where there is anger or inner tension with the father or a father figure. It can be used to increase confidence and stimulate creativity and personal expression.

Energetic level -  it heals the heart and throat chakras, strengthens the meridians and nadis and aligns all energy bodies. It heals genitals, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and parasympathetic nervous system. It is a helpful energetic support for those with sexual issues, leukaemia or circulatory problems, especially with blood vessels.


Emotional- mental levels - it has ability to help us to  unconditionaly love those parts of ourselves which are unable to receive love. Its gentle nurturing energy can help a wounded inner child to release old emotional traumas and to become whole again. It is helpful to dissolve long held issues relating to self-esteem or self-hatred and can be of great help to those people who had problem with abuse issues.
Energetic level - Rhodochrosite strengthens the astral body and heals the kidneys, , spleen and pancreas


Ruby is amazing healer for all levels of the heart and helps the development of spiritual balance and divine love.

Emotional - mental  levels-  it can be used for all emotional issues related to the heart. It helps growth of self-confidence, decisiveness, various leadership skills from one side, as well as the development of unconditional love. This essence will help to achieve stability and balance, which will stimulate a desire for forward movement.

Energetic level - The energy of Ruby impacts the heart chakra, heart meridian and heart chakra nadis. It  stimulates spiritual inspiration and divine love. It heals heart and thymus gland. .


Emotional-mental level - it links together mind, body and spirit lt is valuable essence for those who experience depression or have any difficulties with  expression or their own personality.

Energetic level - it supports regeneration of the intestinal tract, stomach and pituitary gland  It heals and strengthenes heart and kidneys. It releases tension in the lower abdomen. 


Emotional- mental level -  it  reduces emotional tension and calms nervous system. It can help heal the ability to formulate speech and can be helpful support for those who find maintaining conversational flow difficult.

Energetic level - Silver opens and activates the five spiritual chakras above the crown, increasing spiritual links. It helps healing the brain and nervous system, promoting general tissue regeneration and nerve tissue. It heals pineal and pituitary glands as well as all the vertebrae.


For help in choosing and ordering remedies, according your needs, please contact me on my e-mail

I wish you all the best health,

Tatjana-Mihaela Pribic

alternative healer and Reiki Master-Teacher



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tina on August 01, 2016:

Please help me with a healing crystal for my hernia ,x

Hikamaru on January 22, 2015:

What a pretty bgride and such a lovely setting, too. Great photo.You can find mine here: Stop by and check it out if you have time.

Sun-Girl from Nigeria on June 20, 2011:

Nice and well written, thanks dear for sharing this article which i was so much informed after reading.

Microscope Functions on December 25, 2009:

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Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 06, 2009:

Hi, Anamika, I hope there will be more Hubs with the similar topic.

You might be right, with your suggestion.

Somehow I felt that is not easy to give too much advices about healing with stones - because every person is unique, it is not easy to generalize, what is good for me, is not nessessarly good for somebody else, so that is the reason I put everything what I mentioned in the one Hub. To give all readors some directions.

Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it very much.

Anamika S Jain from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on May 06, 2009:

Crystals never fail to amaze me because of their healing powers. This Hub is simply amazing and information packed. A thumbs up for your efforts Tatjana. However I wish you could have broken this hub into 2-3 parts.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 06, 2009:

Thanks C.S.A.

Well, I always need several days for writing majority of my Hubs. I never rush. Besides everything, I am very often busy, so....I need time. After I started to write this Hub, flu-panick started, so I felt flu-topic is much more appropriate to be investigated at first.

You have stones in your yard? Ha, good for you. It would be pitty not to use them. Send me an e-mail. I will try to identify them, if I can: there are so many minerals in the world. If you feel that they have good energy, just use them.

Many thanks fro your comment.

C.S.Alexis from NW Indiana on May 05, 2009:


You went all out in your writing for this hub. I waited and you delivered.

I discovered that I have some stones in my yard since last email so I might have to ask you to help me identify them. I guess I could email photos and maybe you could help me figure them out.

Thank you so much for this hub and all that you have helped me with. You are a member of the Gem Family, I am sure.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 04, 2009:

Of course I flirt, I asked you all the details about your headaches.

men are dorks from Namibia on May 04, 2009:

You flirt...

Ok, in a minute.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 04, 2009:

Hi, M.A.D. For sure there is remedy which could help you - crystall essence, homeopathic ot herbal one.

Please tell me more about the following: for how long you have headaches, (or migraines?), which part of head is aching you, are they connected with stress (since when you have them), do you take any medicines, any other health problems.... Usually headaches are connected with blood circulation and/or some stressful events, acidity in the body or combination of the mentioned reasons.

Please e-mail me the answer. Together we will find the best option for you.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 04, 2009:

Hi, Dianne, many thanks for your comment. Well, I have my collection of crystals, but for myself I also often use minerals which I collect while hiking. The place where I live is also full of crystals (I live on the coast and rocks here consists of quartz). I adore meditating on the rocks in the nature. It is amazing experience. Yes, I agree with you Creator gave us all this miracles and beauty, it would be pitty not to use what nature is giving to us.

men are dorks from Namibia on May 04, 2009:

Hi Tat, Really... does it really work for anything, head-aches, too...

I have constant head aches. Gonna research and try it. If it works, you will be my new hero... XXX

diannehansen from Fortine, MT on May 04, 2009:

Hello Tatjana! You're a prolific hub writer! I read from the top to the bottom, skimming some of the info, but really enjoying every single photo. Do you have a lot of crystals in your collection? The Creator did a good job when He invented such beautiful things and caused them to be healing and helpful AND comforting...

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 04, 2009:

It is no need that you read everything - this encyclopedia is only for people who need such informations, he, he. This is only small part of crystals used in healing... I hope you liked pics.

Many thanks for stopping by, dear PP.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 04, 2009:

It is no need that you read everything - this encyclopedia is only for people who need such informations, he, he. This is only small part of crystals used in healing... I hope you liked pics.

Many thanks for stopping by, dear PP.

Om Prakash Singh from India, Calcutta on May 04, 2009:

O man this is a complete encyclopedia on gems and stones. Looks like TM is in mood of some big research. Lately you have been writing very extensive Hubs. Great piece of work yet again. I will be honest TM, I did not read it all, please don't be angry. I will always come back whenever I need any help in the matter

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 03, 2009:

Many thanks Anja for your comment.

anjalichugh from New York on May 03, 2009:

Wow! Simply amazing. It's so evident that you put in some real work in this hub. 'Drawing energy from crystals'.....great subject to choose. I personally can vouch for the power of crystals. Thumbs up.

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