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8 Common Phobias People Have

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We all have felt it, Right? The cold electric chill running up your spine along with your heart beating like a fast drummer. Your breathing intensifies as you try to gasp for more air, and the adrenaline starts to spike making your body feel the rising heat.

Yes, I'm talking about fear. One of the basic emotions we all have.

Fear is one of the brain's precautionary measures for emergencies or in simpler words- Its brain's panic mode for when things go wrong, which are widely known as - ' Fight or Flight ' responses.

To feel fear is a sign of a healthy brain, but there's another side to this powerful emotion that can cause massive problems for your mental and physical health.


If something gives you uncontrollable fear or anxiety it is classified as a "Phobia", These are generally categorized as an anxiety disorder and many of us may have these up to some magnitude.

Phobias are mainly categorized into three categories and today we'll be only focusing on the category of 'Specific Phobias' in where people experience high fear towards certain things or situations.

Now, I will be sharing the eight most common phobias among us. If you find that you have none of these- Kudos to you, but if you spot any phobia that you experience and it's messing you up badly; I strongly advise that you consult a good doctor and get proper treatment.

Always remember you should never ignore matters of the mind, as your mental health should be given the utmost importance. So without wasting any more time, let's dive into the list.

1. Glossophobia

Do you remember the first time you walked in front of a crowd to give a speech, it's most likely that you've experienced Stage fright while you were up there. We've all been there and it definitely sucks, but it gradually fades away the third or fourth time with practice.

But with some people, this fear may stick for a long time due to any embarrassing scenarios up there, and thus causing a deep fear.

These people become anxious when they have to talk in front of a crowd and normally avoid these kinds of situations. Symptoms these pals experience are such- Sweating, dry mouth, sweating, or even worse- going blank while at the stage.

2. Ophidiophobia

The fear towards snakes is quite an obvious one unless you're someone like Bear Grylls. I think this phobia is self-explanatory as snakes rank second in killing humans with around 80,000 deaths and more worldwide.

This can also be induced by the genes passed on by our ancestors who constantly had chase-off snakes and other animals. People who experience a heightened state of this phobia may overreact or get very anxious even at the sight of Snakes or at depictions of them.

3. Arachnophobia

This list is getting a little crazier, isn't it? Anyway, the next one on our list is again from the animal kingdom, and it's the fear of spiders. For me, the small ones are not that scary, but the big ones with all that fur are truly creepy.

So imagine the condition of someone with severe Arachnophobia, it will scare the shit out of them, and these people show symptoms such as sweating and increased heart rate and such we mentioned earlier.

One notable example is the Harry Potter character Ron Weasley, and the book mentions that this was caused by his brother when he was three by his brother turning his teddy bear into a spider. Poor Ron.

4. Coulrophobia

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Silly clothes and funny makeup and an always-on red smile, Yes I'm talking about Clowns and Joker, who was earlier considered funny in circuses for doing amusing tricks but, now they are on the opposite side thanks to pop culture and horror movies.

Most people get this phobia in childhood mainly through movies and TV shows. Famous films like 'It' DC franchise 'Joker' and many other movies have also done a great job by making their clown antagonists as scary and chaotic as possible. Also, people who had traumatic experiences with real-life clowns are likely to develop this phobia.

Another thing is their always on un-natural smile. It is not pleasant to watch someone smile endlessly, and this might be another reason we get uncomfortable watching clowns.

5. Nyctophobia

'Nyctus' is the Greek word for darkness and thus, and as you have guessed, This phobia is related to the fear of the dark and night. When I was little, I was too scared of the dark like most children, But over time I've managed to let go of the fear, Kind of.

But for someone who had any traumatic experiences at night or in any dark place, chances are it may probably leave a scar on their mind and as a result, these individuals tend to develop deep fear towards dark places and be scared of the night.

The scary stories we hear in our childhood can also influence this phobia.

6. Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces like elevators, small rooms, passages, planes, etc. These people tend to become very uncomfortable in small places and they tend to shake and feel a loss of motor skills.

They also show regular symptoms such as excessive sweating, increased heart rate.

7. Acrophobia

This fear is related to heights and elevated places. Most of us experience a bit of fear while standing at any high place, but People who suffer from this phobia may get nauseous and will start to get really uncomfortable at one of these places.

So It's definitely not a good idea for these people to work in multi-storied buildings or go bungee-jumping with these pals.

8. Aerophobia

Otherwise known as Aviophobia, this is the fear of traveling through air. Most of this phobia can be associated with the mentioned fears of claustrophobia and acrophobia.

Also, planes' turbulent motion when they take off and land can cause weird feelings like nausea and vomiting. Around 1 out of every 3 people share some level of fear of flying.

These people avoid traveling via air and always prefer other modes of transportation. People with aerophobia also show high anxiety signs like sweating, increased heart rate, etc... While traveling on planes and aircraft.


Overcoming your Fears

Even with all its splendor and magnificence, the human mind is just like a little kid who needs to be taken good care of. The delicate nature of it is vulnerable to threats from outside, and most of the phobias are caused by people's past experiences*.

If you notice someone with these anxiety problems. Please don't label them as weird, losers, or as wussies, instead, make them feel comfortable, and create a safe space for them, because we will never know someone's struggle until we're in their shoes.

If you find yourself in a place like this, kindly seek out professional help it's the best thing you could do for yourself.


*some phobias can be also caused by genetic or physical factors.

© 2021 Jeevan Maria

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