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The Benefits of the Cold Shower

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Every person at least once heard about the phenomenon of such a cold shower. Also, heard about its benefit and what effect it provides the organism. However, people just heard about it and never practised or just begun and gave up immediately on it as it required to do a little step out of the comfort zone as well as people do not understand the benefits of cool shower.

To be honest, there are not that many science researches about cold shower that would prove the benefits of the that. However, I am an avid lover of challenging and once I tried the cold water on myself. Now I do not use a warm shower at all.

What actually is a cold shower? In the whole, the process of a cold shower consists exclusively of stress that people get during they doing it. And the stress, of course, is a massive challenge for the organism, however the cold shower is sort of workout and stress is under control. So, by cold shower I imply that every time you are using the shower you turn the water as you have no choice, but very cold water. I have been practising the iced water for about one and half year and here is what I found out.


As I mentioned before, I have been used iced shower for a year and a half and for this period of life I have never got sick. Why it so? Because a cold shower stimulate the immune system and stimulate the immune cells and increase common resistance of the organism. In that way, if you are getting sick or having running nose time to time a cold shower will be perfect for you to get out of illness at all. All the more in 2020 year it is so important to have strong immune system.


A cold shower can strengthen the blood vessels and speed up blood circulation. Under cold water the human vessels are narrowing and blood pressure increases, and blood begins going faster and more qualified. Accordingly, the organs and tissues begins to be are more provided oxygen. Especially it is very helpful for skin. In that case, the cold shower is good training for musculature of the cardiovascular system as well as it is a perfect way to provide tissues of oxygen.


What about the mood? You are probably thinking that cold shower can only make you furious of its iced water. No way! A cold shower helps rid out of a depression and makes people feel happier. But what way? A cool water stimulate numerous nerves which impulses are going right to the human brain. This is well-help when you have signs of depression as well as it improves mood and keep you in sharp conditions.


A cold shower will be the brilliant helper to lose some extra weight. When cool temperatures are impacting organism begins use fat as fuel reserve. The first step is the so – called brown fat-adipose tissue containing a numerous mitochondria, cellular organelles responsible for storing energy. Brown fat, when broken down, emits a lot of heat, and due to this, a lot of calories are burned. So, I have lost about 5 kilograms for one year of the constant cool shower.

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The big differences are shown between sportsmen who do take iced shower and the one who does not. So, the one who uses cool shower are more successful in sport. Why is that so? I will tell you that the cold water after training helps recover muscle quicker because of fast blood influx to them. Also, a cold shower assists get rid of excess of lactate which makes sportsmen fell tired.


A cold shower promotes of hairs and skin conditional. But how? I will explain. So thanks to blood tide to the tops skin layers skin become much more elastic and fresher as well as it gets health colour and becomes smoother. Also, the nails and hair become more strong and shiny. Besides, cool water lower production of low sebum. As a result of that the hairs are turning harder to get dirty as well as it lowers the amount of the dandruff. Furthermore, the skin of the head is getting better because of cold water and thanks to that the hairs is getting better grow as well as it cut out hair loss.


Especially for men a cold shower will be perfect to increase the testosterone. The cold water contributes to the development of the men's hormone. The high level of testosterone is so important for men part of society.


Many suffer from backache or joint pain. So, if you are that type of the people a cold shower make you completely forget these feelings. But how? The last researching show that the organism under a short period of cold water produces stress proteins, that are able to protect the organism from the oncology as well as remove backache and joint pain. As a result, a 10-20 seconds constant shower helps rid of backache and cold water directed to the joints can cure them and remove pain as well as it protects you from many ailments


The last thing I have to say is that very cold water can change the consciousness. Remember yourself meeting for such a significant day in your life. For instance, you have an exam to graduated from school, and you are extremely nervous at the begging of the day, but an exam will be in the evening. Just take a very cold shower. It will not help at 100%, but you will be more relax after taking the shower. Also, right before an exam it will be much simpler to concentrate on things and feel calmly.

How to Use the Shower Correctly

Of course, a cold shower as anything else could bring only troubles to your life if take it unconsciously. So, there are some advises how to use it properly, what better do and what better avoid. Anyway, if you are about to get all the benefits of a cold shower you have to stick to some tips.

  • I highly recommend take the shower in the mornings because exactly the morning shower is very invigorating, tonic, amazing mood-maker as well as it activated all system of the organism.
  • Bath has to be room temperature because after cold shower you do not need your organism to be frozen again. The additionally cooling can be very dangerous and can lower the immune system.
  • Do not immediately get up under a cold shower, especially if you have never tried it. It would be so powerful stress for your body. Before you pour yourself a cold water just dry yourself by using moistened with cold water towel.
  • The water has to be cold, but not over cold. Otherwise, it can be the real hypothermia and bring much more stress that is needed.
  • In the begging of practising a cold shower spend to it less than minutes and every next time gain it in one minute more. After 1 or 2 weeks you will be able to get a complete 15-mintues cold shower.
  • Watch your feelings – if cold water takes your breath away, you should slightly increase its temperature.


A cool shower or cold shower, you can name it whatever you want, is the very helpful activity, and it brings significant benefits to human's organism.

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