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The CELERIFERE: The First Bicycle Ever Made

The Celerifere

CELERIFERE the first vehicle free from animals knows as the first generation bicycle paved way for series of new discoveries leading modern cycles.

CELERIFERE the first vehicle free from animals knows as the first generation bicycle paved way for series of new discoveries leading modern cycles.

Origin of bicycle:
People used horses to ride and carriages pulled by horses as main means of transportation for so many centuries. In late 1700’s people started inventing lot of devices for household use. One such useful device invented was bicycle.

We could not point out any special person as the inventor of bicycle as numerous people have contributed a lot to today’s design. We could see traces of bicycle in olden pyramids and drawings of Pompeii.

First visualization of bicycle:
The first person to visualize bicycle was Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist. He was not only an artist but an eminent scientist. He had rough sketches of gliders, helicopters, cycle and a dozen other devices. But those devices came into existence only a few centuries later.

The first complete model of cycle with two wheels, a middle frame and a seat was visualized by Giacomo Caprotti a close disciple of leanardo da Vinci. But he also was not able to practically create it.

It was the French people who took the honor of developing the first bicycle. Monsieur Sivrac created the first bicycle of the world based on Giacomo’s design. It was very different from what leanoardo and his disciple visualized but had the same main components.

CELERIFERE – The first bicycle:
Monsieur Sivrac’s first cycle was made of wood completely. It had a huge wheel in front and a small wheel at the back. This was a very rough device and had no pedals, handlebars or any other parts of today’s modern bicycle.

It was named CELERIFERE (say-lay-ri-fair). This bicycle could not be turned and could be driven only straight. This first bicycle was a revolutionary machine. This was probably the first single rider machine not pulled by animals. Invention of this bicycle clearly revolutionized the mode of transport.

With the advent of first bicycle lot of improvements was done to make is easier to use and in the course of 18th century it laid way for creation of motorcycles and other automobiles. However when CELERIFERE was invented it was not popular.

Drawbacks of CELERIFERE:
CELERIFERE was very hard to use and many people did not try to use it for the fear of accidents. The design was not set to use by kids or women. So only few adventures minded men tried their hands on it. But in later stages when the cycles got improved everybody including women and kids started to use it making it the most common machine for public.

  • There were no handlebars and hence people used strings tied to front wheel.
  • There were no pedals or steering system. Hence people have to use their feet to drag it along the road.
  • CELERIFERE could not be turned and was very costly. It cost nearly the same as horse.

CELERIFERE like most of the new products invented was not popular when it was invented but proved very useful for the future generation.

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antjuan on September 16, 2016:

i didnt know Da Vinci visualized this bike

herbergeor on July 19, 2015:

The celerifere is a hoax invented by the journalist, Baudry de Saunier, in 1891. The Compte de Sivrac never existed. The celerifere patented in France in 1817 was evidently a copy of a draisine, but without any steering mechanism. It would have been virtually unrideable since without steering you cannot balance a bicycle - to change direction you had to stop and point it in a new direction.

roger on May 20, 2015:

you are right

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soooov on August 11, 2014:

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optimisticer on November 24, 2012:

I think it looks pretty cool espicily at what time it was made in

h on April 25, 2012:

Teach siad it was caled unigoat

jue on April 25, 2012:

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levi jones on April 25, 2012:

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