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SUCCESSFUL NATURAL CURE FOR BONES (esp.deformities as bunions & hammertoe; bursitis)


Health of the bones is extremely important: they protect all our inner organs, they help us to move, walk and be flexible, they store the most important minerals for the health of the body, in the bone marrow blood cells are produced, some bones store lipids, which are great source of energy for us. Every problem with them means big pain, and all sorts difficulties. People who have unhealthy bones can be for years stuck in their life activities, their lives very often cannot progress.

From psychological point of view problem with bones can come if we prolonged feel mentally and emotionally stuck, from fears which do not let us move forward, when we feel unprotected or like in prison, or not grounded enough.

The bones that build up our skeletons are all very much alive, growing and changing all the time, like other parts of our bodies.

Almost every bone in our bodies is made of the same materials:

The outer surface of bone is called the periosteum . It is a thin, dense membrane that contains nerves and blood vessels which nourish the bone.

The next layer is made up of compact bone. This part is smooth and very hard. Within the compact bone are many layers of cancellous bone, which looks like a sponge. It is very strong, but not as hard as compact bone.

In many bones, the cancellous bone protects the innermost part of the bone, the bone marrow . Bone marrow looks like a thick jelly, and its main job is to make blood cells or in some bones to store lipids (big energy reserve for the body).

What is important to heal the bones and why

Some of a baby's bones are made entirely or partly of a cartilage which is, comparing to the hardness of the bones, soft and flexible. During childhood, in the process of body growing, the cartilage also grows and slowly becomes replaced by bone, with help from calcium.

In the process of healing the bones, we heal them at the same way we heel cartilage (because cartilage is basic material for the bones) plus we need to balance quantity of mineral salts which harden the bones ( especially calcium and phosporus), and establish maximum of balance in the other parts of the body connected with health of the bones: endocrine balance, kidneys and liver, blood circulation etc.

Bone tissue stores a lot of mineral salts (esp. Calcium Phosphate).Under control of the endocrine system, bone releases the minerals into the blood or stores the minerals in bone matrix to maintain critical mineral balances. Endocrine glands which are the most responsible for balance of calcium and pshophorus in our bones, teeth and body are parathyroid glands (which are inside the thyroid gland). If the thyroid gland is not working properly, most often parathyroid glands are affected as well. Successful work of parathyroid hormones is connected with vitamin D which is of biggest importance for the health of the bones.Bioactive vitamin D or calcitriol is a steroid hormone which has important role in regulating body levels of calcium and phosphorus and in mineralization of bone. Liver and kidney deseases interfere with generation of vitamin D, and affect the bones health, because within the liver and within the kidney vitamin D transforms into the bioactive form. Insufficient exposure to the sunlight is the most common reason of hypovitaminosis D. For health bones - we need sunlight as well. We induce adequate vitamin D production through exposing our skin to the sunlight. Vitamin D facilitates intestinal absorption of calcium, and it also stimulates absorption of phosphate and magnesium ions (magnesium phosphate builds nerves and muscles). In the absence of vitamin D, and sunlight, dietary calcium cannot be absorbed efficiently.

In the process of healing the bones, healing or balancing the parathyroid glands is almost always necessary, as well as to balance whole endocrine system. Unbalanced endocrine system (the usual cause is - stress) gives orders to the bones to release much more minerals which bones store than they can give, in order to regenerate other parts of the body. Bones release too many of the minerals, which they also need for themselves, so they do not have enough for their own regeneration. Very often body needs additional mineral supplements, because it spent all resources, prolonged periods of stress "eats" to many minerals stored in the body. Diabetes is also well known killer of the bones, caused by the imbalance of endocrine gland - pancreas. Lack of sexual hormones or their imbalance (estrogenes, progesterone, testosterone) destroys adequate building the bones.

Bones are also connected with ligaments and muscles, through the blood circulation, they get their "food". When we heal the bones we also need to heal all other tissues which nourishes the bones, as well as nerves. Everything is connected.

Good circulation through the whole body is necessary for the health of the bones. That is why is moving and exercising, especially outdoors, so important to keep whole skeleton alive and healthy.

Kidneys also need to be healthy. If they do not work properly, body does not produce enough of bioactive vitamin D, but does produce too much uric acid which destroys the bones (and not only them) causing gout, arthritis, rheumatoid diseases.

Liver is very important for healthy bones, because there is no bioactive vitamin D and proper absorption of calcium if liver is not healthy.

Blood cells are created in the marrow of the bones. Without healthy bones there is no healthy blood and vice versa: without healthy blood, bones cannot be nourished.


The bones in the feet

The bones in the feet are extremely important. When they are out of alignment they are affecting the knees, hips, back and neck. Our skeleton consists of 206 bones, more then 25% of them are in our feet. Our feet are carrying all our weight, every problem with them can affect the other parts of the skeleton or the body, so they deserve special nourisment.

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Bunion (Hallux valgus)

Bunion (Hallux valgus) is a condition which affects the large joint at the base of the big toe. It is a type of bony growth that can form on the joint located at the base of the big toe. Bunions can develop for various reasons, but the most common cause is related to wearing shoes that are too small or too tight to the feet. Bunions can also result from injury or stress of the foot, or from some other medical condition, as:

  • diabetes
  • rheuma
  • rhumatoid artritis

A bunion occurs when the big toe joint enlarges and forces the toe to push against the rest of the toes. The enlargement puts pressure on the big toe joint and pushes it outward beyond the limits of the foots natural shape. Bunions can also form on the joint of the baby toe (so called “bunionettes”). Despite the area where a bunion may
occur, bunions can become very painful. If deformity is too big, they cause inflammation of sorrunding tissues, bursitis, if not treated and when is combined with bursitis, bunion problem can cause arthritis (gout) in that area.


Tips for natural cure of bunion

For natural cure of the bunion, it is nessessary!!! to were comfortable shoes with enough place for toes!!!

Different types of supporters (for wearing them through the day and night can help to slow the process of degeneration at first plus to reverse it with the help of

  • exercizing,
  • natural remedies (some of them mentioned below)
  • bioenergy treatments,
  • massage.

Walk barefood as often as you can.

Exercize toes regularly, especially in the bath.



Wearing the normal socks can be painful while having bunions, try the toesocks in which your toes are not squized!

Bunion Surgery

Surgery of the bunion is the last option. Go for it only if all other methods did not help.  Surgery also does not guarantee that problem will not happen again, and it takes more then 3 monts to heal. It is also very painful afterwards, because toe-bone is cut as well as ligaments to tighten them.

If you choose surgery, all consequences of it can pass quicker and regeneration can occur faster, with the help of natural remedies (f.E.native remedies: RealHeal, SciatiGon etc).

Toes deformities: hammertoe, claw toe, mallet toe

Hammertoe, claw toe and mallet toe are different types of toes-deformities. It is bending of one or both joints of the second, third, fourth, or fifth (little) toes. They very often occur in connection with bunion, or separately.

Because of the progressive nature of these deformities, they should receive early attention. Hammertoes never get better without some kind of intervention.

The most common cause of hammertoe, claw toe an mallet toe is a muscle/tendon imbalance. This imbalance, which leads to a bending of the toe, can happen due to the flat feet.

Wearing the inapropriate shoes also causes this problem. Constant pressure on the toes make them sty in the wrong position.Some occur after some toe-injury, or they can be inherited. They can be also connected with some other deseases as diabetes, gout, rheuma or arthritis.

Wearing the comprotable shoes, exercizing, especially strectching the toes, massage and walking barefoot can help to reverse condition.

Ultrasound therapy can be of great help.


Importance of exercizing

Exercizing is so important. Here is one sample of simple stretcher, (flexible Yoga toes) which can help you in healing bunions, hammertoes or prevent them.

Just slip your toes inside to increase flexibility and circulation, realign bones, stretch Achilles tendons, and relieve stress and pain associated with bunions and hammertoes.

Some great exercizes for healthy feet


If your feet ache, and you have difficulty moving the inflamed, swelling feet, you may be suffering from bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation of the fluid-filled cushions called the bursa that protect the body’s joints. The bursa act as shock absorbers to prevent irritation at sites where tendons or ligaments pass over the bone. Unfortunately, due to age or trauma, the bursa can become inflamed and cause very big pain or discomfort. Bursitis very often happens in connection with bunion.

There are 160 bursae in the body. The major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large joints, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.A bursa can become inflamed from injury, overuse, infection (rare in the shoulder), or due to an underlying rheumatic condition.The most common causes of bursitis are injury or overuse, sometimes infection. Bursitis is also associated with other diseases, such as arthritis, thyroid disease, and diabetes.The treatment of any form of bursitis depends on whether or not it involves infection. Bursitis that is not infected can be treated with ice compresses, rest, and antiinflammatory and pain remedies. Septic bursitis requires killing the microbes or bacteries which cause it.

One of the best remedies for healing the bursitis is herb Duewilsklou and the Native Remedie JointEase Plus.

Various homeopathics as Arnica, Byronia.... (depending of need of the person)


Remedies for healing degenerative muscosceletal conditions

One of the best remedies for healing the bursitis is herb Duevilsklou and the Native Remedie JointEase Plus. It provides relief from painful joint conditions, lower back ache; any form of arthritis, fibrositis, myalgia or rheumatism; degenerative musculoskeletal conditions. A natural alternative to prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. Native Remedies' new and even more powerful formula now combines Devil's Claw with Glucosamine sulphate and Boswellia serata, both in the forefront of latest developments in the natural treatment of inflammatory joint and muscle conditions.

There is another which can be also of the great help: Sciatic Gone. Its effect is immediately. It heales nerves, joints, bones and sorrunding tissues. It also has Duewilsklou as one of ingredients.

You can order these excellent remedies, through my website: (Remedie No 32. and No 58.)

Duewilsklou, Harpagophytum procumbens


Herb Duewilsklou

Duewilsklou (Sengaparine) has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is extremely helpful in healing arthritis and inflammatory diseases. It reduces swelling, relieve pain, improve motility in the joints, and improved feeling of well-being. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, sedative, and diuretic properties. Duewilsklou has been used in Africa and German medical clinics for liver, gall bladder, and kidney ailments, lymphatic system toxicity, diabetes, nervous malaise, respiratory ailments, blood diseases, and indigestion.

It is used for :
Arthritis, gout, rheumatism, spondylosis-induced lower back pain and other problems with bones & joints in the body
• Inflammation, analgesic, sedative, anti-spasmodic
• Relieve pain and swelling
• Edema, water retention, elevated blood sugar
• Indigestion, upset stomach, dyspepsia, bile salt problems
• Liver, gallbladder, and kidney
• It boosts immune system

Using Duewilsklou should be avoided during the pregnancy.

Duewilsklou is a part of two great Native remedies, JointEase Plus and SciaticaGon which help to heal bones, joints, bone deformities, muscles and nerves, and stop the pain: they can be ordered through my website: (No 32. is JointEase Plus and No 58. SciaticaGon)

Natural cure for bones, joints, cartilage

Glucosamine is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. It is an important building block in the human body. Glucosamine is used in building and maintaining cartilage, joint casings, tendons and other connective tissues. It also contributes to maintaining joint fluid.

Chondroitin is also supstance in the body which also builds the cartilage, joints, and is important for healing the bones.

Hyaluronic Acid is important part of healing the bones, cartilage and joints, because it brings the nessessary fluid to them and help them to regenerate.

Homeopathic remedy Hekla Lava


Hekla Lava

Hekla Lava is one of the best and most powerful remedies for healing the outgrowth, enlargment or deformities of the bones. It is made from the ash from Mount Hekla (vulcano) in Iceland. It heals through the power of vulcano memorised in the remedy, plus through the memorised chemistry of ash. Chemical composition of ash of Hekla is:

SiO2, 54,7%, TiO2 Al2O3, 14%, FeO, 11%, MnO, MgO, CaO7%, Na2O, K2O, P2O5

It also heals: osteitis, periostitis, osteosarcoma; rachitis. Problems with jaws, teething and gums. Nasal bones. TUMORS in general. Bone necrosis.

Some other homeopathics which can help in healing bones enlargment, outgrowth or deformities are: Silicea, Mercurius, Ruta Gaveolens, Calcarea Fluorica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Fluoric Acid etc.

Homeopthic remedies Pinus Sylvestrum and Thujy

Pinus Silvestrum

Pinus Silvestrum

 Pinus Sylvestrum and Thuja are homeopathic remedies which are very often used in healing different bone and joint problems (f.E. rheumatic ones or deformities) and especially are connected with healing the pain in toes, fingers, ancles and knees, as well in another joints.

There is an expression that is great to be "strong and healthy as pine tree", and this remedies are really high efficiet because they are bringing the amazing strength, vitality and elasticity of these trees to the human bones, joints and muscles.  

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja Occidentalis

How to choose appropriate remedies

My services and pricing

I provide the following services, while on-line:

  1. E-mail healing consultations
  2. Long-distance healing (Bio-energy, Reiki, radionics)
  3. Recommendation and sale of remedies as: Native Remedies (homeopatics or herbal) Bach flower´s remedies, Cristal essences. All this remedies are of highest quality, and have also money-back guarantee in case people are not satisfied.
  4. Prepare individual homeopathic/remedies which completely match the need of my clients and are highly efficient: I can combine much more remedies and healing vibrations then any of the companies which produce them for massive use.


1. E-mail healing consultations are great for the people who are a lot on-line, or because of various reasons have no opportunity or wish to go directly on appointment with healer.

They include:

  • communications through the e-mail or directly through the chat service
  • recommendation of must appropriate remedies (homeopathic or/and herbal)recommendation of most appropriate diet
  • radiestesy analysis with pendulum
  • The price of consultation is 50 US$.

2. If someone is interested in long-distance healing (reiki, bio-energy, radionics), WHICH IS ALSO HIGLY EFFICIENT, you can contact me through my e-mail

  • Price for 30-40 minutes healing treatment is  30$ Number of treatments needed vary from person to person.

4. Price of my ordinary homeopathics/radionics remedies is 30 US $ per remedy. DNA remedy is 40 US$.


I wish you all the best health possible,

Tatiana-Michaela Pribic

Usui and Karuna Reiki teacher and alternative healer

Some of my other health hubs




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