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Beware of Smart Meters


The Hidden Dangers of EMR Emitting Wireless Smart Meters

Wireless Smart Meters - Just because you can't see radio frequencies doesn't mean they are safe. Watch a short but shocking video of how plant life is quickly killed off by EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) from a wireless smart meter. Learn what symptoms are associated with EMR. See military weapons that beam Electromagnetic radiation to quickly submit human targets. After months of research on these wireless meters and the harmful effects of the radiation that is being forced into your environment - find out what I learned. Whatever you do - don't let anyone work or sleep on the other-side of one of these wireless meters, you may forever regret it. Be assured that you are not without options - please watch the videos and check the supplied links to inform yourself of the health risks to you, especially pregnant mothers, babies, children and pets. Use an EMF/RF Field Strength Meter to detect EMR in your environment then protect yourself and your family from these Radio Frequencies with practical shielding materials that block Electromagnetic radiation.

Harvard Trained Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers


The First Step - Detection

After spending several hours analyzing the equipment available for RF detection I selected a meter like the one in the photo. The unit has the best features for a very reasonable price.


Smart meters RF Transmitters power output measurement.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations.

Spy camera, wireless bug finder.

Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level.

Microwave oven leakage detection.

Personal living environment EMF safety


Video 1) Harvard Trained Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers. Director: David O. Carpenter, M.D. Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, UA, 5 University Place, Room A217, Rensselaer, NY 12144-3456

Video 2) Dr. Henry Lai, the first researcher to show double-strand breaks in DNA caused by exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), talks about the many peer-reviewed studies showing harmful health effects from long-term exposure to low levels of EMR.

Video 3) Leading Austrian medical researcher Prof. Franz Adlkofer coordinated the REFLEX study of EMR bioeffects funded by the European Commission. The study's conclusion: High frequency electro-magnetic fields damage genes and gene function. He tells how telecom interests attempted (unsuccessfully) to discredit the study and destroy the careers of its authors and publishers.

Video 4) Smart Meters 100x Radiation Exposure of a Cell Phone - Professor Daniel Hirsch, Senior Lecturer on Nuclear Policy at UCSC

Video 5) Wi-Fi health hazard and hard attacks for students

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Wireless Smart Meters - The Killing Effect - Radio Frequencies and Cellular Destruction

Video 1) Smart Meter Burning House

Video 2) Smart Meter Killing Shrub

Video 3) DECT Wireless phones and frequencies can affect your heart rate

Video 4) Deeper into the Dark Side of Smart Meters. Is there a safe distance? 30 minutes

Video 5) The Truth About Smart Meters - 2hr video Featuring Karl Maret MD and Biomedical Engineer. To skip right to the hard research Dr. Maret is introduced at the 23 minute mark of the video.

RF Non-Ionizing Radiation - Known Biological Effects on Humans

  • Ringing in the ears, tinnitus, severe dizziness, severe headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, blood pressure changes, mood changes, tingling & itching skin
  • Increased cancer risk, DNA damage, disruption of cellular communication, affects brain blood flow and brain wave patterns, breaches blood brain barrier
  • Affects Opiate-Dopamine Neurotransmitters (responsible for happy & calm feelings)
  • Decreases sperm production, affects testosterone levels, affects fertility in women
  • Can affect heart rates and rhythms, EEG changes: sleep disturbances, insomnia, reduced learning ability, memory problems, agitation, anxiety
  • Lowers hormone levels like Melatonin which help release antioxidants for nightly repair. Lowered levels and secretion means existing health problems continually worsen and new ones begin. In a household of people this can mean everyone is getting sicker but with different issues based on individual genetic weaknesses. This is one reason RF sickness can be hard to pinpoint

Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons

Don't let anyone tell you that Radio Frequencies aren't dangerous. See for yourself!

Smart Meters and Your Money

How Wireless Smart Meters Damage the Ecosystem - Electromagnetic Radiation Drives Away Bees, Bats and Butterflies

Video 1 Bees & Bats

Video 2 Butterflies, Wildlife & Humans

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Do-It-Yourself-Solar on November 12, 2013:

super like! Nice sharing of this stuff. I learned something new.

janicemadison-ashby on October 10, 2012:

OOPS, my email is

janicemadison-ashby on October 10, 2012:

I LOVE this page, it's WOW.....anyway I've designed a site for Ontario so people can contact others who are raising the awareness of the dangers of smart meters, we also have a guy in Peterborough who's done an amazing video and he's so focused on the Charter of Rights issue, and Chandra another guy from Oakville is writing mayors and CEO's who are having conferences about Meters, but I would LOVE to put you on our contact list (and anybody who contacts me, we started with 4 people in a neighborhood group and Barb Payne from Citizen's for Safe Technology says that Hydro knows they get more than 1% complaints of the meters, that's over 130,000 people right there! The website is, and we really need more contacts in various area's of ON, for a North American Group which is also forming. My email is also

julieannbrady on June 20, 2012:

I've heard the warnings about smart meters and also about other electronic devices. I live near some pretty imposing power lines and have wondered if I might be in danger in my home.

trendydad on May 17, 2012:

we had no choice on this meters... we had problems the first week with all our electronic devices

JoshK47 on April 10, 2012:

Excellent information!

ZeroPointGlobal on February 18, 2012:

Very informative lens!

It continues to puzzle my mind how the government continually says that cell phones, smart meters and all the wireless technology we're exposed to on a daily basis is not harmful.

It's not a coincidence that non-biased, privately funded research shows that electromagnetic frequencies and radio frequencies do have a negative impact on the body.

It's important to get the truth out about the effects of all these devices. Great lens!

Mamaboo LM on February 09, 2012:

Well done! May you be blessed today!!!

ben10ten lm on January 03, 2012:

Good information here, unfortunately there are so many products that emit EMR I think it's really hard to avoid it. Cell phones and wi-fi are probably going to end up giving us all cancer. Thumbs up.

anonymous on October 31, 2011:

Great lens! Full of good information that was useful. Well at least for this young squid.

One big thumbs up vote left for ya!

fartmeter on October 17, 2011:

because the word smart is used in smartmeter you must pay a 30$ data service fee to your electricity provider

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