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Best Pregnancy Pillows for Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back and hip pain are among the most common complaints of women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The hips are expanding to make room in the pelvic cavity for the baby, the ligaments are loosening in response to the hormone flood in your body, and your back may ache due to improper posture while carrying a new load -- your baby.

Many women loose sleep because finding a comfortable body position with the pressures of pregnancy can be difficult. A body pillow (or pregnancy pillow) will help by relieving the pressure on your hips and supporting your back (when used appropriately).

If you're struggling with pain in your pregnancy, this may be the single most important purchase you'll make for yourself throughout the next nine months. Selecting the right body pillow for you may help you to get much-needed rest while relieving pain without pain medications. The more you can avoid pharmaceutical remedies, the better!

A body pillow will help you (or your pregnant wife) get a good night's rest!

A body pillow will help you (or your pregnant wife) get a good night's rest!

Why You Need a Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow may help you to sleep better than you sleep without one. When used appropriately, the pregnancy pillow separates the knees, holding them at an angle that is parallel with the hips. This prevents strain on the hips and relieves the pressure and therefore the pain. When you're experiencing less pain, you're more likely to get better sleep.

What Makes the Best Body Pillow?

The best body pillows are well-stuffed. Avoid purchasing a pillow that isn't firm enough to keep your knees adequately separated and which doesn't support your head, neck and back.

If you're a man looking for an excellent gift for his pregnant wife, the Snoogle Body Pillow is the top of the line in Pregnancy Pillows. This pillow provides support for the legs, back, belly and neck, and many women find that it gives them all the comfort they need for a good night's rest.

Some body pillows double as nursing pillows.

Some body pillows double as nursing pillows.

Choose a Multi-Tasking Body Pillow

Fans of Good Eats will understand the reference to a multi-tasking item! Any time you're looking at purchasing a more expensive item, you want to make sure that you'll get a lot of use out of the item.

When purchasing a body pillow, the amount of comfort you get from it may offset the cost, but you may also wish to choose a pillow that will serve your needs after the baby is born as well.

The Back N' Belly pillow from Leachco provides the support necessary during pregnancy and afterward, when you're nursing your baby!

As you can see from the picture on the bottom, this pillow will wrap around your body and take the pressure off your arms when holding your newborn. Nursing can be difficult: A body pillow like this one will help you to keep everything balanced!

Bonus: Purchasing this body pillow means buying only one item. You won't need to get the Boppee in addition to the Back N' Belly pillow!

A good pregnancy pillow supports the baby bump!

A good pregnancy pillow supports the baby bump!

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows are Good Multi-Taskers

U-Shaped pregnancy pillows are generally good multitaskers, because they allow you to wrap the pillow around your body for nursing once the baby is born. Nursing is recommended for the nutrient-rich breastmilk and for the opportunities to bond with baby, and many women feel that they should purchase a nursing pillow to support their efforts (and their arms!).

A pregnancy pillow that will double as a nursing pillow is, of course, preferred, as this means spending money only once instead of purchasing two separate items. The choice is obviously yours, but a good, u-shaped pregnancy pillow such as the Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow will serve both purposes well.

Women have reported that this pillow helps to relieve their hip pain during pregnancy and that it supports their bodies in bed.

Men: Your Wife Will be Thrilled if You Give Her a Pregnancy Pillow!

If you're looking for an excellent gift for your pregnant wife, you should consider a pregnancy pillow!

While it will separate you from your wife in bed, and a pregnancy pillow in a queen sized bed will be a tight fit, the pregnancy pillow will help her to get better sleep. Some men have described the pregnancy pillow as being like closing the oven door: It blocks her body heat from disrupting your own sleep.

The pregnancy pillow you buy your wife may very well solve some of your sleep problems during her pregnancy. This is a gift that will be good for both of you! Whether for a birthday or for Christmas, consider buying one of these pregnancy pillows for your wife.

Leachco's Snoogle body pillow is Amazon's best seller, but the Back N' Belly pillow is also highly recommended!

Wrap yourself or your wife in comfort with a body pillow.

Wrap yourself or your wife in comfort with a body pillow.

Body pillows should come with removable covers.

Body pillows should come with removable covers.

Pregnancy Pillow Covers

You may wish to consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow that comes with a zip on and off cover. Most pillows will come with some sort of cover to begin with, and you may wish to purchase several replacements to allow for regular washing of your body pillow covers.

The shown picture of the zipper cover belongs to the KHOMO Extra Light Full Body Pillow shown to the bottom right. Replacement covers for the Leachco Products can be found below as well. If you are a husband looking for a present for his wife, you should consider purchasing these replacement covers in order to ensure that your wife doesn't have to lose her body pillow for a night while it gets washed!

Women report that the KHOMO Extra Light Body Pillow (shown at right) prevents them from tossing and turning at night, giving them a better quality of rest and sparing their partners the strain of sleeping with someone who is tossing and turning.

Replacement Leachco Covers

The products at right are the replacement covers, NOT the pillows themselves! Don't make the mistake of purchasing the cover, but not the pillow!

Replacement covers are useful so that you can wash the cover the pillow came with without losing a night's rest without the body pillow. You should have at least one body pillow replacement cover designed specifically for your pillow.

The replacement covers shown at right are for Leachco products, which are the highest-rated body pillows on Amazon and therefore are the recommended purchase, particularly as gifts.

Leachco covers generally come in a variety of colors and textures, giving you plenty of options to suit your personal taste. The jersey knit covers will be soft and comfy and you can choose the color you like the most! You don't have to settle for the depicted white or grey.


Becki Rizzuti (author) from Central Indiana on August 27, 2014:

You should get one then, Kari! They take up a lot of bed space, but they are oh! so worth it to have in bed with you if you move a lot while you sleep.

Kari on August 27, 2014:

I want a pregnancy pillow and I'm not pregnant! I use about six different pillows to do half the job that this one pillow could do.

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