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Beautiful Nightlights For The Elderly

I titled this Squidoo article Beautiful night lights for the elderly only because I own two of these lovely night lights that I bought for my elderly Mom, Gertie, when she lived with me. However, of course, these night lights would work for any room or any person. But, for the purposes of this article, I'll discuss why these electric night lights make a nice birthday or Christmas present for the elderly.

As we age, there's a few cruel tricks played on us:

1. Our eyesight wanes making it especially difficult to see in a dark room and

2. Our bladders appear to shrink so we have to get up more often at night to pee.

Both of these items are proof that God has a sense of humor, but, combine those two changes and you've got a potential disaster if you've got to get up and move around a dark room. That's why having a soft night light glowing is important for the elderly. Not only does this lovely night light illuminate a path, but it also can center a wandering mind about where they might be in the room. After all, we all get disoriented once in a while, right?

That particular night light shown to the right there is available on Amazon.com. You can click the picture and head right over to it. And, if you scroll down just a bit, you'll see four of my other absolutely favorite night lights on the same site. These make great Christmas stocking stuffers as they're really not expensive at all.

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And, if you get a chance, please come visit my new website: GoodGiftsForSeniorCitizens.com

Here's a few more pretty night lights that would delight any elderly loved one you might have in your life. Why not get a few and take them to a nursing home as an anonymous gift during Christmas?


TapIn2U on September 25, 2013:

They're so elegant. Love them! Sundae ;-)

Ruthi on September 23, 2013:

These nightlights are beauties! And I love the floral background image as well. I have sunshine nightlights throughout the house. (Go figure!)

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