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Just a living person with stories beyond belief and more than willing to share. By the way, I have TBI so I think differentlyandproud of it!

It amazes....

It is absolutely amazing, human life, it is so mysterious yet something one can treasure! It can be taken within a split second but also can be given within a split second! We deal with so many different personalities on a daily basis and we tolerate their behaviors! It really drops my jaw, when I think about how our bodies are created and how such a complex creature is made.


There are so many theories on how we came about. Energy, Religion or Spirituality and I am sure there are many others. I find it all so interesting, so interesting I have done months on end, researching it. There is no definite answer, in one of my articles I talk about questioning everything. Well I stop questioning this topic and life, believe it or not has gotten better!


Why has it gotten better? I am not sure but there is a saying "He is within us". Sub consciously, I think I have released the questioning and negative thoughts on that and things just started to "flow". I stopped questioning why I survived so many times and my belief, I am here to chase that paper. Because of that belief, I got a vasectomy and am trying everything in my power to succeed at life.

What I've heard

I have heard that no super computer is as sophisticated as the human brain, which I fully believe. I've also heard that we are not using 100% of our brain but medical news today says differently. I question everything, as I have previously written about and I dont think we do. But I am no doctor, yet, I've visited the doctor numerous times and told him what I thought was wrong. After he completed ... what ever it is doctors do, they always ask me "How did you know that?".

In conclusion..

In conclusion, some call me selfish, some call me arrogant. Call me what you will because at the end of the day, I will remain a gentleman but if you get under that cover. I am a complete as$hole and will not hold back. I also did not go to Harvard or any other big school for any complex learning but know the .. my human body very well. So here I am admitting that I am no genius but I do know things quite well. Y'all take care of yourselves!