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You're Paranoid

Moberly writes a God-Sent badass Harley Davidson. Intent on your adamant attention toward the loudness of his polished Christ-Pipes..

Paranoia Is Dangerous


  • Courage
    Courage? The ability for one to "morale" act although they are frightened to do so along with strength in the face of pain, danger or grief. These are the characteristics of an act of courage. So when someone is scared to do something, how do they ma

Silence Foolish Ignorance

"For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people."

1 Peter 2:15

A person says to you.. 'I know that what I'm saying sounds crazy, farfetched and unrealistic. There is no evidence that I may present to you. There is no rational scenario in which any of my worries make sense. You must believe me. I know that it is happening, it happened, it continues to happen. It is the truth, I swear it. If not, then why did this happen... and what's the reason for this... that must be because of.. and this because of that.. I know it. I can prove it if I catch it.. catch them in the act.. catch you. I'm not crazy, and I'm not on drugs. I'll show you, I can't believe you don't believe me, you must be in cahoots.. I can't trust you anymore. I don't trust you anymore.. I will never trust you again.. I can't trust anybody if not you. Why do you betray me, every time, you betray me. I can't believe that you'd hurt me this way. I'll never be able to trust any one again. In the whole world, never again, ever.'

Then you say "You're paranoid, bud."

Right? The truth is that paranoia is a thing. The reality of which can can be pernicious to a persons relationships with other people. Paranoia will slowly eat away at a persons judgement of character and their perception of reality. Eventually one could expect to be very alone in the world. It is hard to keep friends you'll never trust. Especially if they are trustworthy people, which should be a pre-requisite to considering a person as a friend anyway. However, people lie, they cheat, they double cross and triple cross.. They swear to be your friend and then they're in your house with your wife, while you're at work. Or they are ripping you off, they're taking credit for your work and stealing your success.. right from under your nose. Or they are not doing any of these things.

Why would you think that? Do you deserve such things to happen to you? Probably not. That doesn't mean these things won't happen to you but you may find it possible not to worry yourself to death about it, to the point that reality slips away from you. If you are a friend of mine, spilling-out to me with your paranoid ramblings. If I were to leave you to your state of mind, for you to be tortured by your own intelligence, your beautifully complicated, twisted and distorted perception.. I couldn't justify calling myself a friend of yours. This kind of friendship is unbalanced, it's not upright, it'd be without faith or loyalty. Inasmuch, our friendship would not be in accordance with the reality that I am not your friend. Indeed our friendship would be false.

If you were condemned to a hell by which your worldly mind has you enslaved and I decide to take offense to the irrationality of your judgement and forsake you, am I your friend? I see no love in this brutality. I should be concerned for your well-being as a friend. I would be motivated to listen to you, here you out and gently persist that you talk to me. Genuinely try to get to the bottom of the thoughts that are frightening you. If my friend is concerned about something then I should be concerned about something. My friend has adopted a belief that others are plotting against him, it might not be true but what if it were. I need to do good by him, and actively work to silence the ignorance of foolishness in his current situation. For the sake of my friends sanity..

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  • Joy
    The assurance of things hoped for is faith and the knowing of things not seen. Through faith we know that the universe was formed from Love... What is seen of the world was not made of things that are visible. It is impossible to know the Truth witho

Paranoia Is A Lie

The truth is that our friend is being attacked by the reality of the world. He knows better than to trust people. Most people are of the world and focused on worldly things. We are a species known for our perfect imperfections and all the impure things that we will do unto others. He is intelligent, creative and paranoid. He's reached a point in his wisdom of the craftiness of others that he no longer is able to keep the thoughts of being wronged himself, out of his mind. He has filled his conscience to the brim with the knowledge of sinful things. It's not his fault either, we are all bombarded with the same information from commercial ads, the news and the media.. all beside what we witness ourselves in our day to day lives. All of us are at least a little paranoid, there are various levels of this conditional state of mind though.

There are those that mitigate the thoughts of being wronged by others and there are those that have become overwhelmed by their awareness. Wrongful deeds are a constant part of our life. It is a fool who doesn't recognize the sin that surrounds him and ignorance is truly blissful. When we become wise in the language of lies we think we are protected from being lied to, we notice when someone is being false quickly and with ever growing precision. We can analyze situations in which the pieces of a puzzle don't really fit together, not the way that they should.. The problem in this is that those people altering the pieces from being true are liars. They think that they are smarter than those that don't know the truth and a lot of them become overwhelmed themselves because they've gone to far from the truth. They can never come clean and put away the tumultuous thoughts of a mind with secrets. They believe there's no saving themselves other than to keep their secrets undisclosed, leaving no closure for themselves. Trapped, honesty is something that eludes them because they know that they are liars. Coming clean takes guts that they don't have. What would others think about them if they knew the truth?

The person with many secrets is a tortured person. They can hide from the world all that they want to but they'll never be able to hide their heart from themselves. A person that decides to change that for themselves deserves much credit. It takes a significant force of courage in yourself to be honest.. Much more even for those people that have been lying for a long time and have decided to start telling the truth. Disclosing years of falsehood, humiliating themselves and causing pain to loved ones. Destroying the trust bestowed upon them by their friends and family, with the hope they'll be renewed one day even though they don't deserve it.

A friend doesn't let a friend drown either. A friend tries to save a friend. Even when their friend isn't being rational. If your buddy is trying to jump out into the most ferocious part of the river, tumbling over with rapids, nothing but white water. Aren't you going to do something to save his life? Shit-face drunk or not If it were you, I bet you'd be pretty disappointed in your best buddy as you look down on your lifeless body floating downstream?

A Daily Reflection

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The Language Of Deceit

"Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going. My decisions are true and I am not alone, I stand with the Father. I testify for myself and the Father bears witness. You do not know me or the Father. I am always with the Father, as I always do what pleases Him. My words are free of deceit so I am free of sin. Every one who sins is a slave to sin. A slave has no permanent place, but a son belongs forever to the house. A son may set you free. The truth is spoken by God and it is His native tongue. Speaking and living truth opens the ears, eyes and mind to the language of truth. However, you continue in works and speak the language of your father, the Devil. A language that is spoken and not true, therefore it is false. If you choose to speak false things then you shall only know of false things. You belong to the father of lies as you give yourself to him willingly. you may never hear or see the truth through Satan's hands, which are over your eyes and ears. Even now, I tell you the truth but you cannot believe a word of it, for you do not see or hear it. Whoever belongs to God, will hear what God says. The reason you do not hear God, is that you do not belong to God. You choose not to be truthful."

John 8


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