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Your Food Might Poison You

I'm a 26 years old girl/woman (who can say for sure), I have 2 wonderful girl doggies and the man of my dreams witch is also the love


Change the way you look at food

Why no one talks about how important food is for our health? How critical it is to learn eating healthy again.

I’m furious sometimes when I see how people are eating these days. The fast food industry is poisoning us, not slowly, fast!

My spouse and I are eating meat free since last year, I tried to be completely vegan but I didn’t succeed yet. Our families are still a little skeptical about our diet, “how is it possible to give up meat completely? You will surely develop some deficiency.”

We made this decision when we watched a documentary last spring about how animals are treated in the food industry. And we stopped eating meat, cheese, milk, eggs instantly. I was just unable to eat anything from animals, seeing cheese in front of me made me sick to my stomach.

That was the moment we started paying more attention to what we ate. We needed to eat more fruits and vegetables, we ate chickpeas for the first time, lintels, all kinds of soy and beans foods. I discovered how much we loved eating mushrooms. I would eat them daily now and there are so many healthy and delicious possibilities.

Just like that I started to see how important food actually is. I discovered changes in my body, 1 year later I’m still learning how to eat and I’m still astonished how much a controlled diet did to my body. The benefits are incredible.

1. I have much more energy

Eating more veggies and fruits can give you more energy, meat is very heavy on our bodies so the main activity after you eat meat and maybe something fried on the side is to struggle to digest that. Therefore no more energy for doing something you love after dinner, or go on with your day after breakfast full of energy.

Our bodies need protein, fats and carbohydrates, these and water are the only thing we need to ingest, that’s the only things our body needs.

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But when we eat altered food, fried in lots of oil and processed food with so many chemicals in them, our body, instead of getting the nutrients it needs, is fighting to get rid of all the chemicals we ingested. Therefore most of the energy we should have from our food goes into detoxing.

2. My mental health improved

Our organism is so complex, “We are what we eat” is no exaggeration. If we eat the toxins from the food that comes in a package, those toxins get everywhere, including our minds.

There are documentaries speaking about how organic food has it’s own DNA, how they are immunomodulators and some even make you happy, and I’m not talking about chocolate which I’m trying to give up completely. I’m talking about beans, whole grain bread, pumpkin seeds, honey, chamomile tea, cherry tomatoes, rich in magnesium, antioxidants and so many nutrients good for the body and mind.

3. I don’t feel full and heavy after dinner

As I said earlier, about digesting meet and how my body was struggling, now I know more about what my body needs, it’s limitations and it’s cries for certain foods.

I generally feel how my body is toxins free, I hear my body saying is happier than ever. I stopped eating meat, processed sugars, fried food, chips, coffee and my lovely body is thanking me every minute of the day.

I desperately hope more and more people will see in time, how toxic our meals can be sometimes and make their own smart choices.

Don’t kill yourself with food, nourish your body instead.

Thank you for reading!

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