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Apple Cider Vinegar: Detoxify & Cleanse your Body the Natural Way

You Apple Cider Vinegar

The father of medicine Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar, a simple, natural ingredient to treat his patients in detoxing their body. According to history great leaders and warriors use apple cider vinegar to improve their health. Samurai warrior with great active demands on their body drink this mix to help them build energy and stay strong for battle.

So just what is Apple Cider Vinegar? Made out of crushed fermented apples, the unfiltered and unpasteurized form is what you want, a murky brown color, not the usual clear look. It will also have cloudy sediment at the bottom of the bottle that contain enzymes and minerals not destroyed by process like the non organic regular bottles. If you are planning on purchasing a bottle look for the unfiltered, raw, organic bottle, that is where you will receive your full benefit. With such a powerful potassium along with a number of other nutrients, apple cider vinegar can help cleanse and energize your body to its peak.



Your body detox itself on a daily basis with all the food you eat to keep your healthy. Over the years you will have accumulated a little more in your body that you may not want to stay, building mucus and other left over toxins. Looking for a natural aid to help break down mucus build up and cleanse your lymph nodes to go on and improve circulatory system.

Apple cider vinegar is a rich source of natural minerals and enzymes, which are crucial for your body when it comes to detoxing. Your system needs to work properly and at optimal level to get into shape and stay healthy in all aspects. Purging toxic materials that are in your body does wonders for your health. The unique acids found in apple cider vinegar can bind with the toxin in your body to help speed the process of eliminating them from your body. This is all about improving your bodies vital organs, apple cider vinegar works to break down fat, any phlegm or mucus deposits you may have. You want an original cleanser that has been use for hundreds of years, not a questionable product. Working to maintain your bodies pH balance, can fight incoming bacteria's, fungus and even help with candida.

Drinking For Detox

Dosage and Types

Apple cider vinegar assists your body in one of the best way possible by helping flush as much toxins as it can out. Your gastro-intestinal system mush be keep clean of mucus and other harmful toxins, that is why you should learn to take the proper dosage to help your body.

With everything comes rules and regulations, trial and errors to learn what does work and what does not work. Learn not only about a helping aid, but also how it works makes a difference in the results. Has the years goes by your body does accumulate up harmful toxins. Starting from the food and drinks that you consume on a daily routine to the environment around you. Your body naturally flush out most of those toxins, but if you are not eating the right food and getting the proper exercises left over buildups do stay behind. Taking cautionary steps to eliminate all left over buildups will help maximize your health. Taking in a proper dose of apple cider vinegar can be use as a detox to help your body reboot itself. Take 2 to 3 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water once a day before your meal. If you are on a special diet or do not take regular meals just drink this once daily as a natural drink. You may choose to blend it with orange or apple juice if you have an aversion to the taste. This will provide your whole body with complete detoxification and cleansing if practice on a regular basis. A great aid for the digestive tract is never useless, rather a much needed help in the average individuals diet.

Different types of vinegar are available on the market far and wide. Numerous companies promote their brands and sell at different prices. Never cheat yourself of an organic product, look around before you make a purchase because the organic brands are not as expensive as you may think. The most effect apple cider vinegar are the raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized ones out in the market. They are now available at most grocery stores where you can easily purchase them or go on-line. Free of process chemical add on witch will affect the benefits. You do not have to worry about added sugars or additives that can destroys the nutritional value of the product.

A DIY Weekly Double Detox

You Body health Improve

Balancing your cholesterol is very important, whether you have health problems or not. Apple cider vinegar contains pectin in the form of a water-soluble fiber. Excreted fats along with cholesterol in your body can get absorb by this fiber, while bad cholesterol are regulated by amino acids and thus regulating your body.

Common cold, and many allergies are brought on by the seasons changing along with other small bacteria. Drinking an apple cider vinegar mix can boost your potassium level because it is loaded with it. Help your body stay intact by the little things you do, help prevent harm before it actually happens. Keep your teeth from becoming brittle, your nails healthy and stop hair loss just by in-taking the right amount of potassium.


You Need To Keep Your Health

  • Your body needs protection against all that threatening it
  • Include natural products that brings along multiple benefits
  • Protect it against germs and other bacteria that can cause future harm

Cleaning Your Skin

When you eat your everyday meals it later needs to be breaking down by your body to absorb into nutrients. That is why you need to improve your digestive system before you eat to get it working at optimal level. Increase the acids in your stomach before each a large meal by mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and drinking it. This can help deter bacteria growth in your digestive tracts witch will improve bowel movements to flush toxins out. Your stomach helps keep your skin healthy when it is free of toxins as well. An acids that are found in apple cider vinegar like alpha-hydroxy acids helps dissolve oils and sebum clog pores. Drinking it to clean your insides as well as using a simple cotton ball to clean your skin can help take away all sorts of buildups.

Bands to Look For

Brands of Apple Cider VinegarFiltered/ UnfilteredBenefits



contain enzymes and minerals



contains fermented juice from organic apples only


unpasteurized, unfiltered

raw, contains live culture

Dynamic Health


USDA Organic and is a raw

BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar


Combine for Maximum Health

All in all natural remedies demand that a healthy lifestyle is combine for maximum benefit and lasting results. If you really want a far more effective result using apple cider vinegar, combine it with natural healthy lifestyle in all areas.

When going shopping for food to eat try going to a farmers market when you can purchase organic fruits and vegetables. Look for the lease process foods if organic ones are not available, it is best to avoid process food if you can. Work on changing your diet to eat some raw, uncooked food like carrots, green lettuce, a cucumber, and other ones that may be to your taste. Planning your diet out with the right food makes a world of difference. Eat foods that will fuel your body with energy, nutrition, and cleanse your body as it process through your stomach.

Getting out and exercising does improve your health overall. Your body is cleanse and gets purified by your lymphatic and circulatory system. When you are active on a daily basis it help keep your blood pumping. When you go out for a run or walk your body sweats and flush toxins out though your pores. This is not to just look good but you will feel the energy, see how much your skin glow when it is free of toxins. This helps you drink lots of water to replenish your body and hydrate it throughout the day. Remember to only drink filtered water if possible, unfiltered water may carry toxins and could potentially harm your body. Just by drinking the right amount of water you are purifying your body everyday.

If you are not big on natural skin products this may be the day to start looking into it. Every time you use a beauty product for cleansing, adding makeup, or everyday products like hand soap you may be adding toxin to your body without even realizing the harm. Including your house hold cleansing products, find natural products that comes chemical free to replace your usual ones.


Notsosecret (author) from Fl. on September 30, 2014:

Thank you.. I started using it in my drinking water everyday for a week now and have seen really good results I wanted to share with everyone.

LisaKeating on September 30, 2014:

Good information. Lots to think about. Voted up.

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