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Lawrence Molnar is just like you. I am a person on a journey trying to become the best person that I can be. Come along this journey with me

Become the best you that you can be! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Your Total Health Now!

What do you need to grow into the person you want to be?

Everyone has something that they need to grow in to become a better person and then pass it on to help someone else. Your Total Health Now has multiple products that can help you mentally, physically and spiritually. Wasting time doing nothing to grow as a person or to add something of value to someone else's life is not going to leave you feeling fulfilled. Actually, it will more than likely leave you feeling empty and a bit lost like a soul without a purpose.

Time for a change!

I found out for me that the emptiness inside was not going to work for me any longer. I believe we were made to be funnels that receive good things on to add value to our lives one end but transfer or give them out from the other end. Close up a funnel and keep trying to fill it and see what happens. It will either explode or it will just overflow wasting all that of value that could be given to another person to help them grow on their journey. What is the purpose of doing that?


We have the responsibility of taking what has been entrusted to us and and using it for good. We not only are blessed to have been given these gifts but it is our responsibility to take what we have received and impart these things to others to give them the opportunity to grow, become better people and pass along that which they have received.

Why would we think it is ours to hoard? What an honor it is to help someone you don't know find light and help them to see that it is possible to not only become all that they were meant to be but that they can do the same thing for another. There is no greater thing!

Why wait?

What are you waiting for? There is no magic to this. There is no supernatural revelation that is going to create the desire in you to do this. I can only pass along my experience that there is no better feeling in the world that to see someone get it. To see the light go on. To have them realize that it is possible for them to achieve the same things that you are achieving. It is possible for them to find peace and enlightenment and most importantly be able to pass that along to another person. Is there a greater gift that to selflessly and sacrificially give for the sake of giving. To help another human being take that next step towards freedom. A better life!

Today is the day!

What are you waiting for. Today is the day. Don't waste another moment wondering if you can do this. It is all at your fingertips for the taking. The best this of all is know that as you pass on the opportunities they will help others grow also. It just doesnt get better than that! What are they going to think?

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Your Total Health Now!

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