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Your Mind Drives Your Life

S.P. Austen has taught the techniques of Law of Attraction for many years. This article is based on his lectures on this subject.

For those of you who have studied the Law of Attraction, you will have heard much about the importance of what we think about and focus on as our source of attraction. What we think about most of the time is what makes us what we are, and this focusing brings those things into our experience which we spend most of our time, energy and intention upon.

But let's use a simile of learning to drive to understand how thinking works with the Law of Attraction in our everyday experience; when I was learning to drive, my instructor pointed out to me that wherever we look, the car tends to veer in the direction of our eyes. Simply put, he said, "You drive where you look."

So, if you are driving along the road and you look over to your right, you will tend to steer the car unconsciously towards the right-hand side of the road, and the opposite side if your gaze is to the left. Unconsciously, your hands and arms will turn the steering wheel slightly, and if you remain looking for long enough to right or left, the car will either cross the median line or enter the hard shoulder. One way or another the car will steer differently according to where you look. We've all seen the driver in front of us doing this, looking at the passenger and yakking away as the car veers over the median line.

Image by: Pexels

Image by: Pexels

This is an example of how energy follows thought, which is a well known spiritual maxim. Whatever we think about or speak about has a corresponding energy behind it, which must follow the thoughts we think or the words we use. In this case, where we look is just the same as where we think, and the result is a corresponding movement of energy, as in the driving analogy above, being the movements of the body according to the direction of the eyes.

In life, wherever, we look or focus our attention, we will tend to steer ourselves in that direction. Your body, your thoughts, your words, your actions will all start to conform to the place where the mind is engaged.

Your Focus Is Your Direction

In our everyday life, if we spend most of the time looking (i.e., thinking, speaking, acting and focussing) in a certain direction, then we will unconsciously steer everything that we are in that particular direction. It is interesting to note in this context, how a negative person who constantly makes negative statements about his or her life, invariably ends up with disappointments, delays, and failures, and as if to justify their negativity they will even use these unhappy incidents as a point of proof of their basic outlook on life, saying, "I told you so" just to prove their point that they are 'right.' This, little realising that they of their own unconscious will, have drawn all these things upon themselves.

You see, the Law of Attraction as it stands, only draws those circumstances to us that we look for; that is, where we focus our energy and attention is where the vehicle of our life must inevitably go. It cannot be any other way. If you drive your car into oncoming traffic because you looked in the wrong direction, the Universe cannot be blamed for your focus point.

Image by: jplenio

Image by: jplenio

Oil and Water

What we think about most of the time, how we view reality, what we believe, what we subscribe to, what our expectations are, and what our essential core beliefs are, these are the components of what we attract. Like must meet with like, under the Law of Attraction.

Oil and water cannot mix, (which is one good reason that they are in separate compartments in your car engine) and ultimately, they will separate out from one another. Therefore, every thought that we hold for long enough must attract a corresponding vibration which is a perfect match, like water mixing with water or oil mixing with oil. But you cannot expect to receive good things if your thoughts are negative around the subject of your interest. The negative thoughts will offset the good desires and intentions. Likewise, if you mix oil and water in your car's engine, there will be trouble. Nothing will work.

Image by: A_Different_Perspective

Image by: A_Different_Perspective

As an example, if you hold the belief that only bad people have money, then you cannot possibly attract money yourself, because that would make you somehow bad, according to your own beliefs. Your own belief about money will act as a prohibitive factor around money, for you, and therefore, it will always elude you; until of course, you change how you feel about money.

You cannot hold conflicting beliefs around the object of your desire. This is like trying to mix oil and water and expecting them to blend together. A negative feeling or thought cannot produce a positive outcome. Therefore, your thinking must be positive around the subject matter that you focus on. It's either water with water, or oil with oil.

All of the thoughts, words and emotions that we entertain are the beginning of actions, the causative factors in what we do, and ultimately in what we attract to us. These thoughts, words and emotions are the analogous looking that we all do every single day of our lives. What we look at, we essentially become. What we gaze upon, we partake of its energy, we become part of it, whatever it may be, and where we metaphorically look is where we steer everything.

Your Personal Mantra

The repeated thoughts and words that we use on a daily basis actually work like a mantra, and in that sense, whether for positive or negative, they actually become the mantra that we use to invoke the Law of Attraction.

In Eastern Mysticism, mantras are used as sound vibrations based on Sanskrit words and these mantras have a hypnotic effect upon the body and upon the consciousness of the meditator. Mantras are specifically designed to help the meditator to enter an altered state of consciousness and to attain certain spiritual goals.

But everything that we think, say and do has a similar effect, because the repetition of certain words over and over again and constant repeated thought-patterns act exactly in the same way that a meditative mantra works. The point of a mantra in spiritual teachings is to impart certain positive characteristics and abilities, which then become part of the psyche by repetition, especially when depth of feeling is involved.

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Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

But negative thoughts and words work identically, and these become ingrained habits in the mind and heart, becoming bad habits, and so they have an effect in the person's outer life, especially because of the strong emotions associated with them. Such constant negative seed-thoughts germinate in the mind and heart and grow into bad habits. Energy follows thought. You become what you think you are. Your life then reflects what you believe it to be.

Where you look, where you think, where you speak, you will steer your energy in that direction; always, and every single time. It is a Universal Law. That means that you are constantly creating what happens next in your life, just like the person who drives looking in the wrong direction and has an accident, or the person who concentrates on the road ahead without distractions and achieves their destination (destiny) without incident or hindrance.

Remember the following two statements well:

  1. You Drive Where You Look
  2. (Which means that) Energy Follows Thought

If you truly recognise these two truths you will begin to shape your own destiny and recognise truly that you are the creator of your own world.

© 2019 S P Austen


S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on February 19, 2019:

Hello Tim,

Thank you so much for your very positive feedback on this article; I truly appreciate it.

I like what you said about the hearing side of things too, which is relevant too, because we also need to listen in order to understand many things that are taking place metaphorically in our lives as well.

I really enjoyed reading your insights on this too.

Best wishes,

S.P. Austen

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on February 19, 2019:

Great article. This concept taps into the idea of self-fulfilling prophecies. If governed by our actions, thoughts, or beliefs to perceive the world in a particular manner, then inevitably, that is what we eventually encounter. It's a psychological truth as well as a spiritual fact. You correctly used vision in your article because as one of my professors once said: "The sense of sight can be a major distractor."

Interestingly enough, hearing gives us the advantage of perceiving the world in 360 degrees, without the sense of hearing having to be focused. Yet, when necessary, we do so.

Case in point: How often have you heard of people with visual impairments getting hit by cars? Very seldom. But it happens frequently with those who are fully-sighted.

Great article. We need our vision to drive, but we need all of our senses working together to arrive anywhere safely in life. Wonderful analogy.

Thought provoking piece and well written.

Much respect,


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